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  1. I would like Colorado V1 as the main map please although it needs some optimizations.
  2. I really must point out that some of us have really bad internet connection only there only usually one provider in our area when comes in players in the us. Not only that but some providers throttle our internet. Also If you limit players ping below 200-250 they will not be able to play the game. Anything above 300 is bad for any game. As for your statement having a 50GB/s up and down stream you would have no issues connecting anywhere in the world or too the moon for example. Unless you are the ceo of a very huge internet provider company or hosting company please do not make those claims unless you can back that up. The fastest residential internet I have ever heard of was was from a ceo son that gave his mother 40 gbps speeds. I'm sorry even most rich people can't afford that internet. Now I know this is off topic but I really had to catch this guy on a lie.
  3. Great job guys keep up the good work. This will surely bring back the player base if done right. I'm glad you are addressing the crashes and instability. All though I do have a question about the very bugged vehicles what do you guy's have planned for that if at all?
  4. Yeah, I'd definitely leave if you wiped everything or anything at all. I have to agree that you lose a large player base. I'm glad you're deciding not to wipe anything again As for the survival servers, I think you should increase the loot a little and the exp it's not rewarding enough and kinda boring as a result. There is a very annoying bug if walk over a sidewalk you have to jump over it. I think if you fix bugs like this it will bring back the player base. I see a lot of players complaining in reviews on steam about the bugs and crashes. Lastly 200-250 ping would be sufficient amount to limit ping wise. Anything over 300 would be bad.
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