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  1. All you did was move misplaced trees? Wow. There are a lot more terrain issues that needed to be dealt with. BTW... didn't I see in a previous thread that you 'fixed' issues with the vehicles? What did you fix? They are still flipping and flopping at even the smallest of bumps. And yes, they still get stuck on those boulder stacks and not allowing players to exit so they can at least retrieve them. This happened to me twice yesterday. I even got stuck with my vehicle leaning up against a tree. Only this time I was able to exit it, but I couldn't get close enough to pick it up. (I used another vehicle in my pack to knock it down from where it was.) Sorry, I didn't take a screenshot. It all comes down to problems and issues that are rampant in the game that continue to go unaddressed and unfixed. Like I've stated in the past. Adding new items and maps does very little to attract and keep players around for any length of time. Especially since players have disconnects and freeze-ups to look forward to. I'll be sticking around through the Christmas season. Basically to see if anything that has been reported over and over will ever get fixed or if we're just going to get the smoke screen of 'pretty new toys' to play with. So much potential is being wasted to appease the few players that shower praise on the game. I was once one of those that sang the praise of the game. So much of a resemblance to the old game Aftermath spearheaded by Artemis Knives. (Afterall, a lot of the zombie models and buildings originated there.) Till that fateful day when POOF!!! Aftermath was GONE! A sad ending to a good game. Unfortunately, unless some things change here, the same fate awaits.
  2. I'm aware of how contracts work. I guess my main question is, Why is a Survival contract appearing in Open World? It's not appearing on my survival character. Nevermind, it corrected itself. Thanks anyway.
  3. I received this, Alien Specialist (SURV), from the calendar. I have 3 questions. 1) What is it? 2) Where do I find it in my inventory 3) What do I do with it?
  4. Here is yet another tree that magically appeared in the middle of the road. You know what? After all the trouble people like myself do to help you troubleshoot your game, you would think you would give some kind of acknowledgement to that fact. It's very annoying to try to point out errors and missteps and problems and not have any kind of answer. It's ridiculous to keep expecting the gaming community to help you find these errors and not have at least a comment that shows you care enough to look at them. I was getting hyped about the game because of the new challenges and missions. That excitement has faded. Now, it's more like I'm just a trouble shooter than a game player. It takes all the fun out of the game. So, here we are. I am done doing the work that you should be doing in testing. Adding to the already overloaded (in a lot of places) just makes the game less interesting. You cannot depend on a location staying the way it was. Nor can you depend on the fact that trees, rocks, boulders and buildings popping up out of nowhere. (The latter is especially troubling in the fact that when you change a building, you also change the location thus rendering some of the storage lockers unusable. Therefore, look elsewhere for reports of issues and problems. I'm done. Maybe if there was some kind of recognition I wouldn't feel this way. Good luck keeping this game running. It still has infinite potential, it just needs to be managed better. Whether or not you respond to this doesn't matter. You seem to not really care for the feedback as much as you pretend that it's important. And don't come off with that 'I'm busy' stuff. If this is your livelihood, you should make the time. As for the Calendar rewards... I don't care if I ever get any. it's not worth the trouble trying to get answers of why they are not being disbursed. Have a Nice Day
  5. I have no idea what the problem is. All I know is, I follow the instructions, I have an Extreme account, I log in at the address you provided, but alas, no special item appears. That first day I received my normal daily log in reward. It happened to be a skinbox. For the last 3 days, nothing special, just the normal log in reward. As added information, I just logged in to the address provided, then logged in to my game. All I received was 10x Stanag Elite drums.
  6. I was right the first time. I'm only getting the normal rewards for my Extreme account.
  7. Another example of adding trees and not paying attention to the overall effect they have on the game. I covered all four angles. Misplaced terrain features can have an adverse affect on the game overall. These, and my previous post shows the negative effects of such poor placement. If I find more evidence of this, I will capture a screenshot and post it here.
  8. I would just like to know... Who's brilliant idea was it to add trees in the middle of roads? There was talk about only being able to drive vehicles on roads. Just to be clear, these trees appeared AFTER patch 2.26. Also, why is it necessary to add any more to the terrain? This particular tree was never in this location. Another one that appeared after Patch 2.26. This boulder has been in this location since the boulder stack explosion. Is it really necessary? The question here is, which came first... the tree or the boulders? (Actually, this tree has been here for a long time. The boulders magically appeared around it. Oh... and talk about floating items. This is on the road going in to Nato. Zombies walking in mid air!!! My point here is, STOP ADDING UNNECESSARY TERRAIN ITEMS!!! Aren't there enough other actual game play issues to address?
