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  1. TEAM NAME AND TAG*: boxboxCOUNTRY/REGION: polandPLAYERS**: 1. virtu (CLAN LEADER)2. buzka3. matrix4. salokin 5. carmelo 6. hexx
  2. you know u are kontol with 3iq and you think you are someone
  3. Team Name : BOXBOX TEAM #2 Nationality: POLAND GERMANY Players: Karolka Buzzka Wasyl Waziv Uzarro Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): Mvoziu skyking Leader Contact : Virtual#9331
  4. Team Name : BOXBOX Nationality: POLAND UK Players: VIRTUAL VEGETA CARMELO SUMMERON HEX Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): MATRIX Leader Contact : Virtual#9331
  5. TEAM NAME: medellin boyzz COUNTRY: COLUMBIA PLAYERS: PABLO, 3ODA, cigarrillo, bobbby, elmundodepariso contact: pablobadulo #4364 DISCORD
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