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  1. Hello!

    I was thinking about a market in game, but not like the shop in OW where a NPC sell things.

    Well, the idea is:

    Use the store places in safe zones as a market. A NPC stay there, you interact with him and opens a window where you can put items to sell and check other items to buy from other players.

    For example: I want to sell a M4, this item is in my backpack, so I go to the NPC, interact with him and open a window (like the global inventory) with buy and sell . I select the M4 to sell and which items I want for, like 2 antibiotics, 2 pain killers and 1 stanag mag 30. OK, everyone in every safe zone could see my offer when goes to the NPC. If someone buy it, those items stay in the store until i go there to check (or in a different place in global inventory, but i like the idea you must visit the NPC to take the items).

    Players create they own offers. Trade become easier and dinamic and players who want to sell something find players who want to buy.


    Good bye!


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  2. About ammo craft:

    In Resident Evil 3, Jill has a "reloading tool" to make ammo with gun powder.  You could create something like this.

    The item can be finded only in airdrops with a limited use (like 500 ammo/times). So, you must find the clip, ammo and the tool to create it.

    This tool can dismantle/shred the ammo  with a limited use too (for example 500 times).

    Thank you.


  3. On 01/08/2018 at 1:09 AM, drekati said:

    -First person only: the corner camping/peeking is a tired mechanic in New Z and needs to go.  It also kills immersion of  a first person experience.  To watch someone while not being seen yourself is highly unrealistic.

    This is necessary, because the survival mode need to be a hard mode, if you want to see your skins, set, etc... play in open world.


    On 01/08/2018 at 1:09 AM, drekati said:

    -Enable jump Stamina :the constant bunny hopping is another tired mechanic.   Make each jump take stamina for a more realistic combat.

    I agree. How someone can jump a lot of times and don't feel tired? If you jump inside a safe zone your stamina decreases... this could be add out of the safe zone too. I suggest each jump uses 1 little bar of stamina.


    On 01/08/2018 at 1:09 AM, drekati said:

    -Base Building: allow some form of base building with resources

    Maybe you could fortify some abandoned house in the cities. Of course you could be raided by other players.


    On 01/08/2018 at 1:09 AM, drekati said:

    -Expand skill tree:  more options to give players a reason to farm zombies and provide goals to achive

    This is good, focus in other habilities, but don't in the jump stamina haha.

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  4. Hello. This will be a large article.

    I like to play survival mode and I think this could be first person only, but it is not the point for now. I came to suggest new craftable items and changes of others.

    So, let's go.

    Items I think it is ok:

    Bandage, pain killer, antibiotic, medkit, leather, the cleaner, shank, the brotherhood, clean sweep, excessive force, wood, metal, stone, binoculars, arrows and explsive arrows.

    Items should increase something:

    1. Poultice: could be add in game some "medical leafs" (each bunch could contain 5) which spawn near bushes (because this medical is based in medicinal plants), then the player could create this item (2 cloth, 1 duct tape and 3 medical leafs to craft);
    2. Empty bottle: could be add 1 glue or 1 duct tape to attach the plastic (5 plastic and 1 glue/duct tape to craft);
    3. Bada boom!: add a rope and oil to burn and ignite the bomb (1 empty can, 5 gun powder, 6 metal, 1 rope, 2 oil to craft);
    4. Metal bat: add glue to attach the metal, rag and duct tape to hold in the base of the bat (1 bat, 4 metal, 2 glue, 4 rag and 1 duct tape to craft);
    5. Spiked bat: remove aluminium foil and add rag and duct tape (same as metal bat) instead (1 bat, 2 nails, 4 rag and 1 duct tape to craft);
    6. Barb wire barricade: number of metal should be increased form 30 to 70, number of barbed wire should be increased from 4 to 15 and number of wood should decrease from 250 to 150, add 20 duct tapes and 10 aluminium foils (70 metal, 15 barbed wire, 150 wood, 20 duct tapes and 10 aluminium foil to craft);
    7. Wood shield barricade: should reduce amount of metal from 25 to 15 and wood from 1000 to 300 and add 20 glue (15 metal, 300 wood and 20 glue to craft);
    8. Sandbag barricade: should reduce sand from 100 to 50, increase cloth from 10 to 80 and add 30 thread (50 sand, 80 cloth and 30 thread to craft);
    9. Custom vest: increase cloth from 10 to 40 and add 10 rag and 10 thread (40 cloth, 10 sand, 2 leather, 10 rag and 10 thread to craft);
    10. Custom guerrilha: increase cloth from 5 to 15, add more 10 rag, 5 threads and 5 glue (1 custom vest, 15 cloth, 10 rag, 50 metal, 2 duct tape, 5 thread and 5 glue to craft);
    11. M9 helmet black: this item should be created from other helmet. Taking a regular m9 helmet green/m9 helmet desert googles and add 5 oil and 10 cloths (1 m9 helmet green/m9 helmet desert googles, 5 oil, 10 cloth to craft);
    12. M9 helmet black nvg: this should be craftable from nvg googles/civilian. Taking a m9 helmet black, add 1 scissor, 1 nvg googles/civilian and 5 glue (1 m9 helmet black, 1 scissor, 1 nvg googles/civilian and 5 glue to craft);
    13. Light gear forest: should change the craft (now it is 10 cloth, 10 sand, 5 thread). Taking a custom vest, add 20 cloth, 5 sand, 5 rag and 10 thread to craft);
    14. Medium armor: should change the craft (now it is 15 cloth, 10 sand, 3 thread, 1 glue). Taking a custom vest, add 30 cloth, 10 sand, 10 rag, 15 thread and 3 duct tape to craft);
    15. Code Lock: increase tech from 1 to 5, metal from 10 to 25, add 2 glue and 10 battery (25 metal, 5 tech, 2 glue and 10 battery to craft);
    16. Small code locker: increase metal from 50 to 100, gear from 1 to 2 and add 5 glue and 10 battery (100 metal, 1 code lock, 2 metal gear, 5 glue and 1o battery to craft);
    17. Leather backpack: increase cloth from 10 to 30 and add 6 thread (5 leather, 30 cloth and 6 thread to craft);
    18. Heavy armor: increase cloth from 5 to 25, metal from 10 to 20, add 5 glue and 5 duct tape (25 cloth, 20 metal, 5 glue, 5 duct tape and 3 parts of the armor).
    19. Co1 - vaccine: to craft this item you must have some experimental fluid. Only water is not a good idea... maybe if you need to find some plant to mix with the water... "medical leafs" of the topic 1 could work and the vaccine make more sense.


    Items should have more uses and new crafts:

    1. Improvised gas mask, gas mask and gas mask advanced: maybe if create some toxic area or in random periods some cities and areas would have infectious hazard increased with a "virus cloud" which make zombies harder to kill. If you enter the area without mask your infection grow faster then the usual;
    2. Nails: we have a nail gun, why not take nail box and create ammo? To craft use 3 nail box, 2 plastic and create a nail strip;
    3. Bag of MRE: this could be crafted taking chocolate bar, granola, minicabra's, instant oatmeat, can of ham, water 1L and 3 plastic;
    4. Repair kit: could be craftable with 1 wrench, 1 crowbar, 1 power drill, 20 metal and 15 plastic.


    Items should be removed from craft: Why?

    These items could be easily found around the map and it is not necessary be craftable. Removing the craft they could be more "rare".

    Canoe paddle; cricket bat; pick axe; fire axe; police batom; wrench; bat; hatchet; m9 bayonet; machete; black, clown, jason, skull and slash masks; IBA; fireman helmet; construction helmet.


    New scenario stuffs:

    Water tanks: using empty bottle in a "clean water tank" will create a water 375 ml. This tanks will have a random volume in some houses around the cities, so the player could use a certain number of times befor this dry or be infected;


    Well, for now I thinked about this things. Any ideas are welcome. Waiting the reply of the Staff for this.

    Thank you.

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