  9. CampersRUs


    This has been requested a number of times in the past. I have also asked for a sort feature for both the GI and backpack. Until then, when you are in the GI storage, you can click on the magnifying glass and then type a partial description and you will see only the items that match your search parameters. For instance, if you type 'Stanag' you will only see Stanag ammo on the screen. I hope this helps. I know it would be nice to be able to sort inventory to our own individual tastes. Until there is a sort button, this will have to be sufficient. Have a Good Day!!!
  10. I have an Extreme account. Doesn't that count Please disregard this message. I got my prize.
  11. It's my guess that it will more than likely become a Legacy Box after the season passes. Of course, I could be wrong
  12. I am still noticing a major imbalance in the helmet to weapon ratio for drops from Super and Alien zombies. These are the 2 top targets to kill and should not be offering the quantity of helmets and armor they do. Especially since helmets and armor are some of the most plentiful loot available just laying on the ground. A major adjustment is needed here guys. The 2 screenshots I posted show an overabundance of helmets for one Alien kill. 6 helmets for a Nato Alien and 4 helmets for Zeta Force. Since I have posted those shots I have many more kills. I don't want to flood the thread with more posts of the same problem. However, if it becomes necessary, I will do it. Please, take a look at the loot table for Supers and Aliens and fix it. I'm not asking for extremely rare items, just not as many helmets and armor. ESPECIALLY HELMETS. (I have so many now that I don't even bother picking them up anymore. If I do inadvertently pick one up, I discard it to make more space more necessary items such as food, bandages, ammo, gas, and repair kits. Thanks and Have a Nice Day!!!
  13. The above chart shows the damage ratings for every sniper in the game. Thanks for posting that @ElChupacabra. To become more accustom to each weapon I suggest you play on a PVE server till you feel comfortable with your aim. It's a good training ground. That way you can make the necessary adjustments to your aim. You can check the stats of each weapon for damage rating and drop rate. The use of either a Tactical or Range Finder set of binoculars will help some with judging the drop rate. This rate varies slightly with each weapon used. The same holds true for all other weapons. The best advice I can give is try each weapon and get comfortable with it. I suggested a PVE server because you don't have to worry if someone else is going to shoot you first. The drop rates are the same for all servers. The three P's of being a great marksman are, PRACTICE... PRACTICE... PRACTICE. Good luck and Have a Nice Day!!!
  14. JKS, I hate to say this but, Yes, the community 'cries' when the FPS drops. I am one of those 'babies' to which you refer. When the FPS drops too low, the game is unplayable. I guess you like playing a game that locks up whenever you try to move and cause lag in the game. The community also 'cries' about lag because they consider it cheating. I suggest you rethink this idea of calling the community a bunch of babies. I agree with the elite guns. However, every time something is done with a building, ie: opening it up for exploration, the building has to be physically removed and then replaced. This causes the building to move. Even a small move of a building can cause problems. For example. If you have a building that has roof access and it is moved, even slightly, and there is a locker place on the edge, it is possible to lose access to that locker. This is detrimental to the game overall due to the fact that GI access lockers are placed permanently. If it's out of reach, it's worthless. I've even seen lockers get buried on top of a building when another item was placed. The new item covered the locker completely. Although you can still access a locker in this situation, it is still frustrating to see a locker you use appear to not be there. This has been suggested many times in the past. As you already realize, having changing weather would place more stress on the engine. A good idea in theory? Yes. I'd love to see changing weather. Is it practical in this application? Highly unlikely. Thanks and Have A Nice Day!!!
  15. I still think the vehicles available should be culled down to the original 3. Maybe disabling their damage on PVP servers could work, that seems to be a big bone of contention. I also still believe that the boulders should be greatly reduced to what they were last year. They do hinder a players ability to navigate the map off road. Afterall, all three of the original vehicles are off-road vehicles. Just more of my 2¢ thrown into the mix. Oh, and BTW, Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it. And, Have a Great Weekend!!!
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