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  1. Hello Sven, first i want to thank you for listening to the posted wishes. I usually dont post in Forums, but here it seems we "the community" are heard, so i´ll give it a try. I have been playing WarZ since the very beginning when it came out and even though it had many flaws i really enjoyed it, because the game combined the arcade-style pvp fighting and openworld/looting aspect perfectly. This is what made WarZ unique and even made the grinding for good gear "fun". Now we have NewZ as the decessor of WarZ. I started playing NewZ again for about a month now, but somehow regardless of the many improvements over the years the old feeling didn´t come up, because there is one thing which really makes survival pointless at this state: The flooding of high tier weapons/loot: What i mean is, when you play survival for about a week you have found basically everything there is in this gamemode loot-wise. There is nothing left you can "hunt" for. Looting isn´t rewarding as it was in warz, where you would carefully manage your stanag mags, and cry of joy because you found a redstalker. Now you just pick up the Assault rifles and attachments left and right and put them in the global inventory. In this state, survival is basically like open world (with very rare snipers). Right now you can just spawn random characters fully equipped because loosing stuff takes longer than getting it, this is not what survival should be. Looting has to be enjoyable and rewarding again so you really want to save the akm you just found in the global inventory, rather than just dropping it, because you have 20 others of them anyway What are my suggestions: To make survival great again, the high tier loot needs to be nerfed to a point where it was in WarZ (For example: No more Scars in civilian areas, not finding 5 AR´s within 2 minutes). The super-zombies and alien-super zombies are a great way to limit hight-tier loot, if you can only get certain items from them (because you also have to investment when ammo is rare - the "economy" stays balanced) We definitely need a wipe of the current global inventorys, because right now everyone has a ton of weapons and ammo and just changing the loot won´t change much since i could play thousand hours with the items i found within a month. Even though everyone has his own idea, which loot rate we should have (referring to high-tier weapons/loot), i think we can all agree on the point that it needs to be nerfed not only a bit, but by a big factor so you get in an area where we were in WarZ Kind Regards, slangstar
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