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    Maybe last Lobbytage (#10)

    hahah ty bro
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    Lobbytage #9

  3. Project Dnewolf

    Lobbytage #9

    thanks my friend very soon survival montage #2
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    Indonesian Cup #1 (Unofficial)

    MIKO , TANTE , KAMIZAGE = best indonesian team
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    Survival Mode #1

  6. Project Dnewolf

    Survival Mode #1

    ty my friend
  7. Project Dnewolf

    Lobbytage #8 :)

  8. Project Dnewolf

    Lobbytage #8 :)

    in a few months I will upload more variety of videos, in survival and open world , and cinematics
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    Panamerican Cup - 2018

    Good luck to all the participants, I am from Spain, I will wait for a tournament in the EU
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    Lobbytage #7

    Coming soon PvP Montages in Open World
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    Lobbytage #6

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    Lobbytage #6

    ty my old friend...
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    Lobbytage #5

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    Some ideas

    These are some ideas that I have in mind. 1- More variety of zombies, zombies children that are small and more difficult to shoot in the head, fat zombies that move slower but are more difficult to kill, zombies with helmets, that resist shots in the head and only can kill many shots in the body, it would also be very good if the zombies had new faces and clothes, and new sounds... 2- Weather conditions, It would be great to play infestation with fog or rain, storms, or wind. 3- A competition system of 1v1, 3v3 or 5v5, being able to choose Snp or ar, would be great. These are some ideas that I have for years ... greetings
  15. Project Dnewolf

    Some ideas

    It will be great to see all those changes and improvements, always I have and confident in this game and the people who will direct it, soon I will upload more ideas that I can think of, greetings my friend (sorry my bad english)
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    kozibrodka ~ NewZ #3

    nicee montage ?
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    Lobbytage #4

  18. Project Dnewolf

    Lobbytage #1 (Battle royal lobby)

    ty sir