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  1. Cheater's Character name: leeloo ragganTime: 18:30Date:29/10/2018What kind of cheat:teaming in br solo modeScreenshot proof (if made): /Video proof (if made):
  2. here's an other video of TPE india glitching :
  3. Cheater's Character name: TPE INDIATime: 19:00Date: 26/10/2018What kind of cheat: glitchScreenshot proof (if made): /Video proof (if made):
  4. Cheater's Character name: DelopaTime: 19:20Date:22/10/2018What kind of cheat: teaming in solo mode BR (i have the full 2 minutes video and we see them coming together from the hill )Screenshot proof (if made): /Video proof (if made): Does those guys get banned, punished or did devs don't care ? if yes what's the punishment ?
  5. laxx


    Cheater's Character name: J A C UTime: 19:30Date:17/10/2018What kind of cheat: glitch ( always doing the same glitch )Screenshot proof (if made): /Video proof (if made):
  6. Cheater's Character name: Quy RUATime: 9 pmDate: 3 october 2018What kind of cheat: teaming in solo mode brScreenshot proof (if made):Video proof (if made): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuacmGU-xKc
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