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  1. I waited a few days before I responded to your comment. You have spoken purely as someone that is trying, once again, to change those of us that only like PVE. As far as only using those that buy premium or above to participate in a beta test, Let's just say we should agree to disagree. On the subject of the incessant need of one of the devs to continually add more and more trees with even lower branches is counter productive. You have riot shields and buildings to hide in. That is, of course, from the PVP aspect. As for those of us that only play PVE, it's horrendous. Especially the ones that encroach on buildings, roads, and vehicles. Same thing for the boulders. The maps were perfectly fine before. Plenty of cover, and very few obstacles to maneuver around and most visibly, there were no trees that suddenly appeared in the middle of buildings and roads and even boulders. Have a Nice Day!!!
  2. I have been suggesting this for well over a year now. I doesn't necessarily need to be an NPC. It could even be a vending machine. I understand why you are saying this. These items are some of the most prevalent loot items spawning in the game. However, I still don't think eliminating them from the store would be beneficial. Everyone that has ever handled and fired a sniper rifle knows that silencers are an integral part of what a sniper rifle is all about. As a sniper, you can, and should, be able to move about as quietly as possible to take out your target. As far as I'm concerned, this is a toss-up. One well placed head shot makes any body armor pointless. Since I have started playing, I have seen a marked decline in ammo that is available in the store. So, to me, this makes no sense. I agree with this 100%. I have been in the game where an annoying player tried to barricade with rapid placement of riot shields in an attempt to render me helpless to defend myself against a Super zombie so they could steal all my loot. Needless to say, the attempt was an EPIC FAIL. Not only did I get out of this little 'trap', the one that tried to put me in it ended up dying. I took his loot as payback for being an insignificant bug. In fact, there should also be a perimeter around each shield that bars placement of multiple shields for the express purpose of creating a wall. I really don't have a opinion for or against the other items on your list. Have a Nice Day!!!
  3. I do have to admit. It does look impressive. However, as I see it, it presents some interesting prospects. 1) If unchecked, I can see massive buildings strewn around every map. This is going to be distracting and counter-productive to the game itself. There needs to be a limit as to the size of the base. What I can also see, especially on a PVP server is this. A clan builds a massive structure. This sets up the possibility and probability that the members of said clan can simply sit in the tower and snipe other players at will. 2) I also noticed that it is in close proximity to another already existing building. This presents the issue of possibly blocking an area where zombies spawn. This would be a major issue on a PVE server in that we are already having to move from place to place to find enough zombies to kill to be able to complete the existing special contracts. It already takes an extreme amount of time to complete because you have to kill 5000 zombies. To solve issue #1, I suggest that there be a limit on how large and/or high a base can be built. For issue #2, only allow placement of a base outside the chain limit of the zombies that inhabit the location containing existing buildings. In addition, there should be a limit placed on how close you can build to another base. As I said before, base building can add a new dynamic to the game. Especially for the Oregon map that has only 1 safe zone and no bus stops. This also applies more so to the Caliwood map. It has no safe zone. However, like everything else, if it's not kept in check, it can be a detriment to everyone. And could turn in to a game breaker. @Gotz2Poo, I am impressed with your creativity and diligence. Had it not been for your images, I could not have thought of the issues presented here. Thank You. Have a Good Day!!!
  4. I agree. Bases should be indestructible. The only damage they should incur is through deterioration. Since bases would not be built where zombies have access, there is no need to even discuss that aspect. Base building should be intended for a safe place to store loot. If they are made to be destroyable, why not make safe zones the same way? Or for that matter, why not add the ability to destroy all buildings in cities?
