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    Dear Community, Hopefully this patch comes a bit sooner than expected. We have worked hard for this and Fred even made a video previewing some of the stuff that's coming in Patch 2.35. We are overall very happy with the end result and definitively aim to keep this going. Please let us know as much further feedback as possible so that we can use that for future patches! Now, before we jump into the patch notes we highly recommend to check out the dev blog video about this patch: Now, Let's jump into the patch notes. Base Building BETA Servers: As some of you might have heared or seen already is that we have been working on a base building system. This is something we plan on releasing very soon in New Z and at this moment we are mostly going to focus on stress testing and gathering final feedback from players. To allow us to do this we have set up so called "Base Building BETA Servers" where any player can join and build. There is a load-out that includes all the building materials and to spice it up a little players have weapons to kill each other with. Overall these servers are completely pointless as stats don't count. Note: these BETA servers will be in the premium servers section of Open World. Overall Updates: GENERAL: The Viking themed menu music has been disabled. The normal original menu music is now back. Removed all further Viking related content from the game. Items and skins remain and players can keep those for ever but content such as the secret spots on the maps have been removed. Added more reputation ranks to the game: For the bad side: -2.250.000 - Maniac -2.500.000 - Arsonist -2.750.000 - Bloodthirsty -3.000.000 - Butcher -3.250.000 - Torturer -3.500.000 - Slaughterer -3.750.000 - Executor -4.000.000 - Exterminator -4.250.000 - Kingslayer -4.500.000 - Warbringer -4.750.000 - Man o' War -5.000.000 - Tyrant For the good side: 1.250.000 - Apostle 1.500.000 - Clergyman 1.750.000 - Cleric 2.000.000 - Zealot 2.250.000 - Templar 2.500.000 - Archpaladin 2.750.000 - Knight Watcher 3.000.000 - Protector 3.250.000 - Emir 3.500.000 - Vizier 3.750.000 - Sheikh 4.000.000 - Lord 4.250.000 - Duke 4.500.000 - Prince Heir 4.750.000 - Emperor 5.000.000 - Inquisitor Fixed a melee animation bug. Fixed a bug causing the bus system cool down not to show on the interact UI some times. Fixed a bug causing medical items to not "consume" sometimes and just disappear. Riot shields and other barricades / building objects now use the correct material settings. This means that when shooting a wooden barricade you will hear wooden impact sounds and when shooting a metal object you will hear metal sounds. VEHICLES: Player model is now visible again in the Buggy. Player model is now visible again in the Police Dragster. Player model is now visible again in the Sheriff Dragster. CLAN TERRITORIES: The clan territory system has gotten a major rework. We have changed and added a lot of features to the system. The following is changed / added: We have buffed the shield clan members get when being inside a claimed area from 10 to 20%. Once again we'd like to make clear that this shield does not apply to head shot damage. Clan contest points (the flags) now have health. This varies between 5.000 and 10.000 health points. The health needs to be taken down by damaging the contest point. Once the health reaches 0 contesting can start. Contest points can regenerate back to their full health over time and will if no contests or damages the point for some time. Clan contest points now have their own perks. Each point is unique and can have a different perk. Perks are also indicated on the minimap. The following perks have been added: Decreased zombie trigger radius. Experience boost. Game dollar boost. Increased effectiveness of healing items. Less revive time if a clan member died inside the clan territory. Decreased damage from zombies. The ability to regenerate health over time. Decreased pick-up timer for items. More health on placed shields and barricades. Advanced movements: high jump and a bit faster movement. Decreased crafting time. (only for Survival) Please keep in mind that these perks only apply to clan members of the clan that has the clan point contested. Please keep in mind that each clan contest point only has one of the mentioned perks. We have also added a visual indicator for the clan territory in the minimap. You can see the territory of that point when hovering on the point in the in-game minimap. (Also the active perk shows in the minimap as mentioned before.) Added a respawn option for clan members to respawn in the clan territory their clan owns. If you die, and you are in a clan that owns a clan point in the map, you'll have the option to spawn there. Added a system that allows players to teleport / travel between clan contest points. This is only for Open World. If a clan owns two contest points clan members can go to one of them, hold e, and select what other contest point they'd like to travel to. There is a five minute cool down on this. CHARACTERS: Updated the burned zombie rig to fix this rag-doll issue: https://prnt.sc/o2k0cg Item & Skin Updates: FIXES: Fixed the Custom Guerilla Fallen Angel skin. Removed the red "dots" from the mesh. This to make it look like it originally looked before the rig update. Fixed the material settings for the Autumn 2018 Skinbox. It was using the incorrect bump and specular map textures. Fixed the material settings for the Fun Edition Skinbox. It was using the incorrect bump and specular map textures. Also improved the diffuse texture.' Fixed the iron sight of the AK-15. The original default iron sight is now properly aligned and the weapon now shoots correctly where you aim. ADDITIONS: Added a new sub machine gun called: "Thompson MK-2". This weapon is a modernized variant of the original "Thompson" weapon. It's a machine gun and has base stats similar to those of the Honey Badger. It's not silenced and has custom brand new shooting sounds. We will explain in each separate game-mode update where / if the weapon is released in that game-mode. Here is a preview of the icon: CHANGES: Changed the name of the Autumn Skinbox to Autumn 2017 Skinbox. Changed the name of the Battle Royale Skinbox to Battle Royale Skinbox XVIII. Changed the name of the Christmas Skinbox to Christmas 2017 Skinbox. Changed the name of the Halloween Skinbox to Halloween 2017 Skinbox. Changed the name of the Valentine Skinbox to Valentine 2018 Skinbox. Changed the name of the Winter Skinbox to Winter 2017 Skinbox. Changed the name of the Boonie Cover to Boonie Hat. We have also fixed the names to boonie hats for all the other ones. Changed the spread of the B92 from 1.8 to 1.5. The Viking Box has been renamed to Viking Box 2019. The Viking Box 2019 is now legacy. Store icon has been