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  1. hello again,1 week passed and looting still doesnt work at clan areas,any idea when it will be fixed?
  2. my clan owned boulder eu and the buff for taking loot faster wasnt working,we couldnt loot anything we had to leave clan so we can take loot,just a remind to check,thx and we wait for bugg fix.
  3. ok i will try it thx
  4. if you check last days his game the macro fire that he use is for sure,and he still not banned?all people at survival say same, so pls check him out,thx for listen
  5. tasos

    login fail

    to log in at support i must make new acount? because with log in acount at community it works but not at suport
  6. any suggestions with new anticheat problems? have too much fps i can hardly move and logging screen takes to long so i cant get in game most times.
  7. tasos

    hello sven i have problem with new anticheat.too much fps and long time to log.please can you send at my acount the legendary old one or any solutions to my problem?thx for all

    1. tasos


      i cant log with my comunity acount should i make a new for suport?

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