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  1. hello, before the FPS did not work well, and yesterday I did not let myself into the servers and the macros program did not work for my friends, but now I have pretty good FPS and connection to the servers, but the problem that I have is with the program of the macro does not let me use it, I deleted it and I reinstalled it and nothing remains the same do not work help please, greetings
  2. I have the same problem as you, please help with that!
  3. hello good afternoon, I mean what is happening to me with the update, 1. the game is getting very bad gives me a few tremendous FPS lows, from 60 to 80 that the normal thing that works for me goes down to 20 even up to 7 or 8 and I do not understand, also as you have set the anticheto as the main update I can not use the macros with the program (X-MOUSER BOTTON) in the game does not let me ... could you fix that problem ?, a cordial greeting
  4. Hi, this thing that I have come to mention and has happened to me 2 times, this last one has annoyed me a lot !!!! ... this is what happened, I'm looting on the server of my clan in Europe and I had in my backpack more of 15 snipers, 1 extra adventure apart from the one I was carrying, 3 hunter, like 4 cars other than priests, AR, loaders, etc, well I'm going to death valley to kill the alien Z, I kill him after I get together with the car ZK, many zombies and when I'm having many together the pin goes up to 400 and the fps I get down to less than 20, when I had 60 fps and 70 of ping, I park the car and climb up high and see how the zombies they approach me, and the super zombies hit the air away from me and my life goes down and I die !!! I do not understand it, I give it back and it takes 3 years for the character to re-enter, when I finally manage to enter, I walk 2 steps and I get off the server, well third time I enter the zombies gathered and the car with the I met them, but the loot that cost me bullets and life to get disappeared and that angered me a lot !!, it means that I lost my time looting all that after losing it there is everything, I do the same in born and in the ridgeway and None of this happens to me, in death valley I have already passed 2 times I lose my fucking time in lootear and then lose everything that way ... if I keep going this I'm going to leave this game, because I waste my time that way I'm going better!, I hope they fix that and I hope they give me back all that because they are already 2 times I lose my time looteando !, good night!
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