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    Dear Community, As promised in the dev blog about the SVD Shark Attack earlier this week; here is another short dev blog. In this dev blog I'd like to talk about the overall look of the game and what we are currently working on in that area. I'd also like to share with you all what our plans are and how we aim to get them done. The most important thing to know is that we work progressively on 1 by 1 on these things. Now it's trees, next time it might be something related to terrain etc. We'd like to get things done but we also want to make sure we don't focus on a single thing too much. This is also what I explained earlier in the dev blog about the SVD Shark Attack skin; just because there is a dev blog about that skin doesn't mean that that is the only thing we are working on. Please keep that in mind. It's important for us to keep improving the game while we also try to work on 'a new look' for the game. Things that we have already announced related to this are for example the creation of a new Open World / Survival map but major things that are coming as well related to this are for example: the rework of the main menu UI, new grass, new trees and other ambient objects, new sounds, different sounds, new characters, a lot of other new content, etc. (too much to mention) Either way in our patches we try to always aim to get a few points done that contribute in a new look of the game. For the upcoming patch we have, for example, *spoiler alert* redesigned the whole character selection screen , and something smaller we are working on right now is new trees! Take a look at these new trees we will be implementing in our maps very soon: Further major things being worked on for the upcoming patch are: The rework / improvements related to right peek. (Both with AR and snipers) Improved / Fixed servers in HK, SA & NA. More information: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/photos/pb.714116222056521.-2207520000.1527085468./1210662179068587/?type=3&theater New content, features etc. Overall fixes, crash fixes and performance improvements. And a lot of 'overall' improvements! (Can't wait to share everything!) New character selection screen / menu design. *spoiler alert* We have been receiving a lot of feedback from both players and Fredaikis partners and other streamers and we'd just like to let you all know that we are working on this and we are trying to process as much feedback as possible in the decisions we make related to the development of the game. KEEP UP the great feedback, it's MUCH APPRECIATED! Best Regards, // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Dear Community, Another dev blog! I'd like to keep it short again while still keeping you all up-to-date. First of all I'd like to let you all know that by today we are testing and finalizing patch 2.18. This means that after the weekend we should be close to release patch 2.18! Here is more information about patch 2.18 in the new dev blog made by Fred! For me patch 2.18 is already finished when it comes to my tasks in the development. This is also why I am starting this dev blog now as I am continuing for patch 2.19 where we one thing I will aim for is: The rework of a lot of 'custom' guns. Now, there is 2 major problems with some 'custom' later-added guns in New Z: Majority is not optimized. Most of the weapons are not used by players due problems such as: not looking good, not good statistics, attachment issues, performance issues, animation issues etc. Basically there is stuff that needs to get fixed mainly where I'll have to rework these guns. In the meanwhile I have gathered feedback from the community together with some other staff to rework the weapons in the best way possible. Weapons I currently have on the list and what's aimed to be fixed is as following: AK12 - This weapon is SUPER unoptimized. Has to be replaced with a newer (optimized) model. Therefor automatically attachments, animations etc will be reworked. Also aim to improve statistics so the weapon becomes more 'worth it' to use. M4A1 - This weapon is also quite unoptimized. Has attachment problems and barrel does not look good. Basically this results in having to rework the entire gun as well. Statistics are find for this weapon though. AS VAL - No one uses this gun. Model has some issues. Statistics are bad. Will be reworked entirely. FN Scar Red Stalker - Didn't had the right model in TPS and physics issues. This I actually already fixed for patch 2.18. QLB 06 - The weapon is just "too big" in first person and takes up too much space. Also need to fix that skins work for this weapon. Shouldn't take much time. M200 - Unoptimized, needs to be reworked entirely. SVU - Unoptimized, needs to be reworked entirely. AMR2 - Unoptimized, needs to be reworked entirely. STI Eagle Elite - Model has to be changed as it's literally the same as a Jericho pistol. TEC 9 - Unoptimized, needs to be reworked entirely. Also need to fix sounds and improve quality overall. Thompson - Actually this is already done for patch 2.18: I reworked the iron sight from 2D to 3D. Also reworked icon. This weapon is already finished. VSS Compact - Not sure what to do with this gun but I have some feedback that I will use to improve the statistics of the gun. Scar H - I do plan on reworking this gun. Planning on entirely reworking this weapon. I have feedback for this gun but all more feedback and idea's are always welcome! FN FAL - Will be reworked entirely. Note: I am asking all of you who read this if you have any ideas for a particular gun please let me know in the comments! If I missed any weapons you think should be fixed / reworked / changed let me know in the comments. ^ The new optimized AK12 model. I will keep you all updated along the way through this dev blog! Best Regards, // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