  5. My overall assessment of this patch. I like the new Thompson. It's a nifty new weapon. I like the idea of base building. I was one of the very first voices asking about getting this aspect added to New Z. However, you have restricted the testing phase to only those that pay for the privilege in that you are only allowing those to be a part of the test that have a premium or above account. Sad. What this does is allow a brand new player to come in, pay the price for a premium account, and immediately be able to give needed input to this brand new aspect of the game. This eliminates a bunch of players that have been loyal to the game for well over a year. Many with 2 years or more of loyalty. Speaking of those loyal players. What have you done to reward those players for sticking around and trying to keep this game viable? Next are the map updates. I have noticed that you decided to combine the two bus stops at the Zeta Force Academy. This was a good idea. Thanks. Next I have a question. Why the hell do you people insist on continuing to add more trees to the terrain? It's difficult enough trying to traverse the map without having more and more obstacles in our way. If you continue adding more and more trees. Especially since you insist on having the branches of those trees covering a very large area of the ground. This is most troubling in areas where new trees suddenly appeared in a large group rendering visibility to nothing. I still disagree with the fact that some of the trees were placed so as to intrude on solid objects that were already in place. This is most prevalent at Camp Splinter where the branches of a poorly placed tree protrude through the wall and guard tower in the NW corner of the camp. If you keep adding trees with every patch, there will soon be nowhere to place the buildable bases except within an area that already has buildings. I am not normally a proponent of wipes of any type, however, the excessive amount of trees and boulders NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED. If this involves a wipe, then so be it. Have a Nice Day!!!
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    At this point I find it absolutely ridiculous that we cannot comment on the actual announcement because 'somebody said we have to post our reactions in a completely different thread'. This idea is counterproductive to the idea that comments are welcome about events. Why hide them away in a separate thread that will eventually die? Add to that the fact that a thread such as this will, if everybody does in fact post here, become so long that it will be a hinderance to anyone trying to find out about a particular event due to the volume of posts that are possible. Now, about the current event. On a scale of 1 to 5 I'd give it a 1. I was considering an even loser score. Why such a low score you ask? Because, other than the new Thompson, which is a very nice new weapon, there is nothing else that is offered that is worth going for. Sure, you have the usual 'Bargains' in the marketplace. The worst part of this event is the claim that there are 'gold zombies' that drop 30% more GD. This is so ridiculous a claim it's laughable. Like I have been saying, you cannot say we are gaining an increase of GD when not all zombies drop GD. Plain and Simple. I know I'm harping on this but it is detrimental to the overall economy of the game. Add to that the fact that there is no confirmation that we are indeed gaining whatever added GD you say we are. We are just supposed to take your word for it. You all wanted input on how to improve events. We gave some excellent suggestions on how to make improvements. I understand that it takes time to set up some new things. However, Why are we subjected to such lackluster events in the interim? PLEASE!!! DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE FOR THE PLAYERS. And, not just to appease the PVP side. I'm talking about ALL the players.
  7. Would be nice is somebody there would make up their minds. Especially since Tonton's translated post is still open. In the past when @Sven made the announcements, we were able to make comments. People are going to stop making comments if you keep telling us different places to go. Besides, there are so many 'recommended' places to leave our thoughts, suggestions, and comments, some get completely overlooked. You seem to be 'Lock Happy' and would rather close a thread rather than allow follow-up.
  8. Well this is a first. Post an announcement for a weekend event and then LOCK IT SO NOBODY CAN COMMENT ON IT. What the hell are you thinking? So now you don't want our input on events? Which is it @Steve, @Sven, @3lias, @Fred, @ElChupacabra. You can't have it both ways. As far as the event itself? I can sum it up like this. TERRIBLE. 30% more GD? Once again, an increase in the earnings of any GD requires that ALL the zombies drop GD. It's simple math.
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    On this topic, It doesn't seem to do any good to use the in game reporting system. Isn't that considered direct reporting? I have started reporting objectionable and sexually derogatory character names again. As I have stated in the past, these types of character names are degrading and crass in their meaning. The players that use them go to great lengths to get around whatever censoring software you are using. Sorry for posting in this thread. I'm just following a train of thought here.
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    I have a suggestion for an upcoming patch. Since we are playing in a post apocalyptic world, Why not add some zombified animals? Dogs, cats, deer, horses, rats etc. I know it would take some work but I think it would be a really cool addition to the game. As a side suggestion, any animal that is killed could give meat as a reward, along with the XP and GD. I don't think it would be necessary to have them drop the usual loot. ie: weapons, ammo, armor, healing items. Just meat, XP and GD would be sufficient. What do you think? Have a Nice Day!!!
