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  1. The Future of NewZ in 2019

    rdk… on a scale of 1 to 10 I score your comments a 1000. You hit the nail on the head. I have also been bringing up the same old issues over and over but to no avail. I won't go into the whole list, but a few highlights for me are: Cars, Boulder stacks everywhere that weren't there in the beginning. Zombies still clipping through some objects, item physics still not right, and server disconnects. I also think, knowing they have personal lives, admins, or someone designated by them to be assigned to answering comments on these forums. That is extremely important. I hope this gets through to the admins because, as you say, the shelf life of this game could very well be 5 to 6 months. HYPE!! HYPE!! HYPE!!
  2. Vehicles

    All vehicles. Vehicle spawns seem to have vanished from the face of the map. This has been an issue for quite some time. The last time I saw a vehicle spawn was over 3 weeks ago. Increase the frequency of vehicle spawns. Or, how about putting them back in the marketplace where they were so people can purchase them. It would be nice to be able to acquire the new Tuk Tuk. Kind of disappointing when vehicles don't spawn. Also, please, I will say this one more time. FIX THE VEHICLES THEY ARE STILL DIFFICULT TO CONTROL. When I say difficult, all you have to do is hit a minor bump and you can go flying into the air, flipping and flopping. Also, you can get stuck on, not only the boulder stacks, (of which there are way too many) but also on a small mound or an animal carcass. Come on Fred. Please. Fix the vehicles. Just as a side note, Has anything ever been done to fix the fact that the Police Dragster when placed turned into a Sheriff Dragster? I had 3 of them switch on me. <---- This was reported at the time it happened but as yet, no answer.
  3. Patch 2.21

    They may be outside but, they are a major nuisance factor when trying to maneuver. And not just in Rocky Ford, but on EVERY map. Colorado, Caliwood, Oregon. Especially in any vehicle. This is, and has been, a major issue for a long time and needs to be addressed.
  4. Patch 2.21

    I'd tell ya, but then I'd have to hunt you down in the game and kill ya
  5. Patch 2.21

    I like this idea. It gives the new players as well as the veterans something to shoot for. One suggestion though, Instead of having only one tier, how about making each task in the missions multi-tier. Each successive tier would garner higher rewards for completing them. I noticed that vehicles are easier to keep still upon exiting. This was very much needed. The control of the vehicles still needs work though. They still can flip flop out of control. Another problem I encountered was, as I exited my ZK, I sank into the ground up to my waist. The only way I could move was to hop around. It wasn't permanent though, once I moved to another location, it cleared up. The sniper silencer is a great addition. It works as it should by decreasing the dmg rating making a headshot a must. Good Job!!! Keep up the good work!!! Have a Nice Day!!!
  6. Why no PVE survival servers?

    I just re-read your post and this is what I missed. If done correctly, this would not be allowed. You cannot mix PVE and PVP players to reside in the same game. Everybody has to be one or the other. As you said, they would exploit this.
  7. Why no PVE survival servers?

    I like this idea to a point. I'm just trying to understand what you are saying here. If I am wrong in my interpretation, I'm sorry. Those who choose either a PVE or a PVP tag, would not be able to switch them. They would be a permanent tag. I have seen this switch occur on private servers where the owner suddenly switched the mode from PVE to PVP just to kill other players and then switch it back to PVE to lure more unsuspecting players into their web. Once a private server is set to either PVP or PVE, it should remain that which it was set up to be. As for the PVP tag being able to kill and be killed by anyone, this should be that those wearing a PVP tag can only kill and be killed by another player with the PVP tag. PVE players would not be able to kill anyone except zombies. Just my 2¢. Have a Nice Day!!!
  8. Vehicles

    To be honest, the time will be right when you or whomever fixes the bugs that are making the present vehicles so difficult to control. You mentioned that there is a new vehicle, the Tuk Tuk. This would be a cool vehicle but I didn't see any information about when it will be released and how you get it. The vehicle spawns seem to be non existent. Also, where are the sniper silencers?
  9. Loot - Open World

    Once again with the PVP players. WE PVE PLAYERS DESERVE THE SAME RESPECT! Stop basing everything you do on the so-called 'hardcore PVP players'. They DO farm. There isn't one time where I've been in a PVE server and not seen PVP players present. (this is evident because of their titles). To say that they don't farm is an outright lie. They also troll the PVE servers and trading lounges to buy supplies. PVE PLAYERS ALSO PAY FOR PREMIUM ACCOUNTS. What would happen to the financial health of NewZ if ALL the PVE players stopped buying premium?
  10. Rank/Reaction Updates

  11. Vehicle Bug, FAC Beta anticheat bug

    Thanks Steve. Just a small update. After turning the FAC Anti-cheat off, I did not have the same issue. BTW... I don't know how long you've been a part of the team. Since I've only seen you recently in the forums I want to say a great big WELCOME TO THE FUNNY FARM!!! Have a Nice Day!!!
  12. Vehicle Bug, FAC Beta anticheat bug

    Let me see if I can explain this properly... I have been playing with the new FAC Beta anti-cheat turned off. The other day, I decided to try it once again. Here is the problem. The first time I place a vehicle and try to enter, I get disconnected from the server. As always, I click 'SEND' to send in the report. I then have to go through the excruciating process of rejoining the same map. It takes a long time to rejoin. Of course, in the process, my vehicle is sitting unattended on the map and I stand a chance of losing it for no other reason than a bug in the FAC Beta. So far, luckily, I have not lost a vehicle. I have to add that this only happens the first time I place a vehicle. (I was using the ZK when this happened.) I am going to, once again, disable the FAC Beta anti-cheat. I hope the reports I sent help to diagnose this problem. I hope that someone from the dev team will respond to this issue. Have a Great Weekend everyone!!!
  13. Loot - Open World

    Since this is a place to talk about loot, I would like to address the loot from premium rewards. It's ridiculous to reward paying players with 10 helmets and 10 armor. In one month of paying for premium, you can gain 60 - 70 of these. This is absurd. Both of these are plentiful on the map. They spawn everywhere and are dropped by supers and aliens. (I have seen one super drop 3 helmets at once). I have approximately 2000+ of both these items in my GI Storage. My point is, if you are still going to keep them in the premium reward rotation, reduce the quantity to 1. It would be more beneficial to remove them from the rotation completely thus opening at least 2 slots for more usable items such as food, bandages, ammo, etc.
  14. Server Restart (07/08/2018)

    I'm not sure what their idea was behind adding Zeta. It's too far removed from the rest of the map to be useful, unless they add a bus stop. The 6 story building, is out of place. Like I've said before, if it was added for the purposes of PVP, they are going to hear lots of complaints about campers taking up residence on the upper floors and roof. <----- this is just my opinion.
  15. Server Restart (07/08/2018)

    What is it you are trying to show? I don't see a problem. This is a roadblock. Zombies are supposed to be there. Again, what are you trying to show? I don't see a problem here either.