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  1. Juigeh

    The Big Merge and Facts

    huge + If pvp servers had different gi.
  2. Juigeh

    I am NOT a SIR!

    I think there is multiple posts that have completely "adulty" points. Getting offended by such little thing as being called "Sir" isn't adult behaviour at all. For example what has been not adult in my posts? Sure we have different opinions about this one, but it still doesn't mean that my posts, couldn't be adult. (Having different ideas about something is not making it invalid)
  3. Juigeh

    I am NOT a SIR!

    I wouldn't be offended about it at all if it was meme like "Sir" is nowadays. Like others said, it's how usually ppl form asia are trying to sound nicer and it turned in to meme.
  4. Juigeh

    2nd Gandalf Cup - "New Year World Cup"

    Team Name : GOSU 2 Nationality: Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland Players: Keroplay, Juigeh, Dope MC, Harami, Shadow Substitutional Players: DeadBro, Spray me down Leader Contact : Juigeh#3840
  5. Juigeh

    I am NOT a SIR!

    Sir is one of the most used words in this game. No need to take offense from it.
  6. Juigeh

    Cowboy Cup 2019 (read before applying!)

    Team name: GOSU Team tag: GOSU Player names (4+1): Harami, Iha Vaa Juigeh, KeroPlay, Dope Mc + Cadee Country: Finland, Bulgaria and Germany Leader contact: Juigeh#3840
  7. Juigeh

    Become a part of HIGH & Hungry now!

    "Can I join?" Too many Frenchies already, sry
  8. Juigeh

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

    Yeah that is possible, but can't be sure if never tried.
  9. Juigeh

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

    Yeah... Why can't there be AR-Sniper server, thats the one server that big part of the community is wanting. Thats like saying why do we need competitive mode when we already have br, survival and openworld.
  10. Juigeh

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

    I agree 100%. Shotguns are easily the biggest factor why i usually log out of small pvp maps. It's completely pointless to have them. They only create more toxicity and make ppl stop playing pvp servers.Also the best playstyle with shotguns is dumb (bot walking) If you play like more experienced player would, like jump and move a lot, the shotgun hardly one shots, but when u just stand and walk it usually one shots. There nothing more annoying in pvp servers than going around killing ppl, having good time and then somebody either spawns next to you or peaks from house and does one single click and you are dead, no matter what.
  11. Juigeh

    1v1 Tournament

    Ign: Iha Vaa Juigeh Discord: Juigeh#3840
  12. Juigeh

    Vending Machines

    +1 It would make buying and selling sooo much easier. I would prefer it to happend in main menu, but if not, i guess there could be few vending machines in lounge that everyone could use and nobody would need to buy it or place it.
  13. From you, u said it in earlier post, i guess by mistake.
  14. @Twitch djgandalf_ Match between boxbox and flex? Arent they in 2 different groups?
  15. Juigeh

    Competitive Mode!

    +1 I honestly believe that this could help growing the population of this game.