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  1. i agree with that and disagree. Agree part: YOu should check the list. Disagree part: You'll only trade with ppl on the list?
  2. COMBO

    Loot - Survival

    it would be so cool, this: RPG-7V2
  3. Rep its like a goal, when you reach bandit, for example, you want do reach next one....and so on! this estimulate players to play more and more, cuz its a objective!
  4. @Sven OMG THANK YOU!
  5. Nice video! BTW those straight shots
  6. Survival is just way better option because there is actual challenge here. THIS My suggestion: 1. Can apply Skins in GI. 2. Ability to stack items for trade purposes (like MTV, IBA, Customs..) items that normally we cant stack on backpack. The amount of weight should be considered. ex: last week i trade it 200 mtv for 200 ibas.... was a pain in the ass to transfer all that.
  7. I agree with @SurZeus , we need to rework rep table, its should more easier to get those ranks.
  8. I think Survival should have its own currency OR in trade "mode" we could have access to GD from OW. This way the scamm would decrease
  9. @miranda its out his mind , no jokes! Colorado V2 (surv) IS so different from Colorado V2 (OW), OMG!
  10. You call this unfair, i call unfair you spawn with other another 3 ppl
  11. Exchange system is a good idea, but dont know anyone who is using it
  12. i think it should put this on azap
  13. That's why i told you i misunderstood.
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