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  1. Fred

    Important Things for NewZ 2019

    We will open up some doors for beta testers / partners when time is due!
  2. Fred

    Important Things for NewZ 2019

    We already have a discord server, perhaps a new channel in there would work.
  3. Fred

    Important Things for NewZ 2019

    Thanks for your effort, we will for sure take your feedback into consideration! As for Nether, it's a different team working on it, so don't worry about that.
  4. Fred

    FacLoader - Crash.

    Hello, try adding FacLoader.exe to the firewall manually. If this doesn't work, please send a ticket asking to see me, then id gladly help you over a team viewer session
  5. Fred

    Patch 2.22

    It will start rolling out anytime now.
  6. Fred

    Clan Points - Buff Idea Feedback

    We could make it so the headshots ignore the shield maybe
  7. Hello Guys So here is a little idea i'd like to discuss with people: You are probably all aware of the Clan Territory System, so right now, there is not really any point to owning many clan points, except for the thrill of fighting or just to be at the top of the leaderboards. We talked in the latest devblog about adding some kind of "buff" while you are in your territory, and what makes sense, is that when you are "at home", that you're safer, so our first idea was to give a little health regeneration, but because everybody has so many meds, it really doesn't make up for the hassle of keeping the point alive, so I came up with this idea: Its basically a little shield, in this case, of 20 HP to be exact. Any damage taken will first take on the shield. So in this example i have 100% hp, plus a 20% shield. If someone deals 25 % damage to me, I will end with 95%, pretty straight-forward. So the main idea is, if you are in a Clan Territory of your current clan, then if you haven't taken any damage for 10 seconds, you will start generating a little shield slowly, to a max or 10 or 20, or something along these lines. This system can be really nice, especially if farming, and you take a hit of a zombie or something, then you won't necessarily be forced to med (heal), also in PVP, this could be a game-changer, as it could possibly save you (Sniper head-shots will still 1-hit!) if you're lucky enough. This is just my idea, really just thought i'd run it through here before, I'm not sure everybody will like this, and if you don't, perhaps you have a better idea instead. XP / GD are kind out of the picture, people already have too much of both //Fred
  8. Fred

    Teleporting after exiting cars has become lethal

    I apologize for this, I literally just found out that a big mistake was done in the code. Next restart this should be fixed //Fred
  9. Fred

    Patch 2.19 (Hotfix)

    I am not too sure about that, but the amount of zombies was the problem
  10. Fred


    All feedback regarding the performance of the game here. (FPS / Ping / Loading Times / Stability / Crashes) When posting here keep in mind the following: Follow the feedback form. Please answer all the questions. Please give us feedback PER patch. If you have feedback about an issue, please give us time to process it and patch. Please comment feedback by answering the following questions:
  11. Fred

    Patch 2.19 (Hotfix)

    Issue fixed. Servers will be open to players anytime!