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    M200 skins and back tactical

    still no answers? thank you for reading me .... seriously you can do something it's really unpleasant ...
  2. cybergoth21

    M200 skins and back tactical

    hello I want to make a suggestion about the sniper m200 (we are not very many to play with it is on lol) I play with since the beginning of the game he was very good with the tactical glasses before a sudden change with new update with the new telescope that does not zoom so much compared to other snipers ... and several skins because there are only 3 skins (chrismas skins, chrome and destruction) thanks in advance
  3. cybergoth21

    Patch 2.23

    okay it's good you creat new skins and new sniper and another but i play with M200 and we have 3 skins for this sniper ....... please creat more skins for this sniper...