updated. REWORKS: Reworked the store icon of the Alien Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Autumn 2017 Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Autumn 2018 Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Battle Royale XVIII Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Battle Royale XIX Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Black Night Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Blue Limited Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Chrome Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Clan Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Camo Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Christmas 2017 Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Christmas 2018 Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Destruction Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Dragon Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Dreadnought Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Elite Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Epic Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Green Limited Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Halloween 2017 Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Halloween 2018 Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Hynx Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Yellow Limited Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Fun Edition Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Mystery Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Gold Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Infinity Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Killer Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Jedi Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Indigo Limited Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Nemesis Limited Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Orange Limited Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Odyssey Limited Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Purple Limited Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Prime Limited Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Premium Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Red Limited Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Rage Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Ragnis limited Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Revolution Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Skully Pink Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Spray Box. Reworked the store icon of the Survival Case. Reworked the store icon of the Solari Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Modern Black Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Twitch Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Valentine 2018 Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Valentine 2019 Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Viking Box. Reworked the store icon of the Unit Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Vindicator Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Winter 2017 Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the Winter 2018 Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the World Skinbox. Reworked the store icon of the M107. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Alien. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Blood Gulch. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Blueprint. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Chrome. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Pyrite. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Halloween. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Hynx. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Hyper Monster. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Killer Whale. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 MLG. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Modern Black. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Red Death. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Samurai. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Solari. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Sub Zero. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Valentine. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Valkyrie. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Winter. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the M107 Christmas. Also updated the recipe store icon. Reworked the store icon of the Wooden Shield. Reworked the store icon of the Bandages. Reworked the store icon of the Bandages DX. Reworked the store icon of the Bandages TV. Reworked the store icon of the Antibiotics. Reworked the store icon of the Painkillers. Reworked the store icon of the Medkit. Survival Updates: GENERAL: Clan territory system rework is live in Survival. (Just a reminder) However, the Survival variant has some features disabled. Vehicle spawns have been enabled again in this game-mode in the Official Servers. Item load-outs are now enabled in Survival. Players can use the load-out feature now just like as in Open World. Added a 20 XP reward for killing players. Players can no longer get infected by zombies when they still have spawn protection. Added a one minute cool down for locker usage. This is only on Official servers and done to prevent the "locker camping" some players do. Increased the "server hop" cool down from 2 to 6 hours to prevent players from ghosting. LOOT: The Thompson MK-2 is now released in Survival. This weapon has a relative rare chance but is not too rare. It can be found at any military location and also drops from normal and alien super zombies. COLORADO V2 (Survival): Max vehicle spawns are limited to 6 each time means it will only spawn this amount at the same time. Added more Clan-Territories all over the world. COLORADO V1 (Survival): Fixed the glitched ambient sound in Campos City near the 5-story. Added more ladders to buildings and the bridge in Campos City. Added more Clan-Territories all over the world. Max vehicle spawns are limited to 5 each time means it will only spawn this amount at the same time. Removed the hills between Rocky Ford and the Safe Zone. Now this area is a bit flatter. Lowered the volume of the global ambient sound. Open World Updates: GENERAL: Clan territory system rework is live in Open World. (Just a reminder) LOOT: The Thompson MK-2 is now released in Open World. This weapon has a relative rare chance but is not too rare. It can be found at any military location and also drops from normal and alien super zombies. This weapon is also inside the Epic Tactical Weapon Crate. COLORADO V2 (Open World): Added more Clan-Territories all over the world. COLORADO V1 (Open World): Added more Clan-Territories all over the