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    Dear Community, Time for a brand new weekend event! This time I have gathered some feedback and you'll see that any GC related sale is no longer part of the 4 'weekend event features'. In-game discounts will still be, as you will see. Next to that I have made sure this time there is at least one PVE related event included as that really missed out last weekend event(s). As you will see there is actually 2 PVE related events in this weekend event so enjoy! If any of you have any further feedback, please let us know in the comments. We can then use this to improve event(s) in the near future. For those wondering about any the Halloween 2019 event: It's coming. Most likely starting somewhere next week. We are currently still wrapping up some of the content for the event so stay tuned! For this weekend event we'll have it live the following period of time: START: October 18, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) END: October 21, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) Now, let's jump into further details about this weekend's weekend event: Specialist Coins PVE Event This weekend only specialist coins will have a chance of spawning from normal and alien super zombies. (Normally specialist coins can only be obtained by finishing a specialist contract.) For those not knowing what you can do with specialist coins: collect them and trade them in the trading lounge (using a repeatable mission) for 10 specialist coins you'll get one specialist case. As of right now the only item you can get out of the specialist case is the XMR-32. Note: This event only applies for the Open World game-mode as there is no specialist coins in the Survival game-mode. Airdrop Event In both the Open World and the Survival game-mode there will be an airdrop event which means that rare items from airdrops will have a higher chance of spawning. We have also added the following 'tweaks' per game-mode: Survival: Airdrops have a chance of spawning any of the juggernaut armor types and / or it's crafting parts. Open World: Airdrops have a chance of spawning an epic and / or a legendary tactical weapon crate. No barricade PVP Event As the title says: we will enable the 'no barricade' feature on one of the Rocky Ford PVP servers (Open World) for every region. We'd like to see what players think of PVP-ing without all the shields and barricades. Any feedback about this? Any suggestions what we can do related to the PVP aspect of the weekend event? Let us know in the comments! 20% Discount on ALL GC skinboxes In the in-game marketplace all GC skinboxes will be discounted with a 20% discount! Note that this only applies to currently available skinboxes and only the ones that are purchasable for GC. ROUTINE: Battle Royale Map Rotation As always, the main and only Battle Royale map will be changed. This time we are changing over from Arizona to Arena. Note: We change the map rotation in the Battle Royale game-mode every week due to the low(er) amount of players playing Battle Royale. If you have any suggestions, ideas or feedback please let us know at http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5388-maps-battle-royale/ SALE: 20% discount on the 15.000 GC Package! (Xsolla only) There will be a 20% discount on the 15.000 GC package through Xsolla only. This means you'll only be able to benefit from this sale by purchasing GC through our website at: https://playnewz.com/buygc.php MARKETPLACE SALE: Dragon Skins + Dragon Skinbox Sale This time we are doing a big sale on the Dragon skins and we are doing a 20% discount on the Dragon Skinbox. Note: This sale is a weekly one so has already started before the weekend event and will not have the same start-end times as the weekend event. Please let us know what you think of this weekend event so that we can use that feedback in the future for new weekend events! If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to share that as well as we might be able to use your idea for upcoming weekend events! If you experience any type of issue(s) with the game please contact us through social media or create a support ticket athttps://playnewz.com/support.php/ For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at http://playnewz.com/feedback If you'd like to share suggestions and ideas you have for the game please let us know at: https://suggest.playnewz.com/ To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Have a nice weekend! // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Well, not using it as an excuse or anything but generally speaking when bringing feedback, especially around this case, it does indeed help to also come with suggestions and examples. This allows us to understand your point(s) better by a lot. One thing that I do always keep in mind is that (and not using that as an excuse) it's hard to always keep exactly every player happy. We try to by for example aim to include something PVE related, PVP related, BR related, etc. but the individual points can still be liked by one player but disliked by the other. It really doesn't matter what exactly we do there will always be people that like something and that not like something. It's natural. Best thing we can do is process this and try to see how much people like a certain thing and dislike it, to then decide perhaps not to do that exact event feature again or not or change it. This way we can keep most players happy and satisfied but never exactly everyone.
