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  1. -Please increase damage on fn fal to 35. -Please increase damage on vss compact to 39-45 -Please never nerf any gun in any way ever again. No gun is overpowered in the game. Making them worse can not make the game better or more fun in any way, shape , or form. -Please increase pistol damages by 5-10 each and reduce their spread significantly. BUT decrease the decay to be between 4-8 meters. -Please increase all smg damage by 3 to 8 but limit their decay to 10-15 meters. -Please add 4-7 more seconds of spawn protection when using quick respawn. -Please increase area damage from explosive arrows to be closer to a grenades damage. -Please reduce animation time between hitting the shoot button to releasing a grenade out of your hand when throwing them so your arm does not get stuck in the air if you switch to a gun or something else during the throw animation. It's waaaay too slow. -Please increase flash bang duration by 2-3 times more so that you can hit someone from far enough away to not affect you also, yet have time to move in and have it serve it'sfunction.
  2. What is your feedback? (Please be specific): Make a new "good" loot spot. Something so it's not only Nato you would loot at
  3. -Please add 5 max and a no limit server for rockyford, trading lounge, and smallville for pvp servers in NA and EU. -Please make atleast half the spawns be inside cities or towns so that Official servers isn't 90% sniping each other on hills and woods. -Please move zombies to be deeper in the woods surrounding clearview, and in the woods between boulder and whitestone. (perhaps add a super zombie or alien there)
  4. I like this idea, but I think you have to change some things with the territory I think. Make the cooldown for capturing less, so there will be more pvp in the areas where the territories are. Maybe also make the territory areas bigger. So it's not just a small circle, but maybe the 50% of the town/place. Or the whole place
  5. ~> Krav <~ Du skal kunne spille som et hold. Have et nogenlunde GI. Du skal kunne tale nogenlunde Dansk. Du skal være aktiv. Ingen "Loot Whoring" den der dræber personer får lootet. Helst ingen "Multi Claning" Du skal være mindst 16år, der kan godt komme undtagelser. 1. Screenshot af alle dine charaters, selvfølgelig med stats - 2. Rate dit skill mellem 1-10 - 3. Smid lige screenshot af noget af dit inventory, bare så vi ved du har noget. - - - 4. Har du været i en Klan før? - Ja. (Husk Navn) - Nej. 5. Hvor gammel er du? - 6. Hvor kommer du fra? - 7. Kan du tale og forstå Dansk, og fortæl lidt om dig selv. - 8. Hvorfor ville du gerne være med i klanen? -9. Er der andet vi skal vide? -
  6. Rep: -7000 Country: Denmark Age: 17 Game Experience with I:SS, NewZ, or other emulators: 500hours + Why you want to join: Because I need someone to play with, since my old clan stopped playing.
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