world. Battle Royale Updates: GENERAL: The revive system has been added. When players die, if playing in a group, their team members have the option to revive the dead team mate. This revive "hold e" timer is relatively long so can't be done in a quick fight. Players would also have to completely stand still while reviving. Further information is shown in the dev blog #7 video. Competitive Updates: GENERAL: The game-dollar reward players get in the end of a Competitive game is now also based on the amount of kills you got during that game. Just like how it is in the Battle Royale game-mode as well. Competitive characters now have the rank / leaderboards skins enabled. This means if you are for example rank 1 wins on the Competitive leaderboard, you will have the rank 1 skin option in Competitive games. Fixed a bug causing the shooting sound to keep playing when the Competitive match ended. Every player in Competitive now has a full skill tree on default. Fixed a crash related to the Competitive server. Estimated patch size: 150-200 mb. Patch ETA: Patch is expected to roll out some where today. We are still testing and fixing some minor stuff. Estimated downtime: Downtime will be as little as possible but expect around 30 minutes. Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix / add something. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers! For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at http://playnewz.com/feedback To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Best Regards, // Fredaikis
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    This is my mega base, roughly 6000 building materials placed I was clicking 3 clicks per so thats 18,000 clicks. I was bored as fk... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1777308582 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1777308582 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1777308154 4hrs of pain, Gotz2Poo
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    Maybe I shouldn't write this but I want to share it any ways. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS JUST PERSONAL IDEAS AND OPINIONS!!!! Have thought about this. To be really honest the whole Survival // Open World separation is just a result of decisions on top of decisions where we never really looked at the "bigger picture" from the start. Initially the best would be to have all the game modes gone, just let New Z be New Z, like survival and infestation. Rare loot etc. Perhaps put the Battle Royale as a separate game. Same for Competitive. Wipe New Z. Make a 2.0. New start. Done. Just ideas and opinions.
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    This bug is known and also already fixed for the upcoming patch.
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    Who's excited for upcoming patch? Fred has made an exciting dev blog video previewing some of the new stuff including: Base building, a revive system, major clan contest points improvements and more! Watch the video here: More information about everything will be published on the upcoming patch notes of patch 2.35. // Fredaikis
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    Dear Community, We are going to roll out a small patch to implement bug fixes and our new Mission system. We added a new mission system, and a couple of missions to go with it. Missions will bring something new to do in the game, as well as aid the level-up of your characters. More missions will come soon... Added a HUD icon for anti-nether devices needing repair. Switching between weapons is now slightly faster (less animation time). When switching to a melee weapon only: You can instantly cancel the switch animation to use the melee to block or attack, this should make gameplay feel smoother. You can now switch between weapon slots while sprinting. Added the weapon icon to the HUD on top of the ammo. More fixing has been done regarding the melee hitbox tracing system for nethers, should be considerably better and more consistent. Updated all languages. Fixed some objects and vehicle where your character would get an animation glitch while walking against it. Fixed some flying objects at the Lakeside SafeZone. Fixed an interact place inside the church in Bridgeport where the text had some little mistakes. Fixed a problem where you could not interact with the NPCs at the Tower Outpost Note: Patch notes might be changed if we need to fix or add something. The patch will roll out any moment from now. We are still testing some last things so there is no current ETA on when exactly we will update. Keep an eye out on our social media channels and we'll make sure to let you know! In case you are inside a server while we patch, servers will initiate a shutdown sequence and will notify all the players with a countdown that the server is going down. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers! Need support? Discord: https://discord.gg/nethertuc <- PM the "Nether Support" bot on the right for support. Website: http://support.fredaikis.com/ <- Create a ticket there under the "Nether: The Untold Chapter" section. E-mail: [email protected] <- We will help you from there. Feedback? We highly recommend to join us on our forums at http://forums.fredaikis.com/. Just create an account (scroll a bit down on the home page) and you'll find the Nether: The Untold Chapter section. There is all the room for you to create threads about your ideas or to report any issues. You could also share them through social media however it's best for us if you'd use the forums for this. Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NetherTUC/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetherTUC Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1010270/Nether_The_Untold_Chapter/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Zm3hpBB YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5HV4MZx9yq53vogFrrPQwA/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/NetherTUC/ Website: https://nethertuc.com/ Wiki: https://nether.gamepedia.com/Nether:_The_Untold_Chapter_Wiki Best Regards, // Fredaikis
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    4 long hours but first few hours was getting used to the build mechanics.
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    I like this idea. I think that if zombie dogs are added, that they should run faster than zombies, and faster than players. This would make players have to actually think of an escape plan simply because you can't outrun the dogs. No mere spray and pray either, it would make players actually have to use logic and tactics to escape being eaten by zombie dogs. Make them have a coyote mentality ie: if a dog spots a human it would howl and alert the pack, next thing you know you could be chased by a legion of zombie dogs. This sounds FUN!
