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    Kjerfestation Survivor Stories Me and my clan/community TSI – The Survival Initiative have all been away from NewZ for about 4 months now, due to our opinions on mistreatment/carelessness Survival game mode received over a longer period. Personally, this is my first break I’ve had from Infestation since 2012 lol. – And it’s funny how I didn’t realize how much I missed the game until I tried it again a couple of weeks back. It made me realize, that I should never have left in the first place, this game really runs in my veins. That said, I also realized that while we’ve been gone, there’s been some quite awesome updates, only that those updates should have happened 6 months ago, it’s a little late now, but not too late. I have been wanted to do this for a while, to write down my own “Vission-N-Dreams” for NewZ Survival, how I personally would have gone about it if I was developing this game. As you’re reading this, I want you to know, that all my following ideas & suggestions are designed to accommodate as many different opinions and playstyles as possible, and not only my own. – I have a tendency to be a very objective and analytic person, that always tried to accommodate the majority rather than the few. My personal goal is to have a Survival game mode that can accommodate people who like PvP just as much as people who like PvE, and even build a bridge between the two, so that players can earn pvp-advantages/progression through PvE-progression, and PvP-advantages/progression through PvE. [- Some games that have succeeded very well with this, are games such as Survarium and Escape From Tarkov -]. My Gameplay Suggestions Spawnkilling How I would solve spawnkilling; Not spawnkilling in general, but spawnkilling specifically when you spawn in “together with another player”… This is actually not my first time brining this idea to the table, I did it a couple of years back, but it didn’t receive much attention, even though it all seems very easy to code-N-implement. The idea is, that each player has an invisible “aura/circle” around them when they spawn in which has a timer, this aura becomes visible for you and your opponent, when/if another player spawns at same spot as you, - And as long the two aura’s are touching, they will appear as red, and while they touch the players can’t damage each other. – Simple! No? New zombies Before I start talking about new zombies, let’s talk about the ones that’s already there, and what there can be done to make them more interesting and appealing to kill/farm. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it would be nice to see some new/more zombies models, after almost 8 years looking at the same ones. Other than that, once in a bunch or so, zombies should wear a helmet and/or a light gear or something, gas mask, fireman helmet- or whatever-younameit etc.., this gives a realistically sense, that fits right in, in Survival game mode. I have 5 new zombies/monsters in mind exclusively for Survival mode: ⦁ Recently Effected Zombies These zombies should be just as easy to kill as normal ones, but they should always be sprinting at you, and have different face-model than normal zombies that look a little more human, so that you can spot them on distance. ⦁ Turned Survivor (Pre-Super zombies) These zombies are rare or semi-rare, and spawn at completely random places and are heavily geared, they’re fast and has increased damage AND hit rate, they take 1/4 of an LMG mag in the head to kill, and drops a random set of PvP-load out. ⦁ Big Foot. (Designed to require at least 2+ players to kill it) "Give veterans the Big Foot they never found" - I don't know how many of you remember this whole shit storm during alpha/early WarZ, about entire groups/clans looking for a "allegedly" spawning Big Foot, as there was "big foot" signs around the map, and ambient sounds of what sounds like a big foot, - which I believe is still there. Big foot shouldn’t be harder to kill than a normal Super Zombie, but it should be way-way more deadly, maybe not more damage, but faster hit-rate and further hit-reach! ⦁ Dead Foot. (Designed to require at least 3+ players to kill) Yes, you guessed right, a zombie-big foot x) … More bad-ass than Big Foot, and better loot drop. ⦁ Sick Foot (Raid boss) Radiated Dead Foot. Nuff said. --- (Can only be found during Power Plant Failure) --- A normal Big Foot should have less health than a super zombie, but should be more dangerous too, faster and further hit-reach. But Big Foot is not evil, nor aggressive, when Big Foot spots a player, it will first stand its ground and roar at your direction, as a warning. If you then get close or start shooting, it will unleash its rage and attack. Big Foot doesn't attack the zombies, its knows better that they ain't eddible, however, the zombies will attack Big Foot on attack, and Big Foot will hit back when attacked by them, but won't charge at them. Big Foot(s) do not have specific spawn location, but quite frankly just wanders around randomly on the map, it can be found anywhere. Dynamic events/occurrences I have many good ideas for this right here, here’s my 3 favorites: Event idea 1 – Locked Areas Places/Installations you can't just go there whenever you want. At each entrance to one of these places, there's an "locked" gate, that 1; requires a keycard (1-time use), that zombies have a small chance to drop. or 2; it takes 30 grenades to blow up (something like that). - The main thought is having places/installations on the map, that you can only access through either finding/gather in-game content, or by progression. I believe this is an awesome idea for the Survival game mode. Then you have small raids you do with friends, places with higher chance of loot. And still chance to encounter other players doing the same thing… Or arrive to the place with gate already blown. Event idea 2 – Save The Powerplant I have for a long time wanted to see some random “map-wide” events, that affect all players on the server/map at the same