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  1. I'm stealth faggod/t... 


  2. My thanks! Can you add me in-game i want "donate" you some snipers. [IGN-paosh]
  3. Sup fam.. if i put "FASTLOAD - ON" my game freez few times if i play so i think better for "potato" PCs is much better when you have "FASTLOAD - OFF"
  4. Perfect video!! like others like 133-1# And i have question: Can you send me your config? Yes, I know is not essential, but please, if you could send it to me.
  5. cadetVAC

    Bug or Bad Aim ?

    look like bad move with mouse just.. not bad aim just bad luck
  6. cadetVAC

    ON / OFF

    Hello buds i need ask you about these "g_SprintKeepSens 0-1" What are you using or what is better for gameplay in PVP?
  7. +1 BIG UP! Jen už bohužel nemám kde stáhnout tuto verzi ale díky že jsi mi ukázal jak na to když vyjde nová verze co to bude podporovat!
  8. HYPE!! i need that voodoo backpack :3
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