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  1. How about Infinity Mauser SP66, FN Fal, L85, Custom and K.Style with Invisible Large Backpack?
  2. I'm looking for a skin collection that covers all of this gear in one color palette so I don't have to mix in match, I.E all Infinity, all Chrome, all Black, etc. Not half Infinity and half Hynx, etc. --- Custom Guerilla K.Style NVG Large Backpack Mauser SP66 FN Fal L85 Machete OR Shank OR Karambit Would like it to cover VSS Compact and a good close range rifle like QBZ or Masada as well, but not necessary.
  3. Zombie Barricades? DakotaZ? Zejx? Artemis Knives? Quarantine Chris? Gotembro?
  4. Thanks. I'm trying to get in touch with UFOMike, someone I recognize from OldZ, but he hasn't been on in a while. Pickings are slim right now, it seems. Clans that are recruiting want people that are fully skilled with max rep, so it's hard for me.
  5. Well, I think what I want to do then, given how many different Stanag weapons there are, is pick one weapon per ammo type to run with, and stock up on that weapon and the appropriate attachments for it. So the L85 is probably going to be my best pick for close and medium range combat, and maybe FN Fal and Mauser SP66 for long-range. All other weapons and ammo I'll trade specifically for these. Someone will probably tell me to use a Blaser instead of a Mauser, but I think Mauser is more reliable. It doesn't have as much bullet drop as a Blaser.
  6. A true Hardcore mode would mean one life. If you die, your character is dead forever.
  7. Still looking for a clan for both Open World and Survival. My GI is growing and my Open World character now has the Hardened skill. I have Premium as well.
  8. I thought NewZ completely eradicated the ESPers and aimbotters that were once rampant in Oldz...
  9. Could I see that chart? What's your opinion of the G36, as that one is my personal favorite, using Reflex Sight, Bullet Compensator, and Forward Grip. TAR would be my second choice. Four attachments? Does Rifle Laser improve gun stats too?
  10. Seriously? Asking what assault rifles are optimal so I know what to use and trade for is a stupid and unnecessary question? Jeez man, you were a newbie once too. I'm asking questions so I can learn.
  11. Tar and G36 are my preferred AR's, Sig would be my next choice, but I really have no idea how AR's perform in comparison to one another in NewZ. I can't seem to use a Forward Grip with the Tar either. Curious about how SMG's like the MP5 and MP7 perform in PvP too. I don't want to buy any weapon skins until I know which weapons I am going to favor in PvP.
  12. It's the only AR not listed on the wiki: https://infestationnewz.gamepedia.com/Trading_Prices It's also my preferred AR.
  13. Yeah, nevermind. Paypal converts it to dollars. Just got 5kGC. Thanks.
  14. 1. What is your In-Game-Name (IGN)? Open World: Lodesamoney Survival: Lodesamunny 2. How old are you? 30 years old (old as fuck) 3. Where are you from (Country)? United States (California) 4. Screenshot of ALL your characters Open World: Survival: 5. Please tell us, why would you like to join Team UFO? Recognized the name immediately from my time with GIA in OldZ, and how often you guys completely dominated us. I feel like the clan would be a good fit for me as it would be a community I'm somewhat familiar with. 6. How long have you been playing NewZ and how active can you be? I'm fairly new to NewZ, but I have quite a bit of time invested in OldZ and am active almost every day, usually mornings and/or evenings. 7. Have you been in previous clans? If so, please list the clans you have been in. NewZ: SLEC Reason for leaving: Too few members, no activity OldZ: Geezers in Arms I had to take a leave of absence from the game for family-related reasons, and unfortunately when I came back, GIA was gone and OldZ had shut down. 8. How did you hear about us? Had run-ins with you guys during my time in GIA. 9. Do you know anyone in the clan currently? If so, who? UFOMike (I was with Timelord when he sniped you in Boulder City a couple years back, we logged out immediately as we knew the hordes were descending upon us, lol) 10. Do you agree to follow NewZ and clan rules? (Please note failure to follow the rules will result in a kick from the clan. Once you are kicked, you will not be given another opportunity to join) Yes. 11. Can you speak English? Yes. 12. Final notes? I have PvP experience from OldZ, but I lack character skills or a sufficient GI at present and need to build up both. I play both Survival and Open World. Weapon preferences: G36, IMI-TAR 21, MP5, MP7, Mauser SP66, Reflex Sight, Silencer, Bullet Compensator, Forward Grip I'll be working on my skills/GI on premium servers in the mean time.
  15. Not in US Dollars like it shows in-game? Was going to buy 2400GC for $12, to cover 4 months of Premium.
  16. Just incase my reply didn't go through, I did get a confirmation email asking for my character names. Open World: Lodesamoney Survival: Lodesamunny
  17. I applied for the Open World division of SLEC, I didn't know you guys had a Survivor division too. I much prefer Survivor mode, so if you guys are still recruiting for the Survival branch, I'm interested. It'd be nice to have a clan to farm loot and experience with. Sounds like my exact playstyle, I tend to avoid players whenever I can and I don't attack them unless they attack me first. If they leave me alone, I leave them alone.
  18. Well, I'm trying to get into it, slowly building up a GI of basic gear by farming Smallville and Emerald Camp, but it has been very slow going. I'm barely over 1,000 experience so far from three evenings of farming. It'd go better if I could find a clan to roll with, but there don't seem to be any recruiting for Survival mode right now. =(
  19. I went ahead and applied via email foxhound3857. I have PvP experience in ISS Classic with my former clain Geezers In Arms (GIA). Mostly roamed around Whitestone and Campos in small groups. I'm comfortable with Boulder City and Clearview as well. I use code language to communicate with my team in PvP. For instance, if I say "Contact! North!", it means I've spotted an unknown, potentially hostile player to our north, from the maps perspective. I may say things like "I'm Down!" if I get killed and try to point out from where and what, or "Dropped him!" if I score the kill against a hostile (meaning I saw a Rep gain). I still need to grind experience and build up my GI, but it sounds like a pretty cool clan and it would be fun to roleplay and run a certain theme in PvP. I happen to like silencers too. Is there a list of what is considered SLEC gear (weapons, armor, etc)? My preferred weapons are G36, SIG556, IMI-TAR 21, MP5, MP7, Bizon, and Mauser SP66. My preferred attachments are Forward Grip, Silencer, and ACOG (for rifles) or Reflex Sight (for SMGs). Do you guys have a private server for grinding/looting by any chance?
  20. Radeon HD 5570 AMD Athlon 64 X2 5GB RAM I've actually found somewhat of a fix for the loading/framerate problems. I forced my game to run in dx9 mode, giving it smoother performance, and whenever I run the game I have Task Manager up in the background, which seems to solve the loading problem for whatever reason. Can't do much about bad internet though. Is there any fix to prevent the servers from booting me when my ping craps out?
  21. Hey Mike, do you or anyone know what happened to Timelord from Geezers in Arms in ISS Classic? I was still with GIA when he stepped down as a game dev, but I had to take a leave of absense for family-related reasons, and when I came back Classic had completely shut down and I lost contact with all my GIA buddies.
  22. On Potato settings I average about 25FPS, which is playable if a bit ugly, but that's not the problem. The problem is that, for whatever reason, sometimes the game just refuses to load outright. I'll try to hop into a server, the loading bar will absolutely crawl until about 25%, then stop completely and never budge. Other times it'll fill up all the way, then stop completely and just sit on the loading screen OR boot me back to the character screen, other times I'll get into the server and be booted 30 seconds later because of "unstable internet". How can I fix this? How can I ensure that the game will load properly every time I play, and how do I prevent the servers from auto-kicking me because of an unstable connection. I play on Wireless DSL so I have to be able to make it work.
  23. When trading snipers, weapons, meds, etc, why is it always in GD? Why does nobody trade for GC instead?
  24. I don't need fast farming, I just need a server where I don't have to worry about another player murdering me and jacking all of my loot. It has been my experience that, more often than not, I don't die to zombies, or lack of food/water or meds. I die to other players.
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