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  1. Merry Effin Xmas. Here's something YOU NEED to fix in 2019. ALL THESE EFFIN CRASHES that's been happening since the dawn of this game. Your focus on these BS weekend and holiday updates are useless if no one's playing the game. Making changes that you previously changed before the previous change that was a change from the prior change to the same damn item is effin schizoid. GRRRRR!
  2. Found a new glitch with FN M249 guns while in Open World regular and Premium servers. Not sure how it happens, but once in a while it stacks 3 of them in your inventory (in Game), I'm gonna guess it's when you pick One up but it registers as three (stacked). If you click on it, the game crashes. First noticed this about two weeks ago, and thought it was an anomaly, but now I've seen it a few times. The only work around I've found is to leave it alone til you either exit map, or go to vault and transfer it to your inventory. Here's another interesting glitch, when you transfer them either singly or as three, it doesn't stack with my other collection of FN M249's. They remain separate, but these triplets will stack with each other, ie: I now have a separate stack of 6, which says "Brand new" while my others say "100 rounds". Is this happening to anyone else?
  3. Hello I don't see a thread for 'Premium servers' so I'll post my question here. Will Oregon map ever make it to Premium servers?
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    Ok so I read a lot of complaining about the different 'rides', and while I agree, as I'v encountered all the problems that's mentioned, I just drive more cautiously... speed kills. Only the bus gives me headaches, how do you see where you're going? Is there a way to adjust camera height when driving bus, cuz I can't see to steer. When I hit 'spacebar' that releases fixed camera angle.. I get dizzy from the spinning..lol. Anyways I do have a question about vehicles in the Open World servers. BTW I've only recently returned to the game after about 1 year layoff, so I haven't caught up to speed with everything yet. So it seems Vehicles have a 'self destruct' or decaying time limit in Open world. How fast do they 'self destruct'? Also I thought once you took control of the vehicle, ie: drove it, it would stop the 'SD'. But no it seems, as I found a Humvee, drove it, many times, repaired it to full durability. Then I parked it to go fight zombies and climb some buildings (in RIo, Oregon) Next thing I hear is boom, Humvee destroyed, no ones else was on server so it wasn't by other player, and no it wasn't eaten/destroyed by zombies. Also (2) it seems once you've found one vehicle, it seems to spawn others. I found 5 within approx 1hr (real time not game time). Then when you need one they're none to be found. What's this 'Dragster' you're talking about? Is that the cop car with the moose horns as grill...lol Finally thanks for making F7 'Unstuck vehicle' command, great feature. Doesn't always works but hey better than nothing.
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