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  1. Here's is my question how are they going to prevent macro's on fac because a anti cheat developer would have a really hard time detecting something like that. Also there is a rule on it but could be explained better sounds like it's allowed to some degree and not sure if outright banned. http://prntscr.com/oengx4
  2. I am really loving the new update thank you very much for keeping the game updated. Also can't wait to get a hold of the new armor!
  3. I disagree with your statement I think it's fine the way it is and just right amount. Otherwise the game feel barren and if you plan on playing on pvp servers you can use them for cover and such. Also most games have there paying players test beta content before free to play for many reasons one being PR, two entices players to spend money for beta content you gotta realize this game cost a lot to run, three paying players are more willing to invest in feedback of the game and provide more accurate info. Lastly many paying users are feeling there not getting there money's worth so there addressing that.
  4. No it requires more work then that and I don't expect to poof it's added kinda thing. I'm a developer so I know what your getting at.
  5. I am really excited for this update to come and I really like the idea of automatic global inventory organization feature @JKS mentioned above.
  6. Thank you very much for updating the game like you said it needed a update for the longest time! I really liking the poll system too. Although I think there should be some sort of system to prevent voting abuse for example players creating new accounts to change the poll results and some sort of understanding of the game before they can vote maybe like at least 6 hours of game play.
  7. I really appreciate the tips here I will put this information to good use
  8. Thanks for this post it really helped me out a lot.
  9. This is very much appreciated and hella excited for this event and for the new patch to come out. Have a fantastic day!!!
  10. The money would come in even further if they allowed pve at least on the premium servers and starting fixing stuff that would bring a huge amount of playerbase back for a dying game and players would feel like they got there money’s worth and keep subscribing.
  11. I have a pve private server but it's only rented to 1 person for a entire month and trying to get the last perk in-game before I even open it up. The cost is ridiculous and this is only a one times purchase for me. I would love to see pve servers in this game but sadly the developers don't care enough about there players to make that happen let's just add more skins that will make players happy... When the 1 month thing it over I will invite you.
  12. In honestly the players don't want to see more skins they want to see more content and bug fixes even if it's small bug fixes every now and then we like to see them way more often. Not only that but most of the skins are terrible looking and doesn't want to make me buy them. I like the idea of trying to mix things up and I totally get it's getting harder and harder to do so but if you want to keep the players I suggest you guys do that. Also I can agree on what @DNI_Adrian says about some sort of rotation that makes sure that events have aspects that involve all.
  13. There is no regular open world pve servers except for private servers which cost a ton of money or are either full most of time. Not only that but I have experienced players killing you constantly on the pvp premium servers due to the premium loot and such. Stating that the pve servers are empty most of the times is 100% entirely wrong and would bring many players back to the game. It doesn't have to be just premium servers though. I am just saying that because the developers are greedy and giving them incentive to add them because it adds profit for them that and vehicles are only enabled on premium and private servers. Here another idea how about make most of the premium servers pve instead.
  14. I think this is one of the worst weekend events I've seen in all honesty. Although I guess it's a way to get streamers to be on more and make some extra cash from super zombies including bringing more players on the survival server on the bright side at least so thanks for weekend event.
  15. No worries I was just joking forgot to put hehe at the end.
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