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  1. Great gaming, great message, great guy!

    1. Stinefelt


      Thank you Magenta, but you are also a great person. 

  2. MagentaDlien

    EAG PVE Server Event (All Welcome)

    We want to say gratz and well done to Blinlemon for being MY hero and braving the zombie hordes to rescue me! Awesome job, a very well earned reward!
  3. Stinefelt's stream is group of players and just people who want to connect with others in a fun, exciting format. Whether it's having fun killing zombies in the New Z, which is the base game for his stream, listening to great music or straight up comedy, Stine doesn't just 'let' you watch his stream, he makes you part of it. He is positive and uplifting and gives the viewers a sense of worth and belonging. It's more than just watching going on here, it's connecting with a community that is more like family. That sentiment can be heard quite often in the stream when he says to the viewers, "You are the reason I do what I do." Like the other game servers his community, EAG offers, Infestation The New Z is free and open to anyone who loves to game and who wants to meet others who share the same passion. You can join Stine in whatever capacity he tears it up in the New Z. Farming, PvP, Battle Royal, or open world, come check it out, you won't be disappointed!