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  1. M1N1T

    Stineaday well Saturday nope Stineaday!

    woohoo!! lets hurry and get those autumn boxes yayy!! leave no rock unturned hahaha we shall gather up supplies and take on the zombies!
  2. M1N1T

    Weekend Stream Event =] Good Vibes Welcome!

    Thank you so very much for all the wonderful support and positive vibes! We continue to look forward to hanging out with each and everyone of you having amazing adventures together and making new friends!
  3. M1N1T

    Wednesday new z Fun with Stinefelt!

    Thank you so very much @HEARTBREAKER i enjoy this game a lot and more so with friends n.n Also your very welcome having you and everyone else join us is truly a blessing Please know we are very appreciative for all the positive support and company Thank you for all you do!
  4. M1N1T

    Wednesday new z Fun with Stinefelt!

    Thank you to everyone who came and hung out with us woohoo!! zombie slaying together while jammin out to some amazing tunes! Also CONGRATULATIONS STINEFELT FOR HITTING OVER 2000 FOLLOWS!!! Such a wonderful milestone and still going! Yayyy!! Thank you to all as this would not be possible without you
  5. Hey everyone! come and join us we are going live to continue more Fun adventures in New Z !! Let's see what kind of wonderful treasures we can find there! stop in and listen to some great music..chat laugh and make some new friends... See you all there!
  6. M1N1T

    Monday funday with Stineday!

    The fun never stops when you've got great friends to share wonderful adventures with n.n Thank you all for joining us and giving good positive vibes and support..don't forget to hit that FOLLOW and get notifications when Stinefelt goes live!
  7. M1N1T

    STINEOWEEN on Friday

    ooo something strange lurking in new z nato https://clips.twitch.tv/KawaiiBashfulDogPicoMause hahaha Thank you for everyone who stopped in and hung out with us while collecting those halloween boxes,contracts and double XP's woohoo!! get em all while you can! more new z adventures await us! Thank you for all the wonderful support and love from the EAG Community n.n
  8. M1N1T

    Friday Party with Stine!

    Thank You all for stopping in and saying hi! sending some amazing tunes in the stream and gettin those ecoins! We enjoy having you all here with us time and time again! Let's continue making more wonderful memories and having fun in new z! woohoo!!
  9. M1N1T

    Happy Halloween Family & Friends

    what an amazing adventure folks all kinds of goodies to find in new z contracts halloween boxes and the illusive Trident hahaha Thank you for having fun with us! Trick&Treats haha
  10. Thank you so very much for joining us folks We truly appreciate all the support and positive vibes from each and every one of you Also a special thanks to one of our very own Devs! HeresChupa was gracious enough to pay Stinefelt a visit on his own private server such an excitin treat for everyone in the stream! n.n thank you so very much! I've included a clip here and also in EAG Discord under eag-infestation and eag-community incase anyone of you missed it or want to enjoy it once again n.n
  11. M1N1T

    Stineday of Motivation

    Thank you truly Freddy D and KOTAZ for all the wonderful and positive support you provide I am so very humbled by your kind words Please continue to enjoy life, take and be safe
  12. M1N1T

    Stineday of Motivation

    Thank you Stinefelt truly from the bottom of my heart for just being you and sharing it with everyone Thank you to all who continue to show your wonderful support by joining us, saying hello, earning ecoins simply for being here with us and more for being active in chat , humbling us with donations, cheer bits and subscriptions..none of this would be possible without you Let's get ready for more fun adventures in new z together!
  13. M1N1T

    Stineday of Infestation

    Thank you so very much for all your wonderful support and hanging out with us We continue to invite all to stop in and say hello, listen to some music and earn some free ecoins n.n
  14. Thank you all for coming out and joining us we love making new friends and enjoy the company of others on the new z
  15. M1N1T

    Stineday of Motivation

    Thank you for joining us on yet another fun filled day of adventures in the new z with friends, good music and wonderful chat. We'll see you all again next time! take care