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  1. Kenn

    Sir sven how can i fix this error of fredaikis anti-cheat is says error to download game reply assup i need ur help sir 

  2. Kenn

    Weekend Event!

    Sir how can i fix this error when i play new z thefredaikis anti-cheats is error
  3. Kenn

    Patch 2.27

    The training area is very useful to upcoming newbie so they know the concept of the game
  4. Kenn

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    Its ok but u should improve the clanlimit option
  5. Kenn

    Server Restart - 10/09

    sir we cant play the game because of anti cheat our FPS down to 5
  6. after i restart steam nothing happen the game dont start and keep asking for update help me sir !!! Sorry for bordering u sir
  7. Kenn

    Weekend Event! (+ Giveaway)