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    I have a suggestion for an upcoming patch. Since we are playing in a post apocalyptic world, Why not add some zombified animals? Dogs, cats, deer, horses, rats etc. I know it would take some work but I think it would be a really cool addition to the game. As a side suggestion, any animal that is killed could give meat as a reward, along with the XP and GD. I don't think it would be necessary to have them drop the usual loot. ie: weapons, ammo, armor, healing items. Just meat, XP and GD would be sufficient. What do you think? Have a Nice Day!!!
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    Hey if you guys get the time can you fix the Mosin–Nagant. Let me explain what I mean by fix, first of all you have it where you can only equip a sniper silence to the rifle but when I go to equip a different sniper scope you have it where only a compact scope works why is this. If the rifle is not listed as a ar or smg and uses a sniper silence then it should be labeled as a sniper. Please don't give me it a dmr. I know you have it listed as a dmr but then if your going to run it as a dmr then a normal silence should be used on the rifle and not a sniper silence. You need to decide what it really is an dmr that can only us ar attachments or a dmr that can only use sniper attachemnts. Most people us the Mosin as a sniper rifle so can you please set it like one.
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    Hi everyone, I'd just like to let you all know we have just released our new official trailer for Nether. We weren't really happy with the old one so we've decided to make a different and better one. Hope you guys like it! Make sure to like it and share it with your friends! The trailer is also live on our Steam page and other social media. Best regards, // Fredaikis
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    Many many years have passed since the holocaust, the harms are already rusted, the bullets are finished, the food is broken and very scarce, the only possible option is to create our weapons and food. Let the survivor mode be renamed to classic mode. And that the new survival mode is more realistic and complicated. That the zombies really give fear and are more dangerous and lethal. Fast zombies with a keen sense of hearing, and to shoot a firearm is very dangerous. The food is very scarce. No group or clan markers. With history, missions and challenges. That shelters can be built. Very rare heavy weapons. The skills are quickly completed but lost when they die. There will always be bad people in this new world but they will have it very difficult under these terrible conditions. Another point I would like to make is that both the OPEN WORLD mode and the SURVIVOR mode have an open mode so renaming OPEN WORLD by ARCADE would be a more appropriate name.
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    @Sven youre very very right in your statement! My last post was more my direct reaction to JKS as some push to change the dynamics of this game further and further from PVE , On the plus side with this at least we can maybe "mine" and get rid of rock piles or " cut " trees growing in the road ourselves LOL. ( Sorry just had to tease you guys on that one I could resist. If I didn't think it up and joke with you, @CampersRUs would!! ) Sounds like an awesome patch! Looking forward to this!!! +1
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    I mean yeah it's good that you are pointing this out but without any direct reports or proof there is not much I can do with it. Don't get me wrong. Yes we can discuss about this endlessly I can tell you I agree, cause I do. I think we just have to start at this point and if a situation like this occurs, deal with it without just ignoring it. And yeah I totally agree it's *** if you would be getting told "have an issue?" oh, "just quit the game" lol. ......
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    Hey, you can only pickup cars which got placed down by a player. You probably tried it on a car which got spawned by the server and you can't pick them up.
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    I do have to admit. It does look impressive. However, as I see it, it presents some interesting prospects. 1) If unchecked, I can see massive buildings strewn around every map. This is going to be distracting and counter-productive to the game itself. There needs to be a limit as to the size of the base. What I can also see, especially on a PVP server is this. A clan builds a massive structure. This sets up the possibility and probability that the members of said clan can simply sit in the tower and snipe other players at will. 2) I also noticed that it is in close proximity to another already existing building. This presents the issue of possibly blocking an area where zombies spawn. This would be a major issue on a PVE server in that we are already having to move from place to place to find enough zombies to kill to be able to complete the existing special contracts. It already takes an extreme amount of time to complete because you have to kill 5000 zombies. To solve issue #1, I suggest that there be a limit on how large and/or high a base can be built. For issue #2, only allow placement of a base outside the chain limit of the zombies that inhabit the location containing existing buildings. In addition, there should be a limit placed on how close you can build to another base. As I said before, base building can add a new dynamic to the game. Especially for the Oregon map that has only 1 safe zone and no bus stops. This also applies more so to the Caliwood map. It has no safe zone. However, like everything else, if it's not kept in check, it can be a detriment to everyone. And could turn in to a game breaker. @Gotz2Poo, I am impressed with your creativity and diligence. Had it not been for your images, I could not have thought of the issues presented here. Thank You. Have a Good Day!!!