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    God dammit. Help me by watching and sharing my videos. Spending way to much money in this game
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    Okey I have spent about an hour checking stats and coming up with the gun balance from a gameplay standpoint. I think there generally are quite a few categories to put the guns into and in my opinion the AK-line is pretty well designed arround that with one in every segment and with a clear role. Civilian-loot Guns: Guns that you can theoretically use and find everywhere, but are usually swapped to better ones during the process of looting -> AK 74M Close Combat guns: Guns with high firerate to melt people while camping corners or playing Rocky PvP -> AKS 74U Ranged guns: Tapping or Burst fire to take down targets from long distance -> AN94 High Class/Allrounders: Good at a lot of stuff, overall good stats -> AKM Niche picks/ Special ones: Guns that have something unique and stand out -> AK47 (high damage, no attachments) We are left with all the STANAG guns plus AS FAL and G36. In my opinion having different ammo should qualify for an overall stronger gun, because you have to go the extra mile and get thát ammo. A good example is the fact that the AS FAL absolutely dumpsters the Honey Badger in EVERY aspect. This is totally ok though, because Honeys use STANAG and therefor ar the "easy option". Even though the Honey might be a bit too weak, it is ok from a balance point of view. The G36 on the other hand has nothing to stand out. No stat or special stuff, just more "work" gathering the ammo. The remaining ARs were really tricky and before trying to put them in catregorys, I compared them based on their stats and in a table: This table can be used to create a final ranking or add factors or values based on your very own preferences. When you want to play Rocky PVP, you rather focus on Fire rate and damage. When playing AR only servers, the spread and decay for longer range fights comes into play much more. To me personally spread and fire rate are way more important than recoil or decay, but that is where your own playstyle comes into the equation. I will try to put the guns in the categories I introduced earlier: Civilian: None from the above, civilian guns are others like M16, M4, CQC, Masada or Nightstalker as they are all totally outperformed by at least one of the guns in my picture. Close Combat: AS FAL > FAMAS > QBZ The FAL just straight up whoops the other guns not just in that category. It is also Silenced which is an advantage in my books. The QBZ on the other hand gets pooped on everywhere. Those two might be a balance issue where the Famas is OK Ranged: Red Stalker > Sig Sauer This subsection is pretty well balanced just because the redstalker is more rare so the difference in power actually makes a lot of sense High class/Allrounder: AUG <-> L85 <-> TAR Those are the guns that can be usefull in both close combar and long range. It is up to the player to use it well. Even in this subcategory there is a clear balance with AUG going rather long range and TAR leaning more towards close combat. I think this is fine as well and the L85 as most "prototype" of all guns should be the center of balance. Niche Pick: M4A4 with the highest damage of all STANAG guns can be interesting, but I don´t quite understand its role with the fire rate and all the other stats combined Attachments Well this short part is about the attachments and their role. First of all I honestly believe that all attachments that just boost stats should be auto attached to the gun you carry. I mean there is not reason not to have it attached other than forgetting to do so. It is really painfull to manually attach every time you swap gun. Then of course attachments have a major impact on gun balance. TAR or AUG have a major disadvantage as they can not use every attachment. Hence they should natually be stronger than the others when there are no attachements, but with every attachement equipped, the other guns should surpass them. I like the fact that the bonusses given by the attachements are based on percentages though! The biggest questionmark in terms of balancing in my opinion are: - G36 to weak and not unique enough - QBZ too weak compared to similar style guns - AS FAL might be a tat too strong - Attachement limited guns could be stronger - All the guns are quite similar and might need a little higher diversification In the end I just have to say based on the numbers the guns are really balanced and I would highly recommend to NOT change too much and totally wreck the ecosystem. Since the playerbase is so small and especially the hardcores and pvp players are a small incestuous group of people, the usage of some guns might be skyrocketing at times, but this is pretty much what other games would call "meta" Love Lauch
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    Today is Friday and guess what? It's time for the weekend event! This weekend promises to be fun for everyone. Let's jump into it: Findable Skinboxes! During this weekend, you will be able to find GD skinboxes from Alien and Super-Zombie on Open World and Survival. Have fun! Every player that logs in-game between May, 26 (12.00 AM. CEST) and May, 28 (12.00 AM. CEST) will receive the QBZ TECH Recipe! The Elite skinbox will be available in the marketplace for the entire weekend, don't miss it! Start: May 25, 2018 12:00 PM (CEST) End: May 28, 2018 12:00 PM (CEST) The Staff Team wishes everyone a great weekend! Quick note: Make sure to check this brand new dev blog about patch 2.18!
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    In open world or in survival? Best open world loot spots : Airport, Nato Airforce, Varo Best Survival spots : Airport, West Boulder, Camp Splinter the best Thing that you can do is farming on a private Server (there is 200% loot and on a official only 100%)
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    Hello Survivors! SLEC is Recruiting. Shadow lurkers is an Anti-Bandit clan that specialize in STEALTH movement and protection of civilians. Requirements Players must be: Timezone GMT+0 - GMT+4 Willing to use suppressed weapons Stealth at all times fluent/moderate in English Willing to take orders A Team Player Friendly At least 18+ Willing to learn and adapt Must Have: Discord Working microphone RESPECT! Rules: Do not break any New Z Rules: https://playnewz.com/rules.php Treat all members with Respect Respect Higher Ranks No Hackers/Cheaters/Tweakers Always wear SLEC Gear Don't Shoot Unless player is a Confirmed Threat Must always Move with the Clan MUST NOT BE A BANDIT! Member will have unit numbers assigned to them ( .eg Tony Unit 798A/B (A-Alpha, B-Bravo)) Servers: NewZ 004 Colorado Apply here: Thank you for taking your time to read, Good luck and Watch your back out there!
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    Well i think the new spawning system is kinda cool but for the open word its not. In my opinion it makes the gameplay complete retarded u cant really loot anymore (dead bodys) because they are spawning around you... I think this spawn thing should only be on the PVP Servers and not on the Open World... For me it hard to play. The fun of playing the game is with this thing gone.... sadly I thing i cant do anything about it but maybe it does help
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    Dear Players, It has been a while since the last dev blog and even though this is not really anything much related to crazy development I'd still like to update you all on something I finished earlier today. Don't expect much of this dev blog as it's just a short one. Don't worry, this skin was just 1 of the 100 things we got done for upcoming patch so no, we are NOT only working on skins. A lot of you all must be wondering about the progress on the new Open World map and I understand that. I asked Steve to do a short update (hopefully tomorrow) on the dev blog about current status. For sure I can say now: We are getting there and aim to have this map ready and released AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Updates have been a bit short lately but that is mainly due to the fact that we are all working very hard on the new map and on upcoming patch. We have a great patch coming very soon, server upgrades (SA / NA / (particially HK)) and the new map is getting there. Thanks for understanding. Now, let's jump into this "DevBlog". The SVD Shark Attack. Maybe at first not really something you would notice but a very cool fact about this skin is that not only the texture is modified but also the model. Take a look below at some previews: Here is also a more detailed video about the skin: I definitively plan on making skins like this more often so stay tuned for more! I plan on doing these kinds of updates more often so stay tuned. Let me know in the comments if you guys like these kind of smaller updates! Best Regards, // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Alright everyone I am going to do an event this Sat. Right now it looks like it will be some fun drag races and maby a strong hold or two. I am still working out the logistics of prizes and the event server but will let you know asap so stay tuned...
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    Of course and once again (I know I already mentioned this 10000 times) but this is just one of the MANY things we are working on! Thanks for the comment!
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    I'm in no way affiliated with this game other than I enjoy playing it like you, so when I reply to some of your rant, it isn't because I benefit from it in any way. I hope we can talk about some of the issues you brought up and don't feel like I am attacking you because I disagree. I do agree that this game has some issues that need to be resolved, so I don't want anyone to assume that I think NewZ is the perfect game. 1. What kind of DAILY reward would you hope to receive for a 16 cent per day subscription. The 16 cent number is based on a $5.00 (USD) subscription for 30 days. I am just curious as to what kind of rewards you are hoping to receive for 16 cents per day. What would you like to see? You mentioned all the items you don't want, but didn't offer a solution to make it better. For example, I think it would be pretty cool if Premium/Deluxe/Extreme members had a daily reward system similar to that of some free-to-play phone games. Some phone games have a calendar of what to expect to get for a specific month with better rewards after X amount of days or a reward bonus multiplier for logging in for X amount of days (but with no calendar). Again, I don't know what these better rewards would be (ie GD or GC skinbox depending on which subscription you have, sniper rifles, larger bundle of DX's, etc). What is your solution? 2. NewZ has come a long way as far as optimization goes. I have been playing since WarZ alpha like many others, but unlike many others, I used to play on a Macbook Pro that was bootcamped with an illegal copy of Windows. I played with 15-20 FPS. I didn't care because I really enjoyed playing this game with friends. After they made optimizations and changes, I can run the game with frames ranging from 20-40 depending on what part of the map I was at. So for you to fluctuate from 25-50 fps and to ask for smoother gameplay... it just sounds like you need to upgrade. Mind you, my Macbook Pro has a Intel® HD Graphics 4000 for a graphics card. Is NewZ the most optimized game out there? Absolutely not. Should the game run better for a 5+ year old game? Possibly. Is it fair to say that the dev team hasn't improved optimization or smoothness of the game? No, it's not. It's an ongoing issue that they are aware of and constantly trying to work on. 3. My only guess for why it takes so long to retrieve cars or access lockers is for people who PvP on private servers. While they are fewer than many, it does happen. The retrieval and access time is probably to balance that out. Imagine players pvping on a private server and someone is camping by a GI access locker. Accessing that locker while in combat is incredibly risky knowing that there is a threat nearby. 4. I agree that the fixed airdrop spawns could use a rework or just even more spawns, but I don't know how anyone could predict the airdrops. Is there a pattern? I've seen a variety of airdrops fall from the sky and while they have been in fixed locations, I have never seen a pattern. I could be wrong, so I am just curious as how to someone could predict the airdrops. You know... for science. I love the airdrop pvp that I sometimes encounter. 5. I understand your frustration about the disconnecting and reconnecting a fixed location, but that isn't server hopping. If a player was server hopping as quickly as you say, their spawn would change. If someone is just logging out and logging back in the same server to farm an alien zombie, then yeah, I can see how annoying that would be for someone who likes roam the map and explore all the cities. Would your solution be to just change a players spawn regardless of how long they have been logged out of a server? Surely this would make a lot of survival players happy as well seeing as how that would make ghosting a thing of the past. However, as someone who has 3 characters who are setup primarily for farming alien zombies, I would be a bit sad. If I didn't address any other issue you brought up it's probably because I have no comments or my own suggestions for improvement on the topic. Hope you have a nice day dude. I'm sure dialogue like this between many community members will help the dev team see a number of point of views and see if it is something that is needed for the game.
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    Dont forget to subscribe u scummys
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    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb BIG PATCH COMING, 3rd Mini patch active, Drops We Got's Em, Some BR and other info Come Get Some !!! @infestationnewz @StreamElements @OBSproject @Twitch @Lachhh @anykeyorg @fredaikis
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    I totally agree with your opinion, for new players it is very difficult to play in open world against veteran players with hundreds of snipers. What do you think would be a good idea to attract new players? Maybe make the snipers a strange item and very difficult to get? Maybe make a wipe and give X as compensation? all these are simple suggestions, we want to be close to the community and listen to each and every one of your ideas or suggestions.
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    bonjours je chercher des joueur pour jouer en battle royal si vous vouler envoyer mess stp
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    Dear Players, This time we are giving away 1x SVD Shark Attack! Just enter by completing as much entry points as possible. (When you do more you have a higher chance of winning!) Just go to the following link to join: https://www.playnewz.com/giveaway.php
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    Thats really good news! Useless box. They should fix the infinity and destruktion boxes aswell. Only katanas and hatchets in infinity and Only junk in destruction boxes.
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    I can quote you this: + + All for upcoming patch.
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    New palm trees too! (I know they are a bit big on the picture don't worry)
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    Ok... I've been silent about this issue for long enough. I am sick of paying for a premium (and above) account and for the majority of the time receiving K. STYLE HELMET, CUSTOM GUERILLA ARMOR, AND K. STYLE NVG. All three of these items need to be removed from the que for daily rewards. I have 2782 K. Style Helmets, 2439 Custom Guerilla Armor and 2219 K. Style NVG in my inventory. 3 of the last 4 days I've received K. Style Helmet as my 'reward' for paying for a premium account. This is not acceptable. All three of these items are beyond plentiful as loot laying on the ground and acquired by killing zombies. I have spoken of this in the past, and am not pleased that nothing was done. This would be almost acceptable if you would institute a kiosk in a safe zone where people could sell back excess equipment. (I know this can be done, it was a part of another game of this same genre that had a lot of the building models you are now using in New Z.) It's the same for all those haphazardly placed piles of boulders. Add to that, the fact if you are unlucky enough to jump a hill and land on one of those boulder stacks, you are unable to exit the vehicle which forces you to quit the game so you can once again move about. This action ends up with a loss of whatever vehicle you happen to be stuck in. I applaud all the work that you have all put into the game, but you are still not fixing the key issues that hamper smooth gameplay. For example, exiting a vehicle, trying to retrieve said vehicle, and the game freezes for a period of time. All the while the game world stays in motion. (I have died because of this issue a number of times) Another issue I presented is the fact that the hit radius of the super zombies is way too big. I have climbed up on buildings, only to be hit by a super zombie, even though I was out of his reach. I estimate the distance is approximately double the arm length of the super. Another issue is the time it takes to retrieve a vehicle. It is too long. (I mentioned this also previously) Another vehicle problem is still NO PARKING BREAK even on a slight slope. (That trick of hitting the opposite direction to the one the vehicle is pointing downhill DOES NOT WORK) Also, the time to access a GI Access Locker needs to be shortened back to what it was. It's ridiculous to have to wait to access your inventory, when you can all but instantly access it in a safe zone. How about, instead of having so many different Riot Shields, cut it back to only one and create skins for use by different clans and/or groups. This will make it a lot easier on all players. Next issue is Airdrops. The drop zones are way too limited. There are players that can predict where a drop will occur and be waiting close to that spot. Players take advantage of this poor planning. I suggest that you widen the drop area to encompass the entire map and randomize the drops so they are actually unpredictable and cannot be exploited. Server hopping is still an issue. Especially during a weekend event that adds extra special items to a super and alien zombie kill. 2 weekends ago, I witnessed a player who would appear, wait a few seconds, then leave. Only to reappear again a few minutes later. This particular player appeared a minimum of 3 times in the same location till an alien was present. He proceeded to attack the alien, gather some of the loot, (I was able to get about half the drop) and then, after moving to a high vantage point, disappear once again. I call it server hopping, but no matter what you call it, I consider it glitching which is cheating in any game. It also punishes the players that stay on one server the entire time they are playing and sticking with it for the duration. I know some will try to explain it away saying, 'Oh, they probably got disconnected from the server'. The rhythm of the disconnect and reconnect is too methodical for this to be a fact. Why are there still no improvements to Survival? Every update it's explained that 'We worked hard on other issues and promise that Survival will get an update soon'. This has been the story since Survival went from beta to live. Still no added crafting and still no special currency. As an experiment, a few days ago I tried connecting to the different regions to see what the ping was for each one. The South America region had nothing listed. Hong Kong had a ping of 228, Europe had a ping of 195 and North America, where I play, had a ping of 118. These are averages for the few minutes I spent in each region. The FPS was the same for all regions, but it fluctuated between 25 and 50. These number are affected by the individual IP address and computer equipment. However, these differences have a direct affect on gameplay. One more issue about vehicles. Yes, I have addressed this one before as well. The only 2 vehicles that are more or less controllable are the ZK and the Stryker. However, the Stryker is so slow and weak, it has trouble getting out of it's own way. ie. climbing hills. The ZK is quick enough and has enough power to climb but still has control issues. The ATV, Buggy and Sheriff Roadster are fast yes. But, when driving a straight line on a paved path, and you back off on the accelerator or tap the break, they wildly fishtail out of control. (notice I didn't even mention the Bus) All the new skins are great looking. However, Why are you only creating new GC skins for the small backpack? For anyone that has played any length of time, a small backpack is totally worthless because it has no space to carry the items you find or garner through zombie kills. I don't play PvP so this will probably be argued about by those that live to PvP. I am on the last few days of my current premium account and will most likely not renew it. I am even considering quitting the game all together. This saddens me because I do enjoy playing. That is all I have to rant about. If I stepped on any toes, I apologize but these issues needed to be brought out into the open. The bottom line is, if you want this game to continue to grow and flourish, you need to address the problems and fix them. All the pretty skins and maps are nothing more than what I call 'Window Dressing' They look pretty, but if the game doesn't operate properly, the game will eventually fail. Anyway, I hope you all... HAVE A NICE DAY!!!
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    It literally says on the screen what's the problem here
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    Just Change your backpack bro ^^ (if you dont have , i can help you with a adv backpack)
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    You have your backpack full and you can not carry more items in it, you need to empty it.
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    I now close the case and stop collecting data. I hope the info somehow proves to be helpfull
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    really excited with this new patch, big changes thanks to the community!
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    I'm looking forward to it all haha coming soon
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    Shortguy is an excellent NA mod. He doesn't do a lot of work on the forums he seems as more a behind the scenes mod who works on bans and stuff like that (I could be wrong) but I know he's always busy helping out the game in some way.
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    Really is outrageous the state of survival mode. Seriously, I do not see a difference between Open mode and survival mode, except for the snipers, which until now, is the only thing that STILL did not actually let an Open become, but it will not be long before they have countless. Please, that you can give more assistance to survival mode, and analyze how easily you get 90% of the items!
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    Yeah, but you need too many resources)
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    Yeah, painkillers should be removed from zombiedrops. Barricades can be obtained from airdrops which is pretty fine. Also it not impossible to craft barricades, sticks are everywhere.