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    Well, after killing over 50 Super Zombies, I found NO SPECIALTY COINS. I did, however find an increased chance of helmets. I averaged 2-3 helmets per Super. I can't imagine how many you really had to kill to gain even 1 coin. Sad. Point #2) Once again you included a sale as one of the 4 main aspects of the event. Sad. With everything that the players have tried to point out to you to improve these events, you revert back to old habits. I'm tired of trying to get a point across to the developers and programmers. It's a waste of time and effort on my part. So, I have decided to give up trying to help. It's pointless. Weekend events are supposed to be fun and enticing for all players. All you do is blow smoke and then go back to what's easiest for you. I will still play from time to time but not at the level I once did. Near as I can figure, you've all but given up trying to get and keep players. It's truly a shame. This still has the potential to be a really fun, interesting game. However, to get to that, more of an effort needs to be put into it by way of fixing ancient issues, and to stop pandering to only a certain group. Good Luck. I'll be watching.
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    So we just could make snipers rare again. Don't wipe them. They will decrease in time and will become more expensive and that will carry on until we have infestation back.
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    Salve galera blz....pessoal que está tendo dificuldades com o AUDIO depois da atualização do WIN10 onde você só esculta o tiro quando você olha para a direção onde o atirador está, fiz um tutorial de como corrigir.... espero que ajude.... abraços... (Colaboração do nosso amigo Paulo Henrique vulgo plx) - Link do Tutorial www.playextreme.com.br/tt/audio.pdf
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    We should get rid of snipers tbh instead of adding more. Like the DX wipe back in the days, we should do the same with snipers. Not completely remove them, just make them rare again. :--)
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    only the people addicted to infestation are playing the newz at the moment, the game is not friendly for new players because of the skill gap so its just the matter of time when the game will be dead
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    In my opinion nether is a dead game with no possibility of being reborn. All the time wasted on this game is another step towards the end of New Z.
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    i figure it out, dude its the same thing as nether resurected game that launched a couple of years ago all i can see is 2 more zombie type added and they are charging money for the same game haha thats funny
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    Still waiting for a response ;d
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    Hey community! We've been discussing a lot recently about Survival and how we see the future this game mode. We want to change something so more people will enjoy this game mode. Our main idea is to bring a bit of the original I:SS feeling back. The problem is right now the loot and the amount of weapons/items people have in their Global Inventory. Here comes the point where we need your help and opinions. For example: the loot is not a problem, we can change/fix that with one patch, constantly patching it till it's perfect. But then the new players won't stand a chance chance against the old Survival players which have tons of weapons in their GI. What do you guys think about: Reworking the maps and loot and only bring the original maps back (Colorado V2 and Caliwood). Doing a full wipe? Meaning that we'll wipe all the items from the Global Inventories. Partial wipe? Which means we only remove a part of the weapons. For example if you have 1000 Night stalker, we change the stack to 50. Adding a currency and stem cells. We understand, some people might not agree with us but we have to do something in Survival to bring more players in there. PLEASE NOTE: These are ideas, we don't do anything if the community doesn't want it.
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    i would hate to see a total wipe of our gi as ive already gone through this once when i:ss went away and then again when the same thing happened with romeros aftermath. if i have to start over again i probably wont play, i dont feel its right to get punished for all my hard work and time. as far as a cap on items thats fine as it it i limit my inventory to a max of 50 per item. and what ive done in the past is try to find the new inexperienced players try to give them some guidance and set them up with some items so they can stand a chance against more experienced players. and i dont mean just one or two items id set them up with at least 5 -10 items of each thing i gave ( food, water, pack ,armor etc.) so they werent running around half naked and having only a flashlight for a weapon. this would start the building of trust between me and some of those i met and often result in being able to group up with people that wouldnt stab me in the back, and i still have friends that i met on here and will play in groups on here still.PLEASE P;EASE DONT DO A TOTAL RESET !!!!!!!!!!
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    Thats why always saying "SUGGEST" items for SZ's dropping or airdrops...Not only "i dont like helmets or i dont like armors"...With suggesting items is way i think gives ideas to devs so they can change the loot! When i try to point this to you @CampersRUs you say "The devs know very well what im thinking" sorry but now i see they dont!!!
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    They also gave me a ban just like that a week ago after I left the game! In those support, they brazenly lie that I played with cheats! it is not true! But they absolutely do not care about us! They have no evidence for me and cannot be! since I haven’t had cheats either!
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