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  1. So I just wanted to say that the map is actually very well done so far and I am enjoying it. However, I wanted to correct you on a few things regarding the layout of "Oregon" as Tacoma / Olympia and Bellevue as well as CenturyLink field are all parts of Washington state (I live in Tacoma to be exact). I think your theme would be better suited with the title of the map being Washington to be quite honest lol. Portland is extremely far south of Olympia. Tacoma is north of Olympia, Centurylink Field is north of Tacoma located in Seattle, but west of Bellevue. Mercer Island is just northeast of Bellevue, and is basically the elitist (meaning in terms of money) area of Seattle/Bellevue. Also, north of Seattle there is a town called Shoreline. Yakima is east of everything lol (in the middle between eastern Washington ((Spokane)) and the Pacific Northwest). Another little fun fact, just a few minutes north of Tacoma is Federal Way, and north of that is SeaTac (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport) which would serve the airport area well. So far though, you guys have done an awesome job with intermixing WA and OR parts together. Loving it. However, the layout is cool and I'm definitely digging it. Well done so far, and I hope to see a lot more progress with a lot of abandoned buildings and factories etc.
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