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  1. BattleMan

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    The battle is good, please do not turn it into a pvp server. Those who give this opinion are not players who always play, but people who play sometimes.
  2. BattleMan

    Battle is Battle, not Open World.

    I found very bad weapons like RED STALKER, M4A1, FAMAS, AUG continue in the battle, even more for those who do not have a very good ping, if it was difficult to play with the weapons they had before, now with these was very appealing.
  3. BattleMan

    Measures To Resurrect Battle Mode

    I can not stand to die for solo groups anymore. PLEASE REMOVE THE SOLO MODE!
  4. BattleMan

    Reason For Hate ARENA

    The battle is not as it was before, this map destabilized everything.
  5. BattleMan

    Dont Remove The Tropic