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    Surprised to see there is not a dedicated sub section on the forum for this? Anyhow, had a go at base building yesterday,Quite good tbh and definitely has potential for hours of fun. Suggestions that i thought about for the ideal Base building/Crafting and PVP experience - Game mode/Server type - Would absolutely love to have this base building game mode based on its in survival server environment but no Safe zones, as what you find/loot and craft should be kept in your base in a Crafted wood/Steel lockbox. Zombies - Yes,But they dont attack bases. PVP - Yes absolutely! (But survival loot tables) Base Indestructible base - Nobody/Players cant destroy the base/place you build ,But it can deteriorate/collapse if you dont maintain it .(slow rate of decay) Floor slabs - There is currently no slab type of ground item in Alpha test ,but would be ideal to have! Fencing - Various kinds of fencing would be good,Wood/Metal/Concrete Working gate thats only operable by the person that placed it or a clan member. Items - Base building/crafting needs more items - Fire torch - Place-able on and inside of building to make light,Also a hold able one. Grow table - To grow some ganja :D,No to grow food, Pick Axe - Gather rock resources. Axe - Gather wood resources Camp Fire Oil Drum Fire (Sure there is already some of those above items in the game database ^) Food - Human flesh - When you kill a player if you chop his/her body with a axe you pick up uncooked human meat,In which you can later cook on the fire for dinner Tree food - Chopping at a random tree should give you a potential to drop Apples? So yeah,Probably crazy ideas but just a few that popped into my mind,Im sure they're possible because a lot of this stuff (mainly items) is in the game already im sure but yeah would be interesting to hear devs feedback. So tired of the normal servers PVP now and current survival servers is lacking the true survival feeling for me,with base building it would feel much better but would obviously have to be a different server to actual survival as my suggestion i think it would be better with no GI at all only what you have in your base.
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    I disagree with your statement I think it's fine the way it is and just right amount. Otherwise the game feel barren and if you plan on playing on pvp servers you can use them for cover and such. Also most games have there paying players test beta content before free to play for many reasons one being PR, two entices players to spend money for beta content you gotta realize this game cost a lot to run, three paying players are more willing to invest in feedback of the game and provide more accurate info. Lastly many paying users are feeling there not getting there money's worth so there addressing that.
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    Well this is a first. Post an announcement for a weekend event and then LOCK IT SO NOBODY CAN COMMENT ON IT. What the hell are you thinking? So now you don't want our input on events? Which is it @Steve, @Sven, @3lias, @Fred, @ElChupacabra. You can't have it both ways. As far as the event itself? I can sum it up like this. TERRIBLE. 30% more GD? Once again, an increase in the earnings of any GD requires that ALL the zombies drop GD. It's simple math.
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    OK, found some glitches. I understand the beta servers are TEST ONLY, and material damage counts will change. Here is what I found.... most of the glitches surround the FOUNDATION item. Zombies can walk THROUGH foundations. If you have a zombie on you, and you build foundations, they walk through them. They cannot hit you, but rather damage the foundation as they swing at you. They should STOP at the foundation. There is a Zombie CHARACTER MODEL GLITCH, when a FOUNDATION is set upon them, then KILLED. they stretch & skew like a dancing GUMBY, until NPC model is removed after death. if a PERSON or NPC is in the space, you SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BUILD ON THEM. Foundations are VULNERABLE. If you destroy the foundation, EVERYTHING connected to it, falls with it. all you have to do is shoot out a CORNER foundation and the WHOLE building is open . when destroying a foundation, this is no different than "digging a hole" into their safehouse... if a foundation goes, as long as there is an adjacent wall that shares a foundation edge, nothing should fall above it. It does, and horribly bad. Why attack a door, when all I have to do is shoot the corner foundation out from your building to gain a DOUBLE SIZED entrance? Foundations glitch upon placement INTO map objects. SO if you build your INITIAL/FIRST foundation INTO a tree or another object, it WILL fit, but things will not bind to the edges unless more than 2 Foundations are already connected. So in order to build INTO objects, you must first start with a foundation NOT touching the object, in order to build into it properly. And there must be enough space to set the next foundation INTO the object (it seems as long as 10% of the building object exists outside the object you're building INTO, you can build through the object models. *** I LIKE THIS GLITCH PERSONALLY. I WOULD NOT CHANGE THIS. It forces players to think about the initial step of the build process. if they want to use the terrain or buildings as permanent protection that doesn't damage, the FIRST 2 foundations you lay down MATTER. YOU NEED A ROTATION BINDER. I would recommend using the SCROLL WHEEL to rotate the bound object... if you do not have the room to self rotate, you cannot place walls or stairs. adding in this feature will help. Being able to rotate objects via a bind will help speed up recovery, and will allow for different damage protection ( when you shoot out the floor, the joists running one direction might save a person falling versus the original position; where they would otherwise fall thru sooner. the difference may seem minute (mi-noot; small) , but in a battle of seconds, one type of fall would result in death where the other only severely hurt. I will continue to stress the cr.ap out the building materials.... FYI, you have no HEALTH ITEMS & no NVG on your test server...so we have bandages, but once those run out, you will die of hunger & dehydration even if only on the PVE side. If you want to test the server, allow ppl to stay alive & let the rooms build to max and see what happens.
