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  1. New PVP map

    Add a new pvp map, like destroy from LSmmo og Noway from LSMOO/Zmmo would be fun! Or colorado v1 on official servers so we can pvp there.
  2. Colorado V1

    I was refering to PVP
  3. Colorado V1

    Add colorado V1 on official servers ? I think it would be a nostalgic feeling.
  4. Zombies

    Can you add more zombies on the different locations like it used to be, I feel like the amount of zombies aare so low...
  5. Loot is shit

    Why is the loot still shit and 0 zombies ? https://gyazo.com/8292b28923b55714c002e8391b8fd58b From 2 super zombies and other places from Norad and Death valley
  6. Zombies and loot

    I ment open world.....
  7. Zombies and loot

    yup on premium servers
  8. Loot - Survival

    Make the loot as it was before the patch Add zombies as it was before the patch same drop from zombies.
  9. Zombies and loot

    Like i just looted Norad and death valley and I didnt even fill a hunter backpack w decent weapons and earned maybe 10-40k GD, whats going on ? If your not adding more zombies and better loot its gonna drive allot of players off this game.
  10. Zombies

    Where is all the zombies? Like i need GD and the zombies on NATo and Norad is gone????