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  1. Nice to see that the sniper isn't dropping or spawning
  2. I agree with this you can't have a correct clan count if the area can't be capped
  3. Hey if you guys get the time can you fix the Mosin–Nagant. Let me explain what I mean by fix, first of all you have it where you can only equip a sniper silence to the rifle but when I go to equip a different sniper scope you have it where only a compact scope works why is this. If the rifle is not listed as a ar or smg and uses a sniper silence then it should be labeled as a sniper. Please don't give me it a dmr. I know you have it listed as a dmr but then if your going to run it as a dmr then a normal silence should be used on the rifle and not a sniper silence. You need to decide what it really is an dmr that can only us ar attachments or a dmr that can only use sniper attachemnts. Most people us the Mosin as a sniper rifle so can you please set it like one.
  4. This patch is Now Coknore Approved !!!!
  5. It's going to be a great weekend Good luck to all
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