  11. Let me ask you this. Are you sure you are not trying to pick up a car that is part of the terrain? When you approach the car, does a dialog box open up like the one you see with any other loot? If not, you cannot pick up that particular car. There are 2 more ways to tell if you can pick it up. 1) Is there any loot sitting on or in the car? 2) Can you jump up on the car? If you answer Yes to those questions, then the car you are next to is part of the terrain and not drivable. As far as what that player gave you, yes, cars can sometimes spawn as a box that looks like the one you see for a riot shield. However, these are extremely rare. What you will most likely see is just the car. Just remember, not all cars you see are drivable or able to be picked up. Hope this answer explains it better for you. Have a Nice Day!!!
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    An Apology

    It seems that one of the latest trends in this game is to try to force the PVE players to abandon our favorite mode of play. This makes no sense. PVE is an important part of this and other games. It allows new players to get used to the basic mechanics of the game. It also allows them to gain experience and advance their character statistics. When I first found New Z, I didn't see the PVE side of the game. All I thought was there was only PVP. Understand that, at that time, the population of players was a lot larger than it is now. Also, there already was a side of the community that took great delight at camping spawn locations, and then, as they put it, Kill the Noobs. I guess they thought it was a fun thing to do. I almost quit until I found a PVE server. A lot of new players that may have turned out to be very supportive of the game by both playing and purchasing items. It was a big joke. We are still trying to fight against the stigma of only playing PVE and told that we are, and these are not exact words but you will get the idea, Weak players. Not good enough to compete against the perceived 'better PVP' player. Idiots because we don't like PVP. etc. There were a lot of comments in the game that I will not repeat here due to the extreme language and degrading meaning of what those 'Better PVP players' thought of us. The funny part of all this is, about 90% of those very same 'Better PVP players' come in to a PVE server and loot. Including setting up behind a player that takes the time and expends the ammo to kill Super and Alien zombies and then at the very last second, swoop in and steal the loot. Please, don't get the wrong idea here. I am not against PVP. I will not suggest that anybody stop playing there because that is what you like and that it is your choice. Well, those of us that like to only play PVE choose to do so. We are no less members of this gaming community than you are. We simply like to spend some time playing to get away from the stress of the day. We find a certain amount of solace with just killing zombies and collecting loot. For us it's fun. A lot of the PVE players also supply you PVPers with items in the Trade Lounges. WE ARE PEOPLE TOO. @Sven, I owe you a major apology for my ranting earlier. What set me off was not the topic of base building. As I said I absolutely support that coming to New Z. What did set me off on my rant was seeing one more person coming into the forums and instantly stating that you should cut PVE out of the ability to build bases. I have tried to defend the rights of those of us that enjoy that aspect, and I will continue to do so in the future. I will, however, try to keep my temper in check. I was rude and that is not my normal way of addressing issues. I have, at times, been a little more 'direct' in my assessment of what goes on though. I hope you will accept my apology @Sven, you have always been a strong supporter for EVERYONE in the forums. I know I don't say it that often but your efforts are very much appreciated. You have a tough, and sometimes thankless, job. Just know that you are appreciated. I hope everybody enjoys whatever part of the game in which you choose to participate. We are all gamers. Just please, stop trying to push the PVE players aside just because some of you don't like our mode of play. Thank you all for reading this and understanding. Have a Nice Day!!!
