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  1. What do you mean?
  2. Fred

    Viking Week Event

    Can't wait!
  3. 1. There is the possibility to change the start items that you get the first time you login to the server, this feature is going to get added to the NetherServerLauncher next time we push a update on this. 2. No, 0 will disable it, what you can do is put it on 1 dollar, which is almost free. 3. No 4. Most of them are for internal use, just keeping a record of what "versions" or other counters, nothing you can really use, but there is one: ... "GiftItems": [], //These are the starting items ... And no, there is no public reference at the moment on items, but hopefully we can get the next ServerLauncher in the next nether update, if so, you will have a list of items with their names you can add to the starting list, and change the store price, etc
  4. Many of your suggestions are very promising. We will take these points into account for future development, thank you!
  5. I mean, moving the assets,animations and map would be a piece of cake, But it still will take a while. I will check with my team, but you know this would halt the development foe a couple months..
  6. Could you elaborate this, maybe with a video so we can test and fix?
  7. Fred


    For the next update we made the turning keys re-bindable so they won't conflict with your new settings :)!
  8. I can confirm that his is fixed for the next hotfix!
  9. Fred

    Movement bug

    How did you reproduce this? Does this happen in the BETA client?
  10. Fred

    Sprint bug

    This has already been addressed in the current build.
  11. Nasty one, fixed: https://i.gyazo.com/b89977c89ab2d5d449663432bd4770df.mp4
  12. Fred

    Crawling problem

    Have you been able to do it in TUC?
  13. Have you been able to reproduce it in the TUC client?
  14. This was fixed recently
  15. Fred

    Perma Glider Bug

    Glider was reworked in TUC, this is no longer possible
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