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    Missions & Contracts

    Here's a question that I bet goes unanswered... Why is it that the new weapon contracts are only beneficial to PVP players? In the announcement it was stated that these new contracts would benefit EVERYONE. From my perspective, these new contracts are prime fodder for BOOSTING. PVE players, once again, have been left behind. Since these contracts are the only way players can earn the new 'coins' is to kill other players. These coins are used to purchase the new weapon. A clan can simply get together on a private server and proceed to kill each other thus earning, not only the coins, but also earning a new special skin for the weapon used. The only other way a hardcore PVE player has to gain these coins, skins and the new weapon is to BUY THEM FROM OTHER PLAYERS. Come on @Sven… What's your explanation for this? What do you have against those of us that only like PVE? It's no wonder that players are leaving.
  2. @rdk. One of the biggest issues this game faces is the fact that there used to be plenty of players that tried to give feedback. Over 50% of it went unanswered. As you can see by my post counts, I was one of those people. I tried to point out obvious problems with the game like vehicle control issues such as... Zombie hit radius far too big for the actual reach of their arms Game crashes for various reasons Inventory stacking and sorting issues Loot drops from zombies including super and alien loot. (for example: killing a super and receiving 2 or more helmets that are all too common around the map, the same with armor) Reducing the amount of ammo for the cross bow thereby removing 80% of the on-hand inventory Vehicles getting stuck on unnecessary boulder piles and not being able to exit the vehicle so you can retrieve it... instead you had to quit the game and reload wasting up to 15 minutes of gameplay (this is very discouraging to a seasoned, supportive player) Little or no attention paid to the fact that there are players that do NOT want to get their head shot off in PVP and would just rather play the PVE aspect just to pass time for relaxation. Submitting support tickets that are either ignored or answered in a very rude manner and closed with no resolution. This, even though admins say to submit a support ticket to address problems. The use of foul, racist, sexist and at time extremely vulgar language in the text chat in game, in the forums, in character and clan names etc. This is especially bothersome. Regardless of the age, this type of language is extremely disrespectful to ALL players. Rudely telling players that have issues with ping and fps that their computer is too old and they need to get a new one. Introducing the new contracts that only benefit the PVP player thereby totally ignoring the PVE player making it impossible for them to acquire the 'coins and special weapon skins' due to the fact that you MUST play PVP to kill other players. IMO these new contracts promote boosting, which, if memory serves me, is considered cheating. All that needs to be done is, get a few friends together, join a private server, and use the indicated weapon and kill each other thereby boosting their rank, standing and skill tree. I was, at one time, a staunch supporter of this game once. I spent hours on end playing. I have spent far too much money trying to gain upgrades. And, I spent hour after hour in this forum trying to point out the issues I have laid out here. I have even tried to address my concerns and present problems to the admins in private messages. This doesn't work because they have that locked out so you cannot message them. This is wrong. They should make the extra effort to allow players to contact them and bring up issues with the game. It's sad really, the game is dying and none of those that can do something about it seem to care. Personally, I am close to the last of the GC I purchased and, like I said before, when that's used up, I will be gone. Do I hope that the admins will finally pay attention and fix the issues? YES. I did enjoy playing. I have built close to 10 characters to the maximum limits, and had fun doing it. I enjoyed being as helpful as I could during gameplay by answering questions as best I could, offering inventory to those that are new and lost it due to being killed, but that has come to an end. I have stopped helping. I will not talk negatively about the game during my gameplay, just the fact that there are so many issues with the game itself is enough to drive many of the newer players away. I could go on but this post, like many of my others, will go unnoticed and unanswered by those that have the power to fix the issues. I have also found that addressing them by name does no good. I feel that they have long since put me on the ignore list so they don't have to see what I have to say. To all of you that have posted in this thread I say, good luck in your future gameplay. I hope it all works out for you. And, as I always say, Have a Great Day!!!
  3. CampersRUs


    Being more specific, the new 'contracts' promote boosting. All groups have to do is join a private server and kill each other.
  4. CampersRUs

