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  1. NewZ in 2018 #2

    I left my two cents ^ Most of your points have actually been taken really seriously this patch, as many of these things have been mentioned by various people.
  2. NewZ in 2018

    Well this is something completely different :), you see you missed the most important keywords: "behind a shield". I will make sure this is less of a issue for the next patch. //Fred
  3. NewZ in 2018

    So you have a couple of points here, I do have some comments on most of them: - People are still right/left peeking We have fixed this left/right/bottom/side/roof/door/up/down peak a million times. There is always some toxic player who figures out a new way of abusing this. - 3 regions are empty (OPEN WORLD) I can see that, only way to fix that is to have people play in them. I can't do anything about that. - Players with higher ping having great advance in pvp Last patch, i personally tried playing with a VPN to test our new improvements, and I definitely had a disadvantage. - Fog ruining pvp expirience I don't understand what you mean, can you post a pic? - UNOPTIMISATION We haven't touched anything that could decrease fps, unless its a map-related setting, which I don't handle. Next patch there will be FAC 2.0 most likely, that will give players a lot better CPU usage. - SKINS? You really should contact Sven & Silenterror about this, I can barely use photoshop -Implementing new items Do people even like this lol? like i mean, in my opinion a new weapon is not worth the effort, maybe im wrong, im not really a player.... -Garbage in item boxes Got a example of before / after? As you can see, I personally don't really know what to do about all these points. Perhaps coming up with suggestions would be nice.
  4. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #3)

    We don't have enough time to focus on survival at the moment Lets hope after the next patch we can dedicate some time to it!
  5. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #2)

    Well, you can't just call me off without knowing anything. If you knew how many hours of testing was put into this patch, you would understand my frustration when reading what you wrote.
  6. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #2)

    We listen to every feedback. You see, here is the issue, we receive 2-3 reports from survival, over hundreds for Open World. What do you think we will do? I agree we should find a better way of gathering feedback. This patch did affect everybody, yes, but only if you are a very very fast trigger finger, faster than most macros, in which case, it shouldn't be like that from the first place, if you shoot at the same speed as spraying your weapon, you should have exactly the same spread. Another thing you guys don't know, is I spend over 50 hours a week just with NewZ, and we don't have time to focus on more than 1 game-mode at a time, it will soon be survivals turn, just accept that we are a team of like 3 people who work on the development side. Maybe you know of a better way of getting feedback by the way, if so, I'm happy to hear it.
  7. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #2)

    Wrong and Wrong.
  8. PVP Server

    We increased them
  9. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #2)

    You did, check your inventory, we gave everybody their lockers and contents back.
  10. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #2)

    That is not true. We want to add base building and more stuff to survival, but its the smallest gamemode. If we dont patch Open World and Battle royale content, 90% of the players would leave, and then there is no money to even pay survival, so I really don't see why such a big deal. Plus the weapon changes, only affected people who used macros. Asked a lot of players that i know are good, and legit, and they didn't notice anything.
  11. Patch 2.17

    Great ideas, all of them Will for sure have them done for the nextnrestart/patch
  12. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix)

    This should get fixed with the restart yes. If it keeps happening, let us know on a ticket ! Thanks everybody for making this fix possible, it was a lot of hours, but we got there #hype!
  13. 2nd clip being back (MrSpartanCorz)

  14. skins unknown

    The memes are stronk with this one.