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  1. Tetsu

    AR CUP

    i don't know yet , if i know how many teams join i tell you about the percent
  2. Tetsu

    AR CUP

    Hey everyone Welcome to my first own cup! General Informations : -Every team can join -There is no maximum amount of teams -5 people allowed in one team -you're only allowed to play in 1 team -before the tournament starts there is a group phase depending on how many teams will join, in which you play 2 round matches -depending on the points you collect in the group stage will be decided if you start in lower bracket or upper bracket -The tournament will be a best of 5 if you lose you don't get instantly thrown out , but you'll get moved to the lower bracket and if you lose there again then you'll be thrown out -to be able to join the tournament your team has to pay 10.000.000 in game $ Equipment : -Allowed weapons : SIG, IMI-TAR and AUG -Allowed Attatchments : everything allowed besides rifle flashlight -Allowed armor : custom and k.style only -Only stanag 30 allowed -You are allowed to take as many Dx's as you like -Only Riot shields allowed 5 max. -Grenades are not allowed Rules : -every team has to play a game atleast every 5 days -The match starts with a Air Horn -The winner is the team with the most players alive or the team that kills the entire enemy team -You cannot boost yourself with shields -If a team member gets disqualified for lagswitch or lagging etc. the team has the chance to replace the member if no replacement is found the team can continue playing with 4 people PRIZE : the prize will be the collected money from the entering teams How to Join : MAP :