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  1. nixd

    GD from zombies on Survival Mode

    I think it should be similar to any other loot, if you carry money and you die, you lose it. If you are in a safe zone you can put it into a global inventory. Would be the good of both options imo
  2. nixd

    rare adventure backpack in survival

    Good idea
  3. nixd

    rare adventure backpack in survival

    Good suggestion!
  4. nixd

    fix rate spawn loot

    Hello Sven, first of all, thanks a lot for a reply. I'm very curious about 2.26 then and I hope it brings actually relevant changes, and I will also give feedback on it as soon as it comes out. One more thing: Would you like feedback in the form of a forum post or is a detailed, large text through Heartbreaker like the one you probably received already? I would also be more than happy to do both, or anything else that help, really. Thank you, nixd
  5. nixd

    Bleeding + Zombies

    I like this for the most part, however I think that game mechanics shouldn't change based on whether you are in a group or not. Also I think the movement penalty is a bit overkill. Double the detection radius and increased bleeding rates + more bandages necessary to stop bleeding are plenty enough punishment imho.
  6. nixd

    Bleeding + Zombies

    Seems like a nice idea but also seems fairly irrelevant to me. With the abundance of weapons and ammo we have in survival zombies don't pose a thread or annoyance anyways. That being said I think its a nice idea and if it doesn't take too much time it should be implemented!
  7. Good suggestions, especially the VSS hipfire with crosshair
  8. nixd

    Big Survival Patch?

    I highlighted my responses in the relevant colors, take green as a thumbs up and as very important for the gamemode, red as a "why?" and anything between as a "quite nice, but not urgent" Thank you very much for reading this, sven! Regards, nixd
  9. nixd

    A New Game for Survival?

    That would be so great! There have been a few suggestions asking for this as a seperate gamemode, but as a seperate game it would be just as good, maybe even better! I think you could find a lot of people who support that idea, it would also be great to see the devs get a little more vocal in these kinds of threads regarding to where they stand and what kind of chance we have at seeing a new game / gamemode if Im honest. EDIT: This is definitely not a knock on the devs in any way, I think you guys are doing a great job, there just have been a few threads where there was no official response given and you're left wondering if your thoughts are realistic
  10. nixd

    fix rate spawn loot

    Yeah I wish they would make some kind of vote or just implement something like a hardcore survival like it was already suggested as a new gamemode, to work around the wiping issue, so it would be an opt-in solution for players and noone would lose anything.
  11. nixd

    fix rate spawn loot

    In my eyes, it is still too much, on all maps, especially in terms of fairly high-end weapons, too many rifles, too many meds and too much food on all of the maps in survival
  12. nixd

    We need REAL New Survival!

    Completely agree, loot should be WAY more rare, like it was in WarZ
  13. I just noticed that the sniper silencer is not attachable to the mosin Battle-Royale skin, while it is attachable when used with a mosin without skin. I suppose this is a bug. I haven't tried this with different mosin skins though