  13. Unbelievable. A new player comes in, makes one posts and you are all over it. How about all the things that actually NEED FIXING!!! I asked about base building a long time ago. I even asked about a vendor in a safe zone so we would be able to sell back our excess stash. Nothing was said. Do I like the idea of base building? Absolutely. It would be especially advantageous on the insanely oversized Oregon map. But, if you make it so people can just hack a locker and STEAL the loot we worked so hard to accumulate... I believe you get my point. Oh, and how many people have raised their ire with talk about a locker wipe. A hell of a lot. I promise you this @Sven, if you go through with any plan that allows another player to hack into my GI locker, I WILL QUIT. WITHOUT QUESTION. Once again you are showing DISRESPECT to those of us that have toiled year after year and had many excellent suggestions for the game that got brushed aside. An NO @Sven, I will NOT spend my time poring over the old posts that have sat idle for over 2 years without so much as an answer. That's a task for one of your people.
  14. How do I answer this. I find it hard to believe that, after I ranted on and on about certain issues, you want me to go back and give you links to what I have said over and over? Let me put it this way. I have posted intricate details of problems with vehicles, trees and boulders strewn across the map without even thinking of where they were placed. I have posted screenshots. In all honestly @Sven, I am not the only one that has tried over and over to bring issues to light to you and your staff. A prime example of an unanswered thread is the loot thread. I posted screenshots of the ridiculous loot drops from both Super and Alien zombies. Why in hell would the loot table for those two zombies include the 2 most common items in the game? I'm talking about helmets and armor. An occasional drop of a ghillie suit is one thing, It is a rare item. However, k-style helmets are everywhere. You cannot go to any location without seeing multiple instances of helmets laying on the ground. Then there's the issue of the very overdone tree and boulder stack placements. Hell, I was playing on a friends private server and found a tree in the middle of an RV. Trees are still in the middle of roads. As a prime example, I posted multiple screenshots from different angles of a tree in the northwest corner of Camp Splinter that has it's branches protruding through the wall and all but covering the guard tower there. I have posted instances where a tree, that had been there for as long as I have been playing the game, suddenly have boulders place in THE SAME SPOT. Trees, especially the size of that particular one, could never grow out of a boulder stack. I even posted screenshots of boulders suddenly appearing on top of existing fencing. This one is especially strange in the fact that @Steve said that 'Maybe the owner of the property attached the fence to the boulder' Even though my screenshot clearly shows the wires of the fence going through the boulder. It wasn't long after that was posted, that that thread went unanswered. And then there are the threads about vehicle problems. You know, in a way, some of these problems are actually funny. (not in a good way though) You can't drive down the road and try to make a simple turn, (not at high speed) without the vehicle tipping up on it's side and going on two wheels. Anymore, it's like vehicles are either weightless, or they have helium in their tires. If you crest a hill, the vehicles go flying into the air like they are about to take flight. Add to that the fact that they flip and roll over in midair. Upon landing, they roll over, sometimes end to end. I stated a number of times that the vehicles were more reliable up till you started adding new ones. The problem started with the HumVee. Again @Steve made the idiotic statement, 'You should be only driving on the roads' Then I posted screenshots of trees and boulders sitting in the middle or covering part of those roads we were told to drive on. A lot of the answers we have seen WHEN a thread was addressed, (which would suddenly go quiet) we would get answers that made no sense. In some cases it was as if we were being dismissed like we were petulant children. You and I were having a discussion about the sudden 80% loss of arrows (bolts) for the crossbow. I guess you got bored with that because that thread went dead. You even promised that you would compensate all the players for this but nothing ever happened. And then there's the issue of GD dropping from zombies. There is a video of just what we were all trying to point out. In that video it shows 5 zombies in a row only giving experience points. This is noticed even more when double GD is made a part of an event. It's bad for the game. Plain and simple. On the subject of zombies, there are still instances where zombies appear to be