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  1. Kinda like when you throw a grenade and it flies off 45° to 90° the side
  2. What I'm trying to say here is, since there are no PVE servers like in open world, new players, and those that do not like PVP would risk what little loot they have in Survival to try for the double xp. I'm not saying that double xp is bad, it's the whole idea that some players 'camp' the spawns so they can garner easy experience. This would not be a problem on a PVE server. Everyone could just wander and actually gain experience without constantly trying to look over their shoulder for snipers and campers. I know, it's kinda funny that my name on here is CampersRUs. It's just a name I've had for gaming for a very very long time. You could say I'm attached to it. I did a lot of camping in other battle games like Call Of Duty where we tried to simulate actual battle conditions. More than half the private servers frowned upon all the hopping that goes on here. We took sides and battled it out. Sniping and camping were not only expected, but encouraged. Sorry, I went off on a tangent there for a minute.
  3. You are advising him to disable all his protections? You're kidding right?
  4. Easier to farm up the skill tree? Are you joking? If you have a standard account, as most do, you only gain 5xp per zombie kill. Double that is 10xp. Hardly enough to warrant taking a chance since there are still NO FREE PVE SURVIVAL SERVERS.
  5. Seems that the events are slipping back to be only beneficial to the PVP, BR players. Once again, nothing for the PVE side. I thought it was discussed and decided that we would see an equal amount of benefits. I guess I also misunderstood that any 'sales' including GC sales were not to be one of the 4 main parts of events. Looks like we were wrong. I guess it was just an empty promise to quiet us down for a bit. Sad. Lack of benefit for PVE, Poor to no response to posts made. Always 'too busy'. tsk tsk tsk.
  6. I appreciate the answer. However, the lockers I'm referring to are not the personal storage lockers. They are the White GI Access lockers that I had purchased over time. I only use the black storage lockers as markers to let me know where certain things are. I never place anything inside the black lockers. As much as I appreciate the earlier answer, this is the post that most concerns me. Please @Sven, give it a look
  7. Just as an update... These missing servers have returned with all my lockers intact. Thank you to whoever fixed this issue.
  8. I understand that you have a lot on your plate. I do appreciate you responding to this post. Keep up the great work!
  9. @Sven, I have noticed a couple things this past week. First of all, why no reply to my other posts? Secondly, There seems to be a problem with the Claymores. They are back to being ineffective on zombies in PVE. They do, however, explode when shot. Thanks and Have a Nice Day!!!
  10. @Fred, @3lias, @ElChupacabra, @Steve, @Sven. I'm addressing this to you all so it gets to the right person. The PVE side of the community has fought long and hard to keep this side of the game alive. Losing these two server, which contained 100 slots each, is a severe blow to the PVE way of gaming in NewZ. Especially to those of us that try living on a limited income and cannot afford to continue renting servers. Add to that the lost money spent on GI Access Lockers. This will also have a negative impact on the game economy as many of the PVE players sell and/or trade their loot in the trade lounge. As I stated in my post above, I had over 30 GI Access Lockers placed across the map. This is a major loss to me. just in the fact that, if another similar server comes into being, I will have to waste time either traveling back and forth to a safe zone to unload my pack, or quitting, unloading, and then rejoining. (This takes a lot more time due to the fact that the game loads so painstakingly slow). The PVP side will see this post and most of them will laugh. Afterall, they have nothing to worry about, they have plenty of FREE options to play in the Open World Official servers. Each one holds 5 servers each having 100 slots. That is fine for them, it's their right to be able to play. However, we of the PVE community should be offered the same options. If you could add back at least one 100 space server to the NA and EU groups on the Private server lists, (important because the Official servers do not have high jump active), it would be greatly appreciated. In case you didn't already guess, the loss of these servers is a devastating blow to the game and could very possibly cost you a lot of loyal players. Thank you @The Wraith, at the time I made my earlier post, I had checked and saw that it was still there, but it's also gone.
  11. Ok. I was just going online to play on the server I always go to. [US] Colorado V2 PVE Server US. What happened to it? It's nowhere to be found. I went back to my recently played list and tried entering it from there. I got the message. 'Server Doesn't Exist' I had over 30 GI Access lockers on that server. It's always been there and now it's gone. There is a similar server in the EU group, but that one does not have my lockers on it. Plus, my ping would be higher greatly inhibiting my ability to play because I live in North America. Sad situation. Without that server, combined with the loss of all my lockers, the likelihood of my continuing to play is extremely low.
  12. @Sven Nice patch. I especially like the Prestige aspect. I only played for a limited time today, but I'm already a few points away from level 5. At first I was going to suggest that those of us that have been in the game a while get added experience to boost our levels. But, after playing a while, I decided that having everybody starting at the beginning is best. With this added aspect I now have a renewed enthusiasm for playing. Thanks for that. Keep up the great work!!!
  13. This was a fun event. It was nice to see the vehicle spawners dropping from the Supers. I miss being able to find them around the map. WTG @Sven.
  14. @JKS, You are looking at the full list from the drop. I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE SNIPERS OR THE THOMPSON. Those are fine. The problem is that this Alien dropped 4 HEAVY ARMOR. That is too many for one drop. Heavy armor is everywhere. You don't have to kill a Super or Alien to get it. IT'S TOO COMMON. If you want to keep it dropping from those zombies, make it more rare overall.
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