    Ranting about cheaters

    There are a couple more issues that I forgot to mention that are quite important. At least they used to be but those that voiced an opinion have most likely quit since. 13) For a long time the community requested a sort feature for the GI Storage to make it easier to find items. Yes, you can search by name, but what about those that want to look at more than one grouping? Like Vehicles sorted by name, SMG's sorted by name. Pistols sorted by name. Was that too much for the community to ask? 14) Quite some time ago, it was decided by admins that it was not necessary to receive 5 arrows for the crossbow so the quantity was lowered to 1. In the process, those of us that had arrows in our inventory lost 80% of our stock. Sven had said that he would come up with a way to compensate the community for this loss. That never happened and the issue was dropped. (I know about this issue because I was the one that brought it up in the first place). The more I think about all the unfixed issues plaguing this game, the sadder I feel for those that are coming into it brand new. I also am sad for those that not only spent their time playing, but also spent their money for bigger and better items and private servers. Too much time was spent by the admins on trying to appease their perceived favorites. <looks at the screen, shaking my head in disbelief> To think that I was once one of you staunchest supports and a frequent contributor to this forum.
  5. CampersRUs

    Ranting about cheaters

    I see it's time for some parting words. @Fred @Sven @Fannti @Steve Ecke @HEARTBREAKER @kazmightONFIRE First of all, I want to address the new 'specialist missions' that are supposed to benefit both PVP and PVE players. This is GARBAGE. I have tried numerous times to complete one, you have to kill other players. How does this benefit a PVE player? PVE means PLAY VERSES ENVIRONMENT. All you kill is ZOMBIES. As a hardcore PVE player, I refuse to go on a PVP server because of things like this... It's really sad. This game has a lot of potential. Too bad the admins don't see it that way. Once again, catering to the PVP MOB. Other things that are wrong with this game and have been that way for an extremely long time. 1) Uncontrollable vehicles. You cannot operate any of the vehicles without them going haywire. ie: flipping, rolling over on a turn, hitting a bump and going flying off in a spiral and landing who knows where. 2) The hit radius on ALL ZOMBIES. How can you justify being hit by a zombie that is out of your reach, yet it can hit you. This problem is compounded when it comes to Super and Alien zombies. 3) I read on the facebook page that Super and Alien zombies are supposed to drop PREMIUM loot. Is that what you are calling helmets and armor that is so common in game that you can't go 100 yards in a town without seeing any? 4) The introduction of 'OFFICIAL PARTNERS'. This has been detrimental to the forums due to the fact that because they paid for that title, they feel they can talk down to and demean other posters. And, at times, using vulgar, racist, sexist and degrading language in the process. Do any of these people actually have the ability to fix anything with the game? Doubtful. In fact, as far as I can see, the only one that has the ability to fix anything is FRED. (I reference a post a while back by Sven in reply to my trying to point out the problem with vehicles stating that only Fred has the ability to fix those issues.) This is a sad statement on the admins and programmers. 5) Server disconnects and FPS issues. Anybody, whether they have an older computer, like I do, or a brand new one. EVERYONE THAT HAS BEEN ABLE TO PLAY AND NOW CANNOT IS NOT THEIR FAULT!! 6) Touching on something I said in point 4. This does not only occur in the forums, but also in the game itself. Earlier today I reported 2 posters that used very objectionable language when addressing another poster. I have seen, in many different languages, people using degrading language toward other players thinking they are hidden because of their language. I even tried to explain how to translate what is said, but was basically told it's not possible. Where are the mods? This is not a game that is only played by those over the age of 18. Regardless of the age base, it sets a bad president to have anyone use the language that I have seen, and reported, but only a couple of those reported were actually addressed. The others just keep on doing it. 7) Announcing items in an update and then those items never materialize. I will point out the latest one. The Spray Case. It was announced, there was an update afterwards, but no such case exists. All Sven said was basically 'OOPS, It's not been added yet' That's fine, but mention that fact in the posting telling the community about it. It was also announced that new melee weapons are available. Where are they? Oh... they don't exist yet. I made a suggestion for a new melee weapon. I even posted a picture and a little history about the weapon. NOTHING. 8) Application failure. For quite some time now, if you play through Steam as I do, and spend any time in the forums, you see a pop-up window that talks about 'The application has failed... please send this file to support' I can't tell you how many of those files I have personally sent to support but nothing happens. 9) Another problem I pointed out was the sudden appearance of boulder stacks just randomly dropped all over the map for no apparent reason other than Silenterror aka Steve Ecke got bored one day and decided it would be fun to add them to the terrain. Aren't all the trees enough? I suggested culling back on those boulder stacks but was told that it would ruin the PVP aspect of the game. Why, they can't hide in the trees? 10) Restricting the ping of ALL servers to keep the lag issue at bay. All the complaints about other regions coming in, lagging around so they cannot be killed in PVP don't matter. Another failure. 11) Why do the admins need to be on the popularity list? Are they all that vain that they need to see their names listed as 'The most popular poster'? Also, why is it that you have the ability to send private messages to anyone but the majority of the admins have theirs blocked? Wouldn't it be better to have someone with an issue present it in a private manner than out in the open for all to see? 12) And this is a good one. Rewarding players for referring others to the game. You already have players that have multiple accounts. What's stopping them from opening more, using their own code and getting the payback themselves? Yes, it means that they will have to buy the coins, however, their main account will garner the benefit. Plus, they can use the gold coins from the new players to purchase items, and then transfer them to their main account by trading? I guess nobody thought of this. (I know it's been mentioned in these forums but it basically got no response) All of these issues, and so many more that have been introduced by those of us that would really like to see this game succeed go either ignored, or some lame excuse as to why they cannot be remedied is all we hear. To be brutally honest, it seems that the admins only seem to want to cater to the PVP community, which, by the way, is dwindling badly, and those new 'Official Partners'. These facts are a big part of what is destroying this game. Artemis Knives, even though he didn't follow through with Aftermath, did a much better job of maintaining the game till he got tired of it. That is the direction this game is going. I know I said I would stick around till after I spent all the gold coins I purchased but, what's the use anymore. None of the admins care about their player base. I have been mocked because of the color and size of the text I use to post my comments. I have been called 'kid' and 'young man'. Anyway, I'm done with this game. I will check the forums to see what, if any, response I get from the admins. (I already have an idea that none of them will respond, it's happened so many times before.) Good luck to those that decide to stick around and play, you're basically throwing sand into the wind. It was fun while it lasted. Too bad there was no follow through on keeping the game current. I play games that are years old and still operate better than this one. Try the Dead Island franchise. it's fun, there's a purpose to the game, Also the Fallout franchise. Another one is the Mafia franchise. All fun games to play and mostly THEY ALL WORK JUST FINE. I have used this analogy before. 'Having a junk car that barely works, buying new tires and giving it a nice shiny new paint job to make it look pretty, and then not ever fixing the problems, you end up with a PRETTY LOOKING JUNK HEAP.
  6. CampersRUs

    Issues Related to Patch 2.22

    No need to worry. When the Gold Coins I just purchased today are gone, I will be too. What I was pointing out was Geneticz use of foul language. But, since you have some other idea of what I was talking about it's cool. I also won't be posting any more comments or suggestions to the forums.
  7. CampersRUs

    Issues Related to Patch 2.22

    Nice language for an 'Official Partner' I know if I were a new player, I wouldn't stay around long after reading this. Realize that this is a GLOBAL game environment and there are many languages in use. Learn how to use a translator and stop insulting others you don't understand.
  8. CampersRUs

    Patch 2.22

    I must need to go to my eye doctor and see about some new glasses. I have looked everywhere in the marketplace and cannot find this new 'Spray Box' anywhere.
  9. CampersRUs

    Maps - Open World

    You can silence the music and keep the game sounds yourself. Open the Options tab and go down the page to the AUDIO section. Simply turn the volume of the music off. Easy Peasy.
  10. CampersRUs

    Loot - Open World

    For the last few days I have been playing on my own private server. The loot that drops from an Alien is horrible. I killed 3. The first one gave up 3 M9 Helmet Black NVG and only 1 sniper. The second one gave up 3 Heavy Armor, a Machete and only 1 sniper. The third gave up 2 M9 Helmet Black NVG, 1 Heavy Armor and yet another Machete and 2 snipers. This needs to be fixed. For the amount of ammo it requires to kill an Alien, the rewards should be of better quality loot and a higher level of experience gained. You gain far better loot and the same amount of experience by killing a Super and you only expend 20% of the ammo required for an Alien. In the past, the loot for killing an Alien was better than what was dropped from a Super. I have suggested this in the past, and I will suggest it again here. As part of the loot gained, Super and Alien zombies should also be dropping GD.
  11. CampersRUs

    Patch 2.21

    I decided to create a poll. It was going to be a simple one so I could do a test run. I input the title, question and possible answers. It did not work. How do I go about starting a poll?
  12. CampersRUs

    Please remove the cars on the official servers !!!

    ROFLMAO!!! You may not agree with my choice for colors, but it did get your attention didn't it. Also, in case you haven't noticed, It don't matter to me what anyone thinks of how I post my messages. That isn't the important part. The main idea is to get the point across. Which, it seems, has been successful here. Have a Nice Day!!!
  13. CampersRUs

    Patch 2.21

    @Sven Once again, I did not suggest that every boulder stack be removed. Nor did I even suggest that the trees should be removed leaving the landscape clear of everything. That was something that Kaz thought I was talking about. Here is what I said... I have tried to address the issue of so many unnecessary boulder stacks and the problems they create more times than I can remember. To me, doing a poll about it would be useless. Much like all the posts about the issues with vehicles being difficult to control. This, combined with the over abundance of boulder stacks makes it increasingly difficult to traverse the map. As far as the implementation of missions/contracts, I have told you before, I love that idea. It gives everybody something to strive to complete. I have gone through all the available missions already. It was indeed a fresh new incentive to keep playing.
  14. CampersRUs

    Please remove the cars on the official servers !!!

    Here is my take on vehicles in Open World. I am NOT now, nor will I ever be an 'Official Partner'. First of all, when you all say 'OPEN WORLD' you are including both Official Servers and Private Servers. There is a very distinct difference between the two. It was my understanding that vehicles were disabled on all Official Servers. The only place they were supposed to be available was on Private Servers. This took place way back when all vehicles were removed from the Marketplace and only spawned on the maps on Private Servers. This was implemented because of community input. Vehicles were added to facilitate movement around the large maps for those that did not want to utilize the bus system which requires a fee. (Yes, those that have an Extreme Account ride for free, but the fee is paid up front by purchasing the upgraded account). What I have read in the posts in this thread is that you want vehicles removed from ALL Open World Servers. This would be wrong. To make my point, those that are complaining about being run down by a vehicle in a Official Server, (which is where the majority of PVP servers are located) are some of the same ones that use vehicles to their advantage in Private Servers to gather loot to be used in Official Servers. If you own a Private Server and are using it to play PVP, then it is on YOU the owner to make certain that ALL those you invite to your server understand that VEHICLES ARE NOT TO BE USED. Vehicles are very useful, when working properly, on PVE servers. ***Notice that I am making a marked distinction between Official Servers and Private Servers. I have tried to suggest that Private and Official servers be made onto their own dedicated server the same way that Survival has it's own dedicated server. If this were a possible solution, it would stop the discussion about whether or not vehicles should be allowed. I know there are a lot of you that love to play PVP. That is your choice and your right. However, to make decisions that impact those that only like to play PVE is detrimental to the game as a whole. I happen to be one of the many players that will only play PVE. This is our choice the same way that it's your choice to only play PVP. (I have to laugh when I say 'Only play PVP because you all come to the private PVE servers to gather your loot to use for PVP). There were only 3 vehicles available back then. They were 1) Stryker 2) ZK 3) Buggy. Now there are 9 total vehicles. 4)Bus 5) Humvee 6) Sheriff Dragster 7) ATV 8) Police Dragster (which seems to have vanished) 9) Tuk Tuk. You can like what I have stated or not, It makes no difference to me. However, you DO have to realize that there is a difference between Official Servers and Private Servers and that both are grouped under the heading of OPEN WORLD. Think of it this way. As an example... 'All Official Servers are Open World Servers but not all Open World Servers are Official Servers' Have a Nice Day!!!
  15. CampersRUs

    Please remove the cars on the official servers !!!

    I have made numerous posts about the condition of the cars with detailed explanations of the problems they have. Nothing gets fixed. They will just add yet another car. I'm still waiting for an explanation as to why the new Police Dragster, when placed, instantly turned into a Sheriff Dragster. All I hear are crickets chirping in the background. Which, btw, the Police Dragster seems to have vanished completely. Besides, I thought cars were disabled in PVP. I know you can't kill anyone on a PVE server.