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  1. I'm stealth faggod/t... 


  2. My thanks! Can you add me in-game i want "donate" you some snipers. [IGN-paosh]
  3. cadetVAC

    NewZ in potato machine

    Sup fam.. if i put "FASTLOAD - ON" my game freez few times if i play so i think better for "potato" PCs is much better when you have "FASTLOAD - OFF"
  4. Perfect video!! like others like 133-1# And i have question: Can you send me your config? Yes, I know is not essential, but please, if you could send it to me.
  5. cadetVAC

    Weekend Event & Giveaway!

    I love it !
  6. great video good skill +1
  7. cadetVAC

    Bug or Bad Aim ?

    look like bad move with mouse just.. not bad aim just bad luck
  8. cadetVAC

    6 frags in 30 seconds m107?

    good job! +1
  9. cadetVAC

    Killing those pesky Aliens. Here's how.

    useful guide! thanks buddy 🧡
  10. cadetVAC

    Clan Riot Shield application reopened

    Finally i got it
  11. cadetVAC

    Latest Montage <3

    cool montage +1
  12. cadetVAC

    ON / OFF

    Hello buds i need ask you about these "g_SprintKeepSens 0-1" What are you using or what is better for gameplay in PVP?
  13. cadetVAC


    +1 BIG UP! Jen už bohužel nemám kde stáhnout tuto verzi ale díky že jsi mi ukázal jak na to když vyjde nová verze co to bude podporovat!
  14. cadetVAC

    Patch 2.23

    HYPE!! i need that voodoo backpack :3