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  1. Guys, i tryed to logg on today and for the first time the game work. But wait, i go in a server for farm's in military Base.. Apprently more zombies and less loots than last time. Why are u forced to reduce the loots and added more zombie's ? Stop loose time for this details and make ur job abou tall others problems on ur game Others bugs, i'm followed by 2 super z and many zombie, i go up on a roof for be safe. But super Z can hit me even thought im in a 20m of them's Sometimes when i shot heads zombie they not die, they need 30 bullets to die (Normal zombie) Wtf dudddy u want a reasons to complains ? What is that for u ? For me you need to review all ur game because that's totally crazy.. I dont know how u create all this bugs but u need to take a competent team for repair all this shit. I leave the game because i dont like loose my time
  2. Loooool how u can do this developers really ? How u can make a update like that's ? THE NEW Z IS NOT A BETA GAME ! STOP TESTED EVERYTHING JUST STOP DOING SHIT and make a good job or all ur community will leave. 25 times i tryed to logged on game ! IMPOSSIBLE Just go work in macdonald
  3. Server shutdown, god guys stop with ur update"s, new antivirus, new somethings, just let us play 5 min without by forced to disconnect
  4. When i try to put some weps,gears on my global invantory, i have " CODE: 10 " Close the game and repair all guy's, that's not a game but a plateform of bugs
  5. Now i can come in the game but when i tryed to come in a server, im "Kick by FAC" lol
  6. Thanks for you answer, but men really how u want more players come on the game with all this problem's ? For succes to play we need to check all the forums and try to found the problem with our computer, fireware or others errors. You can just make a updater with "Start game" AND lets go play lol, like all normaly game's And i still can't play.
  7. You lost ur time to make a update with more bugs.. just try to call more players and make event without bugs that's will be good not need to create 50 maps and others weapons, just create a community and will be perfect
  8. Lol repair your server dude, everybody want play...
  9. Call your friends men, the game not need to reduced servers because not all want pvp, some ppls want just farm.
  10. Men's your server's are actually down apprently.. please before make update or somethings check if all work..
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