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    On this topic, It doesn't seem to do any good to use the in game reporting system. Isn't that considered direct reporting? I have started reporting objectionable and sexually derogatory character names again. As I have stated in the past, these types of character names are degrading and crass in their meaning. The players that use them go to great lengths to get around whatever censoring software you are using. Sorry for posting in this thread. I'm just following a train of thought here.
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    I agree with this you can't have a correct clan count if the area can't be capped
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    The new flags is a nice idea but I still think that a total reset of the clan count needs to be reset since zert has a bunch that no longer exist due to server decrease most of the flags they have can not be capped since they do not exist.
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    Servers are now shutting down for the update.
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    Передал инфу ...перепутал игру я просто ))
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    Haha. Sorry for the joke. It's hard to understand what you mean.. Could you write it in Russian and i'll have someone that speaks Russian look at this.
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    Initially we aim to have it in the Survival game-mode and that would be the "main" purpose however to catch 2 flies at once we'd also like to release it in Open World probably with some adjustments since the game modes are totally different from each other. Yep. And: These beta servers will most likely be released with today's patch. Yep. No. Today
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    Ive had this happen a few times but when using dx, bandages, meds, ect from quick slots using the # keys makes the sound, makes the motion, removes the item used but does NOT add health, food, drink whatever. But IF I open my backpack and "USE ITEM" it does what it was supposed to. It seems to lock into this ( ie it doesn't catch up so its not a lag issue) and I watched my ping and FPS and they both stayed within reason ( FPS 32-50 and Ping was 57-110 ) I can log out and reload and it goes back to normal. Im going to try to get this on vid next time it does it so you can see it, just wondering if others had issue with it as well.
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    @Steve Thank you. Good to hear as I know other players have had this issue as well! Any ETA for the new patch to solve this?
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    I know there is a large community that wants this. Look on this thread maybe: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/7995-new-and-real-survivor-mode/&tab=comments#comment-41857 I just answered that as well and that's also related to this. Just personal opinions and personal ideas. Either way: I do have to say one thing. Once again my own point of view. I see in a lot of games, emulators, new games that came out, and still in New Z community asking and saying "yeah just make ISS come back, same stuff and done. Easy as that." "People would play it." "Everyone would play it". And this is NOT true. It just doesn't work like that. I can sit here and explain why in a 100 pages explanation but simply said: time passes, games move on, standards go up, and at some point you can't just "go back". It's the same IRL. When I was little I always had the feeling my grandparents had a 5 story house. In reality they have a 3 story house and over time I got to realize this. People have "sugared" up the old ISS idea so much that the expectations are just too high. Anyways, like I said I can write 100 more pages here but let's not do that. My own point of view either way. However, 1 thing I do agree with: The "Feeling". What was that that gave that to players in old ISS? The loot, the game atmosphere, valuable items. etc. etc. Rather than just copy pasting something back, that won't work any way, I'd like to look at what really gave players that feeling, why, and work from there in implementing that in something similar. Perhaps have certain things EXACTLY the same, but not others. You get my point right?
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    Good points. Also about the zombies part we should totally consider that in final build. If zombies do damage to bases yes or no, etc. Although, I have to say I am quite sure that building would only be possible outside of cities and such so in forests where there is no zombies. Most likely not gonna allow players to build in the middle of the city due to too many reasons. Yes. Our initial idea is that players can a build, alone or with their friends, "claim the area" so that other players can't build there. Have a door with a lock on the base so only the owner and friends can get inside the base. Allow players to store loot in the base. And basically work from there. When talking about Survival GI-Access lockers are not released yes and they won't ever be released in Survival. Pretty sure. The lockers part is the hardest point of this discussion. Like mentioned earlier we have to change the way the lockers work or add counters in order for the base building system to make sense. Sand boxing will be available soon. We will allow players to use this system and based on that we'll gather feedback and work towards a final release.
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    I got it on a vid clip, how it did the motions ect and zero health added, Hope this helps:
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    You have any further points. Let's say we do it like this, and this goes for everyone: There would be a resource collection system. Some melees can gather resources such as wood. Resources go to your actual inventory. Using these resources you can build a base. Perhaps with some kind of "flag" or control point that allows you to claim the area. Only you can build there. Base can only be destroyed or damaged with a newly added item: an explosive. About this part not entirely sure yet: either: 1) We nerf lockers a bit; perhaps do a wipe of lockers (move items to player's global inventories of course / give players the chance to empty them) Lockers would ONLY be able to be placed inside a base. 2) We do a wipe of lockers, remove them entirely from survival and add a new item: "storage box" that can only be placed inside base and accessed by anyone. They'd have to "raid" your base to get your loot. Just some thinking, ideas. etc.
