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  1. vipnut297

    GOSU Recruiting

    i'am rank 1 police
  2. vipnut297

    GOSU Recruiting

  3. vipnut297

    HIGH & Hungry [HIGH] opening its recruitment !

    Is the membership still available?
  4. vipnut297

    GOSU Recruiting First name: nut Age:18 Location:Thailand Timezone: Night In-game name(s): 1. INNOCENT 2.nutziizz 3.none 4.none 5.none Call me INNOCENT skill in PVP in NewZ 10 knowledge of NewZ 10 Global Inventory in NewZ 5 have AR 900+ have SNP 1000+ Play NEWZ 7-10 hours a day. Play newz to all now 63 days 6 hours 20 minutes Kill all 77,843 No friends in GOSU I recorded and edited the video.