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  1. Weekend Event! (+ Giveaway)

    So good that we have new events every weekend keeps it interesting
  2. Server Restart

    Thanks Sven hopefully It is safe to use cars again
  3. DevBlog - Weapons Rework

    I will add to the Car issue complaint and that's the view how the hell are you supposed to see where your going when the camera is on the floor behind the vehicle ? even moving to the side you cant see ahead because your on the floor can we go back to a camera view from about 1 metre above the back quarter of the vehicle go up hill and down hill and along the flat? and finally why do most of the vehicles roll over on their side when you corner ?
  4. Cinematics #2

    Lens flare what is this 1980 ? No seriously the still pictures are really good enough only one question Sven what graphics level is the image capture not Ultra I'm guessing as you don't feel the quality potential in the image. As for cinematic effect just use in game footage it looks better IMO and encourages you to visit the locations unlike a still picture.
  5. An Essay on the state of the game

    Speaking from my own experience what really impressed me with the game was the Newbie servers where I learned to play the game in a relatively safe environment No Super Zombies and Very few Pro players lurking around. There must be a way to prevent "Pro" players creating a new account by linking the game to the PC hardware HDD like Microsoft do or the Mac address of the Modem yes I know that can be spoofed but people like that are always going to "Cheat" just to be top dog in their tiny little world. I like a lot of what your talking about Launch, I personally only team up when I have to just to defend against a predatory Super Player who seems to know exactly what building your in like a magic homing pigeon. I enjoy looting and do all of it in Open World just for the terror of being surprised by another looter and the opportunity for the occasional Airdrop although I don't bother with them most of the time you nearly always get better kit from Alien Supers. I would like to see Learner Servers brought back to encourage new players and a Tutorial Learner level where each aspect is taught ie the Controls, Weapon handling, Global inventory, Backpack Inventory, killing a Zombie, Killing a Super Zombie, Climbing jumping etc This would need a bit of time to put together but I imagine their are enough of us VETS capable of helping out. Oh and as for PVE it "rocks" great for solo players who just want to test themselves against the Zombies and not other players also where the "Surviving hackers" cant hurt them, as my friend CampersRUs likes to say Have a Nice Day!
  6. Server Status Update

    Any more news Sven as I'm still have disconnect issues, especially on New Map where the problem is much worse, on their I sometimes cant even finish connecting during the loading in process, I ended up trapped at Newport for hours because every time I got to the Bus stop the game froze and disconnected me. In Colorado open world it happens when ever I jump between my inventory to unload weapons or when another player joins the game. And if anyone starts using a car near me my frame rate just crashes down from 130 fps to 0 fps and then I get the reconnecting message. Is it possible that the load on the game Engine has reached peak and it's just down to interrupted data flows ? As to much is happening with in the environment. Or is it like the old Punk-buster days when the security was so over tight every interaction caused it to hiccup ? You guys have added or changed something that dynamically alters the server response times and thats where I would be looking for the problem. Just a thought I know you guys work very hard to bring more content and develop the game I expect your already reviewing what I just said before but as they say sometimes it is hard to see the Wood from the trees. Have a great Day guys and good luck.
  7. Hunter Back Pack

    Hi guys just to give you a heads up Hunter Packs today 16/06/2018 are dropping in Valentine Skin, Plus the Zombies seemed to have turned into Gas Stations as they are dropping loads of Gasoline which is quiet handy as I have been building my stock up but this may be an unintended error so just letting you know Have a nice day!
  8. Please for EX-MILITARY character .PLEASE.

    A man after my own heart really wish they could add black face camo to face and gloves to character hand as well so can be almost invisible in shadows.
  9. Oregon - The New Map

    Don't know where I should report this reference new Map location NEWPORT you can't walk on top of the fences beside the Guard towers you just drop through the middle of the fence they work fine as a face on barrier.
  10. Patch 2.18 (Part 2)

    Thank you guys really appreciate this so Yeah here we go..............
  11. DevBlog - Oregon (New Map)

    Yea New Map Hype!
  12. Server Hotfix

    So looking forward to the new Map Svena especially if the other problems are also fixed
  13. Server Restart

    Well lets hope this will solve all the issues
  14. Random Server Restart

    Is this going to be a regular feature ? Just been playing on EU premium 1 and suddenly got the waiting to reconnect message then dumped from server in menu screen when i tried to access my inventory it told me I was still "In Game try later" Loaded back into server all my Alien Zombie loot gone and all the Zombies back and surrounding me. Needless to say I died before I could clear the horde, I take it you haven't managed to solve the issue surrounding this yet should I wait for the next HOT fix before continuing to try and play ?
  15. DevBlog - Oregon (New Map)

    I have a suggestion for the new Map: How about a really dense tropical Jungle area so snipers would be unable to operate effectively due to the masses of trees and vegetation preventing them seeing other players until they were right on top of them. Have an Aztec/Mayan temple set up and small villages along a Jungle stream stream/river have unique extremely rare loot in the temple, and for survival you could have major diseases from the Jungle itself so limiting peoples time without meds in the area . Also make the respawns far outside of the Jungle 2k away so players can never camp it and will always have to trek back in to get the Loot instead of jumping from server to server grabbing everything.