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    1. I get your point. From development perspective we have to always consider both sides. This is also why I answered with what I answered. "If it were put into a PVE scene I'm sure there will be ways to break down someone else's base as well. It kind of depends on what purpose we really give it in the end though. We most likely plan on making it so players can store loot in these bases and that the bases can't be destroyed by other players, only with a certain item. For example an explosive charge or something." ^ This exactly can be put into a PVP perspective AND a PVE perspective. Win win. Would be stupid to ONLY do X for ONLY X amount of people in only X game-mode. Why not catch all the flies at once? Yep.
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    Here we go again... another of the "every new game feature must be for PVP only" players. UGGGGGHhhhh !!! Its cool yes, still not enough to pull me onto an OW PVP large map server. Why not allow it,? There are PVE only players who OWN private servers who might enoy having something they built on their server. I do a lil PVP... but this kind of mentality is sad really. This is something again brought up and liked by sooooooooo many players. Keep asking, we all have been, and hope for a solution someday! We agree on this.
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    I get that some issues do take time, Im not discounting that at all. What I am saying is if no one is available, just say it. If a problem is going to take a while, maybe sent a reply saying such. My point, the player should know where they stand with their ticket. If support is overwhelmed, then notify the player the ticket numbers are high. Little things … This is not acceptable @ElChupacabra , and while I am thankful someone did respond, and did explain why his ticket took longer, my point is he shouldn't have felt so left behind that he needed to post in the first place, let alone receive this post days later when others chime in! Thanks for taking time to read and listen to us.
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    For the forums maybe it's not exactly in place how we'd like to have it, our goal initially was that IF Nether were to get a big forum community to move it over to it's own. In the end the Fredaikis forums are the 'Fredaikis' forums where we'd like to have all of our games in one place. Maybe that format doesn't work, or maybe (which is what my opinion is) it's not set-up correctly at the moment. Maybe the games should be divided more clearly. Anyways, about further forum feedback you could always post stuff here: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/forum/84-forum-suggestions/ You are right, and yes it is totally true our PVP community is pro as hell. In this sense we do kind of have a problem. It does have a theoretical easy fix which is by getting more players but in reality that's the hardest task of all. @Sven Thank you for trying. As for getting/ keeping players, much of what we have said even though not easy, would help. You cant keep/ or attract new players especially when they see players called such as " Thai dogs" in open chat. I was nowhere near kidding about the verbal abusiveness that played out. ( I know this can be reported, not my point). My point is that some of those prized players comments run people off, and they don't care. They have on more than one occasion, ( even on this very forum in the past) told me and others to quit the game... not a peep from a mod... crickets! Im stubborn and I don't run off so easily, but how many silently read that and left? How many waited days on replies from support and said screw this or worse had been one of the people who got short replies that didn't answer anything or suffered when tickets closed quickly? Yes, some of this was resolved, yet some is "overlooked" because of who a player is. Like I said in short its going to be hard to bring in players with big name high point ( negative and positive rep) players getting passes. There are some of the pro players who don't resort to this asinine behavior, but a few too many do.
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    Mmm first of all I do appreciate the time you took to write this, after all it’s a bit much, but what’s needed is needed. I do think you got my point wrong though; I never intended like this. It was more from a perspective if you could send me some threads you 100% liked to have answered. That’s what I was asking for. Not to send me all the threads that are unanswered. I do know Chupa intents on spending more time on the forums to make sure, nothing goes unanswered. At the same time I do the same. However it can still happen that something slips by. Regarding your tree situation; this never came to my attention / I am unaware of anything here. Regarding your vehicle point: yes we are aware of the vehicles being totally broken. However I supposed most issues were related to crashes and not really the “stats”. If this is the case like you are saying I don’t see a reason why not to look into this and at least try to improve it, right? I wasn’t aware of this, my bad i guess. Regarding Steve’s answer that sounds totally idiotic and is not an answer at all in my opinion. Would you mind linking me just that thread? Besides everything I do think boulders and stuff should be placed on the roads, and if vehicles “glitch / get stuck” on them, why not look for example in the collision mode? I’m sure we can make that smoother and work from there.. but yeah, hard to know when you’re not aware of that Regarding the arrow situation; yes I know. And no, I never said I WOULD compensate. I said; if that’s the case then you SHOULD get a compensation. I remember that update I think I was on vacation for 2 weeks then: not sure how / why this change even took place in the first place. Can’t remember. Yes I brought it up. Nothing came out of it. Unfortunately. ... Regarding these zombie issues, I’ll try to find back these threads and work from there I guess. You are right about the linking threads part. However, look at my point of view as well. If it’s my mistake, then it’s my mistake. Sorry for that. I guess I just have too little time in my life. not sure what to answer to that. Issues regarding the game are being addressed, and are prioritized and are worked on. If you think we don’t, then you can think that, I can’t really make more out of that. Myself personally not working with this either way so it’s gonna be hard convincing you here but yes we are working on this. If something occurs, we deal with it. In way I can’t answer to that last part cause I simply can’t. If this is the case it should get picked up by those responsible and fix it. I do agree that comments from certain staff and way of handling in some cases is disrespectful. If there is accounts or comments or anything that disrespectful this should be handled instantly. If it’s not, then you are right there is something clearly going wrong here too. I know some threads go answered linked to the support. I don’t think this is a major issue however if you are right about these answers then that is a major issue too. I don’t know what more to say here. I can start blaming people but that won’t help anyone and will just be bad for myself. I can say I can’t do anything about it or that it’s not on me but I shouldn’t say that either. Is there much I can do about it? I mean I have to say yes. Even if there isn’t. One person I know that CAN roll things around is Elias. Have you been in contact with him yet? You probably have but here is his email again: [email protected] i just recommend taking some stuff with him. In the end I am also just sitting here working my ass of for the game (s) / company doing what I can even spending my own free time // not just me.
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    *They could slightly improve the game for players who play solo and have the merit of killing an entire clan alone, but they die due to numerical disadvantage. -And the sniper barrel + AWP should be ONE hit at golden bullet in the player chest with heavy armor , BUT the sniper have to a desvantage, low reload, or slow moviment. *The VSS sniper have a much fast firerate than a normal sniper. Fix that. -We need a skins for riot shields to organizate the inventory. *A automatic sistem to organizate all inventory, specialy to rifles, snipers and AMMO. Client side like trade server. The "stash itens" make the inventory a caos. -The riot shield might have a new drawing to prevent the use of a bug. or Temporarily ban players that use the bug and clean up their experience tree. Thks for all.
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    I agree Campers, I am sick and tired of all the same old excuses we are being given. I am also agree with DNI Adrian about how they love to tell you it was 'because of the weekend.' Support should be support plain and simple, and if support is not/will not be available the TELL players the proper response times on tickets. We were ALL told that the devs would pay more attention to the forums/tickets because not everyone has or uses discord. Obviously this is not the case. I feel bad for new players, hell I even feel bad for any player for that matter who has an issue that effects game play if and when they submit a support ticket based on the response time Ruler had to deal with. WHY would anyone want to play a game where when they had a problem it took support that long to answer!!! What if this problem occurred during a weekend event, or a special weekend event(Viking Weekend for poor Ruler) not only are players losing playtime, they are also missing out on exclusive items. It is a pretty rude thing to to to place one game over another; and pay more attention to the needs of one game's players over the others. Unless your doing it for the money, because we all know Nether is a paid game and not a free stand alone like Infestation. War Z. Infestation Survivor stories....New Z is turning into the same thing. It is history repeating it's self, and we all know where those games are now..... Not that is is going to help or solve anything(because I feel New Z is being thrown back on the shelf in place of Nether and devs are giving Nether priority) but I feel that Nether should and NEEDS it's own forum, simply to keep threads separate. Most of the posts on this forum seem to be Nether related. You keep asking WHY you are losing players, yet you never listen. Perhaps you should have a looooong sit down with Sergey Titov. The following quotes are from Sergey Titov about how he failed: "I have realized that as the leader of this ship, I missed all early warnings that were saying, 'Your community is not as happy as you think they are, you need to alter course.' We chose to tune out negative reactions to the game, not paying enough attention to them – and this, again, is my fault. We chose to rely too much on numbers – percentage of refund requests, number and dynamic of our daily and monthly active users, etc. Well, in hindsight – those things probably work well for more casual games, but the hardcore PC gaming community is much different and can be very vocal about what they feel. Even when the percentage of players with negative comments is small, as the community grows, even a small percentage can add up to be a very significant absolute number. And it's not just a number – those are real people with real issues they are having with the game." All quotes are from the following article: https://kotaku.com/war-z-creator-apologizes-i-became-arrogant-and-blinded-5971562
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    When i was walking through Devil's pass this thing went into my mind. Zombie horde event. I mean event like an airdrop or radiation. Horde will appear somewhere in the forest so it does not cause lag in the cities plus there will be no way to cheat it by walking on a car etc. Zombies from the horde will have diffrent drops maybe even more exp but they will be harder. Maybe not double health like in radiation event but i'm thinking about maybe more damage more to chance to get infected or maybe more speed of the group.
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    Ive never seen a clan that plays at fixed times. This isn't wow raiding. We just play with whoever happens to be on. If it's a weird time of day I just play with my Filipino and Australian friends. Anyways, it's totally true that there should be a reward. Perhaps all players in the clan (if they have been logged in recently) should get some items or something. In survival, I just use the clan territories to see if I can bait people in by attacking one. Works ...once in a while.
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