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  1. x3khaleesi

    Airdrops in survival

    Why are airdrops suddenly dropping machetes???? This is completely ridiculous and should not be a thing whatsoever. The airdrops were awful enough before... so why make them even worse? It was bad enough getting 3 katanas per airdrop, now why are machetes included?????
  2. x3khaleesi

    Need Game Dollars in Survival Mode

    It would be nice to have game dollars in survival - but also do not trade with anyone that is not a trusted trader if you do not want to be scammed - check the official discord of infestation to view the trusted trader list.
  3. x3khaleesi

    Oregon: survival/open world

    I do not understand the posts, but I believe AREA 69 says coming soon. They are probably working on it
  4. x3khaleesi

    New "all time" radiation Zone

    I agree they should make radiation zones last longer as you said you cannot get to them often because they are so far from you on the map. They should also happen a little bit more often
  5. x3khaleesi

    rare adventure backpack in survival

    As I understand why you'd want separate parts for the backpack.. I do not want it to be like heavy armor. I meant for this idea to be for looters and much easier than the heavy armor to get. I haven't even gotten the stuff needed for it. Also if you read my post - I suggested the sewing kit for the new item for the backpack to find. It isn't a weapon or armor, it's simply for looting. There is no need to make it be as rare as heavy armor, just somewhat less rare than snipers.
  6. x3khaleesi

    rare adventure backpack in survival

    I understand the developers have been very busy, but if I may get some feedback on the current suggestions/questions I stated in the post I offered some detailed ideas/asked questions for the backpack.... it would be greatly appreciated
  7. x3khaleesi

    rare adventure backpack in survival

    It being a seasonal or an event option wouldn't make any sense with my suggestion and I apologize - but I do not like that idea at all. I wanted this to be an attainable backpack. That is why I tried to suggest a fair amount of slots and weight and then hear feedback.
  8. x3khaleesi

    Feedback - Vehicle System

    I am half and half on this topic, but I voted yes so it could be fixed much faster
  9. x3khaleesi

    Feedback - Vehicle System

    I am half and half on this topic =/
  10. x3khaleesi

    rare adventure backpack in survival

    Although my first idea was more to finding it in the map (rarely in airdrops, super zombies, aliens, etc) .. I have to say I don't mind the idea of having to craft it. I am going to answer the second question first, with sort of a question of my own if I may. I feel the values for the backpack should depend on how hard it is going to be to craft. The harder to craft - the more you get. The easier to craft - the less. In my opinion - somewhere in the middle would probably be the most fair to start out with until you get more feedback. For the first question - I feel like the first suggestion of what you need to have to craft it would be way too much. I would like to be able to actually use it I am one who picks up a lot of random stuff, but even I don't have that much leather etc .. and I loot A LOT The leather, cloth and military bag idea sounds good because it makes sense if you were building a larger backpack. If you are really wanting to put an item in the game - something like a sewing kit (something that resembles a repair kit maybe?) would be a fun idea. They shouldn't be so rare to find as snipers or heavy armor items. In my opinion it would be nice if they dropped from airdrops and rare to find in the map. After that being said - I think if you add maybe duct tape or rope into needing to craft it... it would make it a bit more fair because leather and cloth are both used for medkits. This way if you add these 2 or 1 etc... you don't have to have as much leather or cloth - which would make it more fair for people that don't have access to private servers. There are 68 slots and the weight is 100 kg in survival compared to open world with 68 slots and weight allowance at 150 kg. For the adventure backpack in open world - there are 85 slots and can hold 400 kg. I feel the slots should be at least be 73-78 (depending on how rare as I stated before although I would totally prefer 78 😛 ) and the weight maybe increased to 175-200 kg. It is hard to put my suggestion for the numbers of each item you need to craft the bag compared to my suggestion on the size especially because I am not sure how many different things will be needed to do so. Maybe someone else can help post back about that or I can wait to hear your feedback (Sven or any other developers) then I can try to come up with an idea for you based on that. Thank you for responding to my suggestion and supporting this idea. Thank you as well for taking the time to read all of this and I look forward to hearing more
  11. x3khaleesi

    fix rate spawn loot

    Maybe it is just my opinion, but I feel the loot is fine.
  12. I think it would be awesome if there was a version of the adventure backpack in survival mode. Not as hard to get as snipers.. but still very rare. This would be really good for people who like to spend most of their time looting (especially in oregon with it only having one safe zone giving you very long trips around the map)
  13. x3khaleesi

    Temporary Ban

    I apologize if this isn't in the right spot. I wasn't really sure where to post. My fiance has a private server and I had to go afk for a bit - so I asked him to kick me (and he only kicked me) so my character wouldn't die. I come back and try to get on and it says I have been temporarily banned from the server. It has been over 2 hours and I am still banned. It doesn't tell me how long the ban is for. How long will the ban last?
  14. x3khaleesi


    All of yesterday and today, every airdrop has been empty. In private servers as well as regular servers.