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    Dear Community Today it's Friday and that means time for another weekend event! Are you ready? We are very excited to announce this weekend's weekend event. Start: October 12, 2018, 12:00 PM (CEST) End: October 15, 2018, 12:00 PM (CEST) Now, let's jump into further details: Weekend Event Sale! The additional sale where we have discounts and releases for skins, items and more! (Check the picture below) New Release! During this weekend event, we are going to release the Spray Box, which contains all available sprays and 3 new once. You can check the content after release while looking it up in the in-game marketplace. Special Event on Clear V2 Double Speed and High Jump are going to be activated on the PVP map "Clear V2" during this weekend. You can find the PVP section on Open World. Battle Royale Madness We are going to add special loot to Battle Royale and also double the skinbox reward. With special loot we are talking about adding VSS or flash bangs etc everywhere, so you guys can go crazy. Jackpot During this weekend we are going to double the chances of getting something rare out of the skinboxes. Example Heavy Armor Fallen Angel will jump from 5% to 10% (numbers are just an example). 10% discount on all GC Skinboxes All the GC Skinboxes will have a discount of 10 % during this weekend. Means every GC Skinbox which you can buy in the in-game marketplace. We are also doing a massive giveaway starting NOW where you can win epic prizes! To join, