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  1. I took a 2 week hiatus from BR after my first post that teams in solo is rediculous; worst battle royale rulebook in the industry by far. Sounded like the mods were brainstorming so I had some hope coming back. I come back and its the exact same lmao. GC sales and new skins all day but fixing the game hellllll nahhhhhh waste of time.
  2. Thank you. I’d like to throw out there that having a mode labeled “battle royale” absolutely infers that it’s a solo experience. The information regarding allowing teaming should not only be explained to the forum community (where the casuals aren’t) and should be stated in the main menu. If I were to download newz, without being a warz junkie to begin with, just for the BR and I found out that the solo mode allowed teaming I would scoff and go back to fortnite. The standard battle royale is a solo experience unless blatantly stated otherwise. That’s my quick two sense for the team.
  3. Why encourage teaming? It’s meant to be played solo. The more people that agree with this the more the solo guys get screwed for playing the right way. Cheers
  4. Thanks, I’m glad the devs are on the same page. Y’all may have to lower the # of players requirement for the match to start since it will split the battle royale player base. Anything haha. For everyone else, I like your ideas. I’m definitely firm on their being two separate playlists.
  5. I can’t believe this is a thing. What type of battle royale encourages teaming in solos? You’d get banned so quick in fortnite for that. There’s gotta be a duos or squad playlist because this is totally rediculous.
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