time, and forces people to make drastic decisions. These random events “radioactive zones” that was added, really provided me with some creative ideas for just that; There should be a nuclear powerplant building somewhere on the map, and 1-3 times a day (or maybe permanent weekend events) on every server, there should be a “Meltdown event”, where players have X-amount of time to save the nuclear powerplant before immediate meltdown. “Will players work together, or will they try kill each other while saving it?” – If players doesn’t mange to save the powerplant in time, a map-wide radiation will occur for 24 in-game hours, and all normal zombies will be empowered, but not dropping increased loot as in normal radioactive zone events, as that would be OP. Only safe zones will be safe, and a few secret locations on the map where “radioactive cover tents” have been placed. Event idea 3 – Survival Arena Many people play survival mode to get that “survive” feeling, so why don’t we spice it up a little, by adding a big fat colosseum-look-alike building somewhere on the map, where people can come and get the ultimate “PvE” experience. Here players will have to group up, and fight waves of zombies and super zombies, and force to work together in order to survive… Ok, so this is just hypothetical thinking, say there was 5 waves, and if you survive all 5, you’ll earn an airdrop, random skin box (or whatever, just some kind of reward). The xp gained from each zombie, should be lower than what you get from outside the arena of course, or else people would only farm xp this way, so lets say 1xp pr. zombie, 100xp pr. Super zombie. And people would have to bring their own ammunition and gear for this. In my opinion, this should be an in-game server thing, and not a server by itself like pvp-servers on Open World. There should be 2 hours cooldown on this Arena, and only 1 hour cooldown for premium players. Gameplay changes to items I'm sure this is gonna be one of my less populair ideas to many, as it will change something fundamental about Infestation, but also add that extra "survival touch / realism" to the game. I'm talking about adding "Clip/ammo-pockets" to armors, - each level of armor will add X amount of ammo-pockets, and "R" will only reload to the clips you have in your clip-pockets. I'm talking about the meaning of "tactical rigs", but not as an additional set of new item, I think it's better to keep it simple, therefore I suggest the following stats on already existing items: No armor: 1 ammo-pocket & 2 quick-use slot. Light: (Light Gear etc.): 3 Ammo pockets & 3 quick-use slots Medium: (MTV/IBA etc.): 4 Ammo pockets & 4 quick-use slots (vanilla infestation) Heavy: (Custom/Heavy etc.): 5 Ammo pockets & 5 quick-use slots (1 more than vanilla) SWAT Armor: 6 Ammo pockets & 6 quick-use slots (2 more than vanilla) My Market/Economy Suggestions Bring currency and market to Survival!... Just like the GI, this currency should be separate from those used in other game modes, call it “Survival dollars”, I don’t care. These survival dollars should be more difficult to farm than in open world, and prices in market should be way more expensive, as getting loot through market shouldn't be easier than farming. But it will however add a "new way" to farm. Back in “WarZ”, they had something called stem cells, add those as well, and items in the store could be like, *1 Custom cost 30.000 survival dollars, and 5 stem cells*. And those stem cells, you can only get from super zombies and such. This would bring more trading economy to the game, which I think will make less people trade survival items for GD, which I know is something you guys don’t support. As long as skins are able to cross game modes, I believe that survival dollars (lets call it “SD”), can become a quite attractive currency to the game in whole. This will also make more sense as rewards in Survival contract boxes. My Loot suggestions Tactical Custom Guerilla With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors, I bring you the "Tactical Custom Guerilla", this has same armor protection as normal custom g's (myabe 1% more), more rare than normal customs g's, but has the same Ammo pocket & Quick-use slots as SWAT armor. Tactical Light Gear With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors, I bring you the "Tactical Light Gear", this has same armor protection as normal light gears (myabe 1% more), same rarity as ghillie suits, but has the same Ammo pocket & Quick-use capacity/slots as SWAT armor. --- Hazmat Suit: Civilian With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers no protection, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. Hazmat Suit: Government With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers same stats as a Light Gear, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. Hazmat Suit: Military With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers same stats as a MTV, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. Hazmat Suit: Heavy Duty With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers same stats as a Custom Guerilla, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. --- Bipod for LMG's This is something I wanted in Infestation for since forever, - I have always found LMG's in Infestation to me way too weak and inefficient than their reputation in the real life. This should be one of the most rare attachment in the game, just as rare as SVD's, and can only be attached while proned, and should change the spread to something like 2,9. And while we're add it, add barrels and stocks for LMG's too. I love these new attachemnts! Stationary Bipod This Bipod works like a barricade, after it's delpoyed, you can hold "E" on it like with vehicles, and your LMG or AR- together with the player-character- will be mounted to it. This should be the most rare attachment in the entire game, same rarity as a blaser. The spread on mounted guns should be something like: LMG's: 2,7 AR's: 2,3 I believe this item will add some more fair balance when fighting against snipers, and would be an amazing funny addition when playing with friends, and especially with the new base building system getting introduced to the game. Open World Loot I like the idea of OW loot having a "chance" to appear in Survival, - There should be special survival weekend events, where super zombies will have a chance to drop OW loot, but not at a higher chance/rate than already existing survival loot, but just that the chance is there. - And special OW ammo should be able to be found, at special locations such as "Locked Areas". I love the idea of being able to have SUPER rare items in the game, that only so few people have, that you can count it all on 1 hand. Thank you for your time reading all this, and any feedback, thoughts and ideas to all this is very welcome! - I'm looking forward to hear what ya'll think about this. Best regards, Kjer
