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    GOSU Recruiting

    Name : John M. Buenviaje Contact : GIGABYTES#0186 discord Country : Philippines Age : 18 1/2 Timezone : GMT+ ACCOUNT : 1. 7xSpace(8gb) *Destroyer* 2. None 3. None 4. None 5. None As of now idont have premium but i can afford somehow . Pvp skills SNP 8-10 Pvp skills AR 8-10 not literally pro nobody's perfect OPEN WORLD KNOWLEDGE 10-10 Open for ts3/discord Assault rifles 1000+ Sniper rifle 150+ literally im not always playing on snp server DX'S 9000+ SHIELD 13000+ Note : ican afford more than that as i want it I play for 8 - 12hrs every play (we can't say everyday because we have a busy life too right) but iplay 4 - 5 days every 1week First time on GOSU dont have friend, Ihave montage but its only 1 On pvp now ? Ican kill 7 to 10 on ar server because of this spawn Thankyou and have a good day
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