invulnerable. This issue was addressed, but, like the others, it suddenly went unanswered. And now you want me to go back through and post you links to all those unanswered threads. Get real @Sven. It's not happening. It's our aim, as the players, to try to point out issues and problems, and to make suggestions. It's YOUR job to address these issues and ideas at the time they are presented, IN A TIMELY FASHION. It's like, if any one of us (the members) press the issue, the thread either goes unanswered, ignored or, and this is my favorite one, CLOSED. At this point you are going to say something like 'We are very busy'. I know that you all have personal lives outside of programming and fixing the game. That is a given. However, if you were working for a company that relied on you to keep things running smoothly, if you addressed issues at another company like you and the staff do here, you would suddenly, and not surprisingly, find yourself out of a job. One of the biggest reasons that games of this type fail is because of the lack of support and respect for the players. Gamers are a very demanding group. When they play a game, they EXPECT it to function properly without having to worry about things like 1) Will the game run 2) Will the game environment be stable enough to allow me to garner the fun it represents and 3) Will I be given the proper respect by the admins and support staff if I report any issues I discover with the game.' The answer to these three things for New Z is, in a word, NO! Allow me to explain. 1 and 2 can be addressed together. There are multiple times when trying to play the game, it doesn't load. This can be a combination of the players equipment and the server. These things happen. What you have to think about is 'How was this issue addressed with the player by the staff running the game' 3) is, in my opinion, the most important of the three issues. If a player feels disrespected, they will leave. Make no mistake. Respect is the number 1 reason people leave a game. Do some research @Sven. Look up Sergey Titov and see what he has to say about this. I have seen, and so should you have seen, far too many instances of reports of being disrespected by support staff. Also there is an amount of disrespect leveled toward those that have the courage to present issues, some difficult to present, that is way above the tolerable threshold. It is extremely disrespectful for a player/member of this forum to be summarily dismissed by simply being told. 'Submit a support ticket to ...' and then have the thread locked. Then, submitting the ticket, only to be told things like, 'The problem you are having is because you have an old computer' Again, having the issue locked without any further discussion. No attempt in both these issues was made to make suggestions as to how the problem can be addressed. You have to keep in mind that, not everyone is a computer programmer/coder and sometimes it takes more a more in-depth explanation of how to solve some issues. I have experienced this type of treatment on numerous occasions. I play other games. Whenever I have an issue with those games and bring it to the attention of the staff connected with them, the support team gives ACTUAL SUPPORT for their product. Even though this has been address multiple times with you and your staff, the problem still exists. That needs to stop. And, just so we are clear, it is very disrespectful to allow a post by ANYONE to go unanswered. That takes work on YOUR PART. It is also EXTREMELY disrespectful to allow the kind of language I have seen in the ingame text chat AND posted in the forums. There is even a server that should never be allowed to exist that has been around for a very long time. I won't repeat the name of it but the 'F' word is prominent in the server name. DISRESPECTFUL. Sexual innuendo posted in game and in the forums. DISRESPECTFUL. Allowing a member of this forum to use an icon to represent their club that is not only sexually suggestive but also disgusting. DISRESPECTFUL. You may not like what I have said. However, it needed to be brought to light. Maybe it's already too late to try to save this game. I don't know. What I do know is that you have already moved on to another game that is a not free. And it is blatantly obvious that this new venture is taking more and more of your time. Maybe you should just abandon New Z in favor of Nether. With all the commentary you make about 'not having enough time' is a clear sign that you are in over your head. The choice is yours. I have other avenues of entertainment to occupy my time. Those have far fewer problems. And when I do encounter an issue, it is addressed with dignity and respect. I wish you luck. You have access to all the posts in this forum. Do the research for yourself. You obviously have your doubts about what I am trying to present to you. If you didn't, you wouldn't have asked me to repost links to them.