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    Dear Community Are you ready? We are very excited to announce this Weekend Event. Start: August 23, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) End: August 26, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) Now, let's jump into further details: Battle Royale Map Change We are going to change the Battle Royale map again because of the weekly map rotation. This time we change Arizona V2 to Tropico. Map will get changed in 1 week again. 30% Discount on all Skinboxes During this event you will have a discount of 30% on all skinboxes in the marketplace. This does not effect the Weekend Event Sale. Private Server Sale There will be a private server sale this weekend. We are giving 25% discount on the first rent. Open World & Survival Hurry up, there are only a limited amount of slots left. Stream Rewards Stream this weekend for at least 6 hours to earn 1000 GC as reward. You have to enable "Last Broadcast" on your streaming platform. 6 hours is the total stream time. If you stream on Youtube or Facebook, make sure your profile is public. Platforms: Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Rewards rolling out AFTER the event. Weekend Event Sale Special weekend event sale is also active during this time. Check the picture below for more information. We would also like to remind players if they experience any issues regarding the game to please contact us. Official Support: https://playnewz.com/support Twitch Drops: https://playnewz.com/drops Partnership Program: https://playnewz.com/partners Last Patch Notes/News: https://playnewz.com/news Feedback: https://playnewz.com/feedback The entire staff team wishes everyone a great weekend! // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Hello, so basically I want to explain you guys, why snipers actually do kill the game. This is actually based on Feedback which new players gave to me. So let's start with a fresh and new player, which is hyped to play the game. Let's imagine him joining Colorado and he's like, ok, let's see what we can do. The first thing he's going to notice is the huge amount of snipers shooting around. He literally has nothing in his GI and he can't do anything against people with snipers. Let's get in my position actually now: I have no snipers in my GI, I can't play Colorado because there's only people with snipers there now which I can't do anything against since they just snipe me over long range. So, as soon as I see that the PvP Servers are empty (AR ones) I actually have to exit the game, because I can not play the game because I don't have snipers. And snipers are very expensive. My point now: New players will quickly quit and uninstall the game, because they can't fight against snipers with nothing. I really do think snipers have to be a rare thing, even in open world. There are alot of people who can't afford snipers, which will result in quitting the game, which is bad. We HAVE to do something against snipers, no matter what. Something has to happen. New players are tired of getting sniped over and over again which I fully understand. ^^ Hope you get my point, Cheers.
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    I like this idea due to the fact that if you improve the mechanics of the weapons, you will vastly improve the overall game experience for all modes. Who is to say, with the proper scope on a SMG set to single fire, you can't have almost the same chance of a good hit as a sniper. This will also improve the overall game experience. Too many times I've fired a weapon, only to have the shot go flying off in an almost 90° angle from where I was aiming. I don't believe that buffing certain assault rifles if you improve their hit box. and IMO, nerfing the snipers might be a mistake. This is an idea that I've been bouncing around the forums for a while. Only, instead of trading them, have a vending machine, like in the Trade Lounges, so players can 'sell' their excess inventory at a reduced rate. I'd say players would receive between a 10% - 15% below the available price in the Marketplace. (Of course you could even make it a higher deduction but nothing over 25%.) I have heard about a sort of 'black market' on discord for buying and selling items for GC for items available in Survival. Since there is currently no currency in Survival, this is circumventing the system that is set up. There are only 2 ways players should be able to acquire items in Survival. Farming and Trading. (I know this comment will be very unpopular but it needs to be addressed) This could make for a more even playing field. If you are wearing top of the line armor and helmet, you should be better protected. @Sven, I am going to leave this one alone. You and I have had a number of conversations about it. You know what I think so, nuff said. As you said, these are just some of my ideas. I also like the idea of improved weapon mechanics. Here's a thought, maybe, after the weapons are improved, you guys can work on improved mechanics for vehicles? (Sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation) Overall, I agree with what you have said @Sven. Have a Nice Day!!!
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    Hmm I agree but this information is nothing new; might sound odd but for me this is also very logical. What really CAN be done, SHOULD be done and WILL be done is an entire different story. Don't get me wrong, I am not using this as an excuse but it's is a very, very complicated and sensitive situation. Have we tried stuff already? Yes, we have. But also like @Bravodog mentioned which is totally true; the game dynamically got to this point due to factors like the common spawn rate of snipers. I also do know that certain people in the team have different point of views and ideas on this topic and once again like I said: it's a very complicated situation. However, I can at least speak for myself and this is my point of view: Is it an issue? Yes. However, consider other factors: This is ONLY in the Open World game-mode, The game (for the first time since Steam release) has been growing - maybe some new players are able to "get into it" - how else would the game be growing. Now you guys are going to say: Yeah but Open World is the most played game-mode, and the game could potentially grow even more if this wasn't happening and that is TRUE but again; it's all point of views, possible outcomes, discussions, opinions, scenarios. Unfortunately there is nothing that says here: this is the fix. It's not as easy as that at all. In my opinion and based on my experience I do have a pretty good image of "how to handle" this challenge. In games, but mainly in situations related to currencies and quantities of goods; in this case the snipers, I think it's the worst mistake we can make to do any abrupt changes. Anything that we'd want to do to improve this situation has to be in little steps towards a goal. This will always allow us to take a step back, or make a bigger step forward if we see that the step works. The only scenario I'd see an abrupt change actually "fix" this is if the game has too little amount of players and we end up doing a wipe, fresh start and have the snipers rare from that start. Let's just not be negative and go out from the scenario above. I don't like to think that way although it is a realistic scenario. At this moment maybe not as much as the game (like I mentioned earlier) IS actually growing. Now, steps I see us take in the near future can be (and not in this particular order) as following: Improve weapon mechanics: This can and will lead to better assault rifles mainly, but also sub machine guns and pistols I see being really affected by this. With improvements here I mean to realistically improve weapons to a point they are actually working as they should, and shoot where the player aims. Once again take assault rifles here as an example. The first change here I'd see happening is removing the random (bullshit) spread and actually implement recoil patterns for every weapon. This allows players to "learn" any pattern for any weapon and this way hit more bullets. It makes the game more skillful and also when a player is good with a certain weapon allowing him to "fight" the snipers more as he will be able to hit more bullets. Further on improvements I'd also like to see is more customization and use towards attachments. Also mainly for assault rifles and sub machine guns. Improve player hit boxes: speaks for itself. This might not necessary be a "Nerf" towards snipers but I do think that skilled players will be able to hit more bullets with their weapons on other players. This is overall a point that should be done either way but I'd still like to mention it as it does play a role. Buff certain assault rifles, this is a very "big" point so to say but something that can be done to increase the use of them once again. Nerf certain snipers, it is an option. Give players more "ways" to get rid of their items / snipers. I have had a lot of ideas and suggestions based on this and examples I can mention is: allow players to trade in their items / snipers and get X back. Basically create ways and systems that could thin out the overall sniper amount. Make snipers more rare. This alone won't change anything as it's not going to change the amount that's already out there although it is worth to mention and has to be done in combination with points above. Buff certain armor or helmets, just so players don't get one-shot as much. Improve the map / certain areas so that there is more "cover" and less use for snipers. Just to be clear here: the points above are all from my own perspective and just some examples but could contribute in at least making the situation better. I especially like the first part about weapon mechanics. I think this can be a HUGE game changer for New Z. If you compare weapon mechanics at this moment in New Z with other games, New Z is pretty garbage. It's something WE can quite easily improve in my opinion. Just my points
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    Allright, I am going to look at the loot for both the Alien and Toxic super zombie later today when @ElChupacabra gets on and together with him based on the feedback you all posted here I think we can improve the loot significantly. Stay tuned for that.
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    Also let me add here that I'm rather new here, and a had NOT said anything about any Devs UNTIL NOW. I mearly pointed out that when Steve or ANY DEV is needed no one came. You allowed verbal abuse To go on for days. That's not over worked...that's neglected or willfully ignoring a problem hoping that your noisy PVEer pop will quit. Funny, after the guy called you guys nincompoops you even considered his ideas but bashed every one else. Your priorities are messed up dude or this guy was created by you guys... Read his OP...not my words. I always take special consideration for the words of the man who calls me a an idiot...you guys are special.. *******Edit******* I tried to multi quote a post by DNI_Adrian on Aug 3 rd that drives home my point that neither of us are the ones to call the Devs anything neg, just stressing that even the Devs weren't safe from his verbal abuse while it was going on. I ask which one he called that bc he was being just as offensive to you guys Ashe was to us. Yet no one came. You let players get verbally abused and it wasn't right. Where was you guys duty to moderate YOUR FORUM and protect YOUR regulars like even me now I guess from people like that guy you just said "um yeah , it's ok we will listen to ya after you abused our people like that.. just try to be be respectful next time".... That makes a VERY BAD impression on new people of your game!!!!
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    Where? Hmmm By "where' I mean again and again admins are called out by name, especially when someone is being verbally abusive. And where are they?? Oh the posts don't lie...on discord chatting it up and ignoring the forum. How do I know. . I went there. I pointed out there was an issues here and someone came after the abuse was over and the girls had to block this guy who admitted he was onlyhere to inflame the board and cause trouble. So yes,I called @Steve out. I'm not blind...And I'm not dumb.
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    1. All AR rifles 2. In AR rifles we have spread. But it makes de gun spread all shots, even when you shoot slower. 3. Don't know. 4. The spread should be lower if you are standing and pointing the enemy. Maybe a spread reduce if you are lowered. You can't jump and no makes all players jump and shot like retards. 5. weapons recoil should be exponential. The guns with higth firerate can shot 3 bullets before recoil start. Thompson and EVO have this problem. You can shot easy at same point because the recoil are very slow to response. Thanks for all. *Para salvar para mim posteriormente editar AK 47 VS Scar 556 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwmEhf5ejyk Scar 556 Less recoil More fast reload More precision Rifles FireRate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmeRROzi_4k
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    I think i have seen a thermometer where you see hunger or thirst of player...but i never has seen working to show when player wharm up or freeze...
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    Both of these are good ideas, ANYTHING to get rid of the drudgery of trade....
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    Some time ago I wanted a market that sold players' weapons/itens bought by NPC and placed on a "shelf". The purchase amount by the NPC would be set by the stock. The sale value as well. The idea at the time was to eliminate trade servers and trade via browser to put trade players in the game. A lot of time is wasted selling a product via chat. And if you want to sale/buy some item you can't stay all the time in the trade lounge. This will help player to buy and sell itens and make the guy who have 1000 SVD but even a 10 heavy sell snipers to buy heavy.
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    @GENETICZZ You do have a valid point but at this time in the development of the game making them rare is pointless as this has turned into a sniper jump fest in all the servers and since the hit box issue still an issue the playing field will remain unbalanced for any new players and yes they will uninstall the game. I try to help with having sub servers that are PVE only so that new players that sub to me can and do farm all the gear they need as well as xp and skill tree leveling.
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    I agree. I currently have about a thousand snipers on my GI. It is virtually impossible to get into any server with more than 10 players and not get sniper shots. And now snipers like VSS and Mauser SP66 are ridiculously easy to use. VSS has a very high firing rate and Mauser has the same bullet drop for 200, 250, 300m. Maybe increase AR headshot damage or make snipers more slow to get another shot.
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    come on devs it is boring to see the same and weak zombies i mean so boring make the zombies kill veteran player fast and can climb box or walk on top of the box and can hit player if they are near the zombies ( because zombies cannot hit you even if you character head is kissing the zombies while proning on top of cars while the zombies stop running at you just becauses you character is on top of box or something like cars )
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    I find it interesting that you chose to reply to a post I made on the 16th rather than the more recent one. Again, I point out that although you may have 'improved' the loot from the Alien in your perspective, to others, as you can see, the so-called 'improvement' is negligible. They are still dropping the occasional item that is among the most common available. And, as far as the Toxic, is having it drop an Adventure Backpack, or a Heavy Armor an improvement? That is debatable. You see, both those items are found everywhere. Why would we chase one down, only to harvest loot we can more easily acquire elsewhere? I can surmise that any player who has been in the game for 6 months or more has an abundance of these items. Myself, I have well over 1000 of both in my inventory. I also find it interesting that you want to 'see what the rest of the team thinks'. In the past, that has meant no to any changes that we, the community, ask for. I'm sure you can see that I am not alone with this thought. The standard answers are, 'I will discuss it with the team', 'We are working on that', 'Only Fred can fix that' and the ever popular, 'I don't have time because of other things'. Oh well. Looks like just another idea/request will go by the wayside. So sad. Aftermath started it's death spiral in much the same way. No matter, I have other games to play. I spend more time on games on my PlayStation. At least you know what to expect with them. If I want to drive a car, I can be certain that I will not get disconnected from the game. I would also like to address the radiation zones themselves. The gas masks do enough to hinder our vision. This is even more troubling when it is nighttime. We are all but blinded to what is going on around us. Unless you have a good working knowledge of the area you are in, you are basically at a major disadvantage. Again I suggest you allow us to wear NVG in conjunction with any and all masks and hats. If you must present a lower perspective of the surrounding area, I would suggest, instead of all but totally blocking our view, you change the area to reflect more of a greenish hue. BTW, there still has been no response to comments about the insensitive language that is used in the game and with certain character names. Have a Nice Day!!! OH and, Play Nice!!!
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    I tried at the airport. Profit on items was around 650K. I prefer to stay in dead valley and gather 850k in less time and with more visibility
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    Ok. Here is my critique of this event. 1) The Alien loot has improved slightly, however they still drop helmets and armor. This needs to stop. 2) I got the chance to kill 2 Toxic Supers. Both appeared at the same time. I was a bit excited at the prospect of having better loot. The first one I killed, which took 500 rounds to kill dropped 1 ADVENTURE BACKPACK. I was shocked. Again, all that effort and all that ammo spent and only 1 item. Then I proceeded to kill the second one. Guess what. All I got for my trouble was 1 Heavy Armor. 1000 rounds total and all I came away with was 2 items? And neither of those were higher tier weapons? You really didn't improve the Toxic. It's still dropping junk. Backpacks and Armor are a big waste of ammo. They both can be easily found just laying on the ground in other locations. Once again, when I killed a Super I got 8 pieces of loot which consisted of 4 helmets and 1 armor. Sad. People talk about the game economy. After this event I would have to say it's in poor condition. I had high expectations for this event @Sven. Sadly, it fell far short of those expectations. After re-reading the statement from you above, I realize that neither the Alien or the Toxic zombies are going to get any better and are not worth the time to pursue. Besides the fact that the very minimal improvement in the Alien loot, it will no doubt revert to what it was. Oh, and over the weekend, I was subjected to getting booted out of the game when I tried to enter my vehicle. This should have been addressed and fixed MONTHS ago. The grade for this event on a scale of A to F (F being a failing grade) I give it an F-. Have a Nice Day!!!
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    I don't find a tocix kkkkkkkkk, nice. Best loot, with a bug
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    Concordo 100% com o Daniel. Survival deveria ser como o WarZ (antigo Infestation), senão qual o sentido de existir Survival e Open World se os dois estão super parecidos? Espero que ocorra uma mudança drástica no Survival e que não deixem o modo morrer. Wipe apenas do inventário e nerf dos drops de sniper estaria ótimo. Obrigado.
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    Olá, eu jogo modo survival faz uns 3 anos é parei de joga no inicio de 2019 e voltei a joga ontem mas estou vendo que as sniper no modo survival estão muito fácil é esta parecendo o modo open world queria que tivesse um wipe e os drop de sniper volta a fica difícil !
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    It's not an exaggeration. It's a fact. One normal radiation zombie dropped 2 PKM heavy machine guns. I know that normally they only drop one PKM ammo box. It was a big surprise to me. I thought that maybe, just maybe, @Steve actually followed through with his statement that he could update the loot drops live without having to wait for an update. It was right after that that the Toxic Super dropped 1 Heavy Armor.
  24. 1 point
    Amen to that @JKS. The loot imbalance for both the Toxic and Alien have been horrible for far too long. @Sven thanks for listening about this. It was sad when a regular zombie dropped better loot than the Toxic Super (2 PKM heavy machine guns for the regular zombie compared to 1 Heavy Armor from the Toxic Super) in a radiation zone. And, like @JKS said, I hope this is a permanent improvement instead of just a weekend thing.
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    Maybe keep this after the event, at least for Toxic and Alien.
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    After playing what I would call a mediocre weekend event, I decided to go to a radiation area and give it another shot. I was kind of bored so I thought it would bring a little more excitement to the game. When I arrived I was confronted with the usual irradiated zombies and killed a few. They dropped the usual loot they drop which is PKM ammo. Then, I was confronted by a regular Super zombie. It took a little more ammo than usual to kill him but he dropped some decent loot. By decent I mean NO helmets or armor. Then I found an Irradiated Super and attacked him. As usual, it took an extra amount of ammo to kill him. After he was dead, I was shocked to see that he had dropped only 1 SVD. I searched the spot because some items drop into the ground but the SVD was the only loot found. Then, to my surprise, I heard a second Irradiated Super. I lured him to where I was and proceeded to kill him. I was ASTOUNDED to see that he had dropped only 1 HEAVY ARMOR!!! I again searched the area and found NOTHING ELSE!!! What The Hell!!! @Steve, In another thread you were approached about improving and changing loot because of the junk that drops. You stated that 'It will be easy. I can change the loot live so I don't have to wait for an update to do it' Why did you tell that person you can do it, when in reality, you don't have any plan on doing it? Lying to a player about what you can do is worse than not answering at all. Which brings me to my next issue. Why have none of the developers answered the points I made with the post I have linked here? Is it that you don't want to respond to comments that are other than complimentary? Wait, I think I know what your answer is going to be. 'I'm so busy doing other things I don't have time' OR 'I'll bring this up in the next meeting and see what everyone says about it' OR you just don't give a damn. In the link below, I tried presenting some issues as precisely as possible in an adult, polite manner. So much for diplomacy. Yes, the post may be in the wrong thread. I was just following the thought that was presented in the thread. Besides, the issue presented affects ALL game modes, not just survival. http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/8185-another-unnecessary-suggestions/&do=findComment&comment=42808 If you think that ignoring what I have been trying to point out is going to get me frustrated and just drop the issues, you are sadly mistaken. If anything, it's going to irritate me more and you will hear it more and more. Bottom Line here guys, You are doing little to nothing to fix some issues that have been ongoing for well over a year. Some for longer than 2 years. You want to keep this game relevant. You want to keep making money. You want the players to be happy. Well, unless you stop sidestepping issues that are hurting the overall enjoyment of the game, you will end up with nothing. I know I've said this before. But it bares repeating. And NO, I'm not speaking for just the PVE side. I'm speaking for ALL the players and modes. Since you have little to not separation between the modes, what issues presented here effect ALL GAME MODES. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!
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    First of all, thank you for finally responding. When I talk about issues that have been around for 1-2 years, I'm talking about things like broken vehicles, horrible loot drops, system boots, FPS that goes wild (I had a 1400 FPS over the past weekend and my game was locked in a similar manner to what @Katryna247 reported to tech support.) Now, this only occurred once for me, but she had hardly any access for much of the weekend. I also understand that you are not going to take every suggestion I present and implement it. That is not my point here. The main point is the lack of participation of the staff. I can take no for an answer. However, no answer of any sort is far worse than a no answer. @Sven is a trooper. He takes the heat for just about every negative issue that is presented here. He doesn't get enough credit for the effort that he does put forth. However, he is not the only admin/developer connected with this game. He is simply the only one that takes the critical comments and pushes forward. My point here is, share the responsibility to respond to our posts. There's an old saying 'Many hands make light work'. We get frustrated when we try to help by pointing out what we perceive as problems and get no response. It's just as bad for us to see short replies that do not address our issues. Some people feel like they are being treated unfairly thus you see the language take a derogatory turn. (This issue is especially bothersome to me. We are told to keep the dialog respectful. However, we see very disrespectful language directed at us in the in game text chat, that we report using the in game report feature, and nothing ever gets done about it.) Another example of the poor response from the support staff. We are even told that 'You have to understand that this occurs in video games' and to just 'ignore it'. Or we hear, 'Oh, it's just part of the game'. Racial slurs, Sexual innuendo, blatant foul language that is disguised by U$ing special characters, and homophobic comments should not be a part of ANY aspect of the game. That includes character names, server names, in game chat whether that be on discord, on the in game voice chat and the in game text chat, and posts in this forum. I hope that you mean EVERYONE'S feedback. I am not the only one posting here. However, I am one of the few that will call you out when things that are broken do not get fixed in a timely manner or at least acknowledged that you are working on it. And reporting that it is either fixed, or it's beyond the scope of what you are able to do and tell us so. BE HONEST. Communicating goes a long way to keeping us engaged in the game. You all have a mostly thankless job. When you hide, you magnify the negative feelings we, the gaming community, have toward you. I hope this helps explain what I'm talking about. There have been some new members of the forum that have presented issues they see. Acknowledge their input. Keep the community engaged.
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    Yes. I'm talking about the Toxic green zombies. I honestly can't see how you or the other Developers and/or Admins weren't aware of this. This is not my first post on this issue. Plus, there have been other members of this forum that have tried bringing this to your attention. (Again, when I say YOUR I'm talking about everyone on your staff that is responsible for responding to comments, issues, complaints, reports and the like. For example, Of course, these are just 2 examples related to this subject. You cannot expect the gaming community to be happy when issues like these and so many others are either brushed aside, not answered, or given the answer of 'I understand and will bring this up in the next meeting. All those that are responsible for repairing issues that happen should be checking this forum DAILY. By not doing that, you are letting really good, loyal gamers like myself to become so frustrated with poor game quality that they eventually leave. For myself, I'm like a dog with a bone. I'm going to keep chewing on it till there's nothing left. Unfortunately, there is less and less of that 'bone' left to chew with this game. I haven't made almost 600 posts here because I like posting. I'm doing my level best to point out issues that I see so they can be addressed in a timely manor and fixed. It's up to you the staff of Infestation: The New Z to see to it that these problems are fixed. @Fred, @ElChupacabra, @3lias, become active and take some of the heat off @Sven. BECOME MORE ACTIVE!! DO SOMETHING TO HELP WITH IMPROVING THE GAME!! COME OUT OF HIDING AND TALK TO THE PARTICIPANTS OF THIS FORUM!!! We're actually a really nice group of people. We don't bite, well, for the most part. We may get frustrated and long winded at times. We may even lose our tempers and rant and rave and even YELL!! It's not done to be disrespectful or hurtful, it's because WE CARE ABOUT THIS GAME and WANT TO SEE IT THRIVE AND GROW!! Oh, and please, Please, PLEASE... Motivate the support staff to do more than just give the standard answers for reports they receive. If someone is having a problem, HELP THEM FIX IT. Some of us try to help by answering questions for newer members of this forum. WE CARE!!! SO SHOULD YOU!!! Here is just one example: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/8210-super-zombies/ It's easy when you really care about what happens with the game.
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    Hey, I love your ideas! We tryed that zombies could be able to hit you when you are on top of a box or some cars but some players found this a bit unconfortable ( WW3 ). You should post this idea ( or link ) here: That way more players will be able to see it and react. I want to thank you for submitting your feedback, ideas like this are very good tohelp us improve the game
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    They dont care about sz az drops or general realistic upgrades of the game...but very often we see new hilarius skins or skin boxes with horns or angel wings!!!! I wrote it and elswere...this is not survival game anymore just a fashion show!!!! I personaly dont waste time go in radiation areas cz like you says loot is poor and is for lauph (that is mine )!!!And why radiation is foggy where did you see that???
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    yeap. This is for easy loot and focus on PVP easy REP. And it's ok if it is in PVP server. We have pve servers for this not happening. No, this not happens. I see PVE player asking for more dificult game (radiation, missions, more SZ, more zombies in cities) and PVP players crying about "monkey zombies" or the speed of SZ or "a car in pvp, buáaaaaaaaaa". Noobs play PVE to learn the game commands and after that enter in a clan or getting PVP for himself. WTF? You play the old WZ, no? yeah. .50 stopped by helmet because you can't have a protection at riot or other map barrier. I see who is the noob in game now... They already exist. We call Attachments. Also some items have silencer or less recoil in stats. It's like my old idea from eliminate the game market and put a "players" market at brownser when you can sell itens and after 24H the prices to buy and sell have a reajust using a algorithm using the demand and search aspect. I have a response saying "this consume a lot off game treadht f**** you" or someting else. We have zombies in all point in the map. If you play pvp in the florest you will get a hit from sleeping zombie. Put zombies using the positions off players is madness. The server will run at 50 players puting zombies around all players? We have a long time ago, SZ hit at 3º lvl. And zombies hit at 2º level. Who cry in the community to change that? PVP poor players, because they don't have items to use, only sniper and meds. Again, we have the zombie screamer. He make the zombies in area come to you and basicaly f*** you strategy. PVP player don't like and cry to erase this hability. Zombie Crow ? The game no have fisics for do that. I agree. Stop try to be a FPS game. What is nincom? Few years forum? You mean last year, 2018-2019? The devs position at forum points are "nobody cares". If you search for a enemy join in the discord and you see the "best" ideias to f**** this game and after that this players get out in another game playing the opposite of they ideias. I don't read the treta. Have a nice night.
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    Many many years have passed since the holocaust, the harms are already rusted, the bullets are finished, the food is broken and very scarce, the only possible option is to create our weapons and food. Let the survivor mode be renamed to classic mode. And that the new survival mode is more realistic and complicated. That the zombies really give fear and are more dangerous and lethal. Fast zombies with a keen sense of hearing, and to shoot a firearm is very dangerous. The food is very scarce. No group or clan markers. With history, missions and challenges. That shelters can be built. Very rare heavy weapons. The skills are quickly completed but lost when they die. There will always be bad people in this new world but they will have it very difficult under these terrible conditions. Another point I would like to make is that both the OPEN WORLD mode and the SURVIVOR mode have an open mode so renaming OPEN WORLD by ARCADE would be a more appropriate name.
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