  15. Here we go again. It's the old... 'I can't fix it therefore I'll blame the players computer' Or, could it be this one. 'I cannot duplicate the issue, therefore it doesn't exist.' Excuses, excuses, excuses. Funny how the 5 minutes of hope you gave us has seemingly vanished. You seem to keep forgetting something that I pointed out to you a long time ago. When you do testing, you are testing on a direct connection to the server. You are not relying on the internet. Oh BTW @Steve, I really love how you only answer certain threads while the others go unanswered. Wait, I know, it's because 'It's the weekend'
  16. First of all, I want to point out that @Ruler made this post on June 8. @Steve, this is your reply. A FULL 6 DAYS LATER!!! Why should people bother submitting support tickets if they are not going to be answered? Let's not forget the rude and condescending answers we get from the support staff. Add to that the fact that I have posted an issue in the Loot thread that has still not been addressed. What the hell are you devs doing? Yes, I'm talking to you @Steve, @Sven, @Fred, @Fannti, @ElChupacabra. You are the ones that respond to these issues. Now, don't even try to tell me that you have not been on the forums. I check multiple times a day and see your names at the bottom of the page. There are even replies dated AFTER what I posted in the Loot thread. Are @DNI_Adrian and I the only ones that see a problem with this? My guess is no. The problem is, the other members won't call you out on this stuff. Hell, @Steve, you didn't even respond to my post in the announce for this weekends event. The really sad thing is, you expect us to keep giving feedback, suggestions, our thoughts on whether an event was fun, etc. Why should we bother? You're not going to pay attention to what we say anyway. As far as the suggestion about GI problems, I personally have been posting problems and making suggestions about that. This will be my 494th post. @Sven and @Steve, you both have mentioned that you appreciate my posts and that Steve brings them up in meetings. It would go a long way to give some acknowledgement to what ALL the members have to say. People are begging for more and more for Nether. That's all well and good. But, those of us that only play New Z are being left behind AGAIN. It's tiring, posting issues over and over, only to hear things like. 'Oh, we're working on that' or 'We were talking about that just the other day in a meeting'. I especially love the one you said @Steve and I believe this one for more than just the weekend. 'Our team is not really working on the weekend, at least not full time' Bottom line is, If you have no intention of giving answers to the questions and concerns that we present to you, why bother having a forum at all? Do you use it for a good laugh at our expense? And to think I was all ready to give you all the benefit of the doubt. My bad, I actually was thinking you actually cared.
  17. This is a prime example of why there should be 2 separate forums. One for New Z and one for Nether. @FOX335, your issue is on New Z, not Nether
  18. Wow... Unbelievable... First of all, this event is fine. That is, if you play BR or PVP or have the money to spend on the discounted items. The older characters for 1/2 off GD is ok too. However, why was there no announcement about the 'Valentine' event? That event at least had something to offer everybody. Also, there have been comments submitted that as yet have still gone unanswered. Are we going to go back to ignoring the community input? We are trying to get you admins to address issues with the game that have an affect on the overall playability and likeability of the game as a whole. There was video evidence of a double GD event not actually being such. Time and again we have tried to get you to address the issue with loot. Now, don't get me wrong, I do understand that it takes time to put some of the really great suggestions for events into actual gameplay. I'm not surprised that, even though I called out the names of some of the staff that are directly connected to solutions to the issues we still have going on. Some for well over a year. (Of course I understand that the vehicle issue in particular is difficult to solve, but it's not impossible). However, correcting an inequality of loot dropped from Super and Alien and yes, even the Demon is addressable and fixable. Please, Stop putting aside the issues that have been presented by all those that took the time to talk about them. Fixing long standing issues would be appreciated by ALL the players in both PVP and PVE due to the fact that they affect EVERYONE. You all know that I lean heavily toward the PVE aspect of the game. That does not mean that I don't care about the PVP side. As I stated, the issues that are presented by us would benefit EVERYONE in the game. Please, stop passing over our comments and suggestions just because we are the most vocal of the members of this forum. Yes, I brought this up HERE because it seems that the other threads are being looked over in favor of others. I still believe that a forum for the express purpose of addressing issues and problems for Nether should be separated from the NewZ forum. There are a lot of us that do not play Nether. It's distracting to see so much information about that game on a forum that was created to address issues and allow comments for NewZ. In fact, this seems to be turning into a forum for Nether. (BTW, I have noticed that comments about Nether have gotten answers even though they were posted AFTER comments about NewZ. Again, I understand that it takes time to respond, however, we were told that there would be more of an effort to answer our comments. Was this just a promise to try to appease us? Personally, I was happy and even a little excited when you said you were going to put forth an effort to be more attentive to our needs. Now, I it makes me wonder what happened. Have a Nice Day!!!
  19. Excellent video @JKS. 5 zombies in a row and not one GD dropped. Thanks for posting it.
  20. @Sven, @Steve, @ElChupacabra, @Fred, @Fannti I have mentioned this problem on more than one occasion. You cannot truly have a double GD event and have a lot of the zombies only giving experience. It used to be that ALL the regular zombies dropped GD. I think it would be a good idea if that could be brought back. I don't understand why it changed, but it did. Along those lines, I finally ventured into a radiation zone. For all the expended ammo, the reward is just minimal as far as the GD. (again, not all zombies drop GD) The item drops were ok however. Then there's the irradiated Super/Alien zombie that someone referred to as the Demon. Again, the amount of ammo expended was just a waste. After spending the time and ammo to kill it, All it dropped was 1 Heavy Armor. (I didn't notice how much experience was gained, that's not the point of what I and @Katryna247 are talking about. Because of the lack of decent drops from that Demon, I won't be venturing into another radiation zone. It's just not worth the time and effort. As a side note, I still feel the item drop from both the Super and Alien needs to be improved. Especially the Alien. Having an Alien drop anywhere from 3-5 helmets and armor when it only drops 8 items is insane. At the very least, Supers and Aliens shouldn't drop anything less than mid to upper level ammo. It also would be nice to have them drop skin boxes on a very rare occasion. It would bring back the incentive to hunt them down. Aliens especially, since they only spawn at night and there are so few locations to find them. If you're on a popped server, trying for the loot is crazy because you will have those that will stay in the background and then, when the creature is dead, swoop in and grab up half the loot. Everything I mentioned in here does have something to do with the game economy as a whole. I quoted my post dated back in November last year talking about the same issue. I never got a response about this issue back then, so I'm bringing it up one more time. Have a Nice Day!!!
  21. I am enjoying this weekend event. Yeah, I did say that out loud. LOL. I already have a Viking spray, and an Axe and a bunch of the Viking helmets. A thought did occur to me though. Since you are able to dress up the zombies with different hats and other things. Wouldn't it be fun if the Super and Alien zombies did the same? You could even set it up where the Super and Alien zombies drop the event special weapon, skins, and sprays and possibly even event specific boxes. Food for thought. Have a Nice Day!!!
  22. @WarZPlayer. Let me try to explain it to you in this way. Have you ever driven through a town that has closed up over half of their retail spaces? I'll sum it up for you. Although there are many towns I could mention, I will use Bodie, California. In case you don't know, Bodie is a very famous ghost town. It was a hustling bustling town back in the gold rush days. But, as soon as the mines ran dry, so did the town. Now, it's a tourist attraction. I'm sure you know of a few places that used to be very busy areas that are now empty. In essence, if you go about closing up different modes of play, you will end up in much the same situation. Only I will call it a 'GHOST GAME' because all the players will eventually leave. Hope you get my point. Have a Nice Day!!!
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    Thank you @Sven for giving us a place to share ideas and issues with each other about the events. My only hope is that this thread doesn't fall by the wayside and go unanswered like the other issue dedicated threads. At least you are trying. Thanks and Have a Nice Day!!!
  24. Thanks for the reply @Sven. What you say does make a certain amount of sense, however, can you guys look at the possibility? Afterall, if some items can be stacked, why not contracts?
  25. Why is it that we can stack items in our backpack like ammo, bandages, gas cans, repair kits, and food, but something that basically has no weight cannot be stacked? I'm talking about contracts. It seems silly to me that, if you want to carry multiple contracts for one thing, ie: Kill 3 Super Zombies, require one space for each one you carry? Space is already limited in our backpack as it is. So, in order to carry a repeat of one contract, you have to give up precious space needed for other items. @Steve, @ElChupacabra, @Sven, @Vintorez, @Fred. Could one of you please look into this and let us all know how, what amounts to a piece of paper takes up more room than 300 magazines of ammo (which, if you want, you can stack an unlimited quantity) I appreciate the help and look forward to an answer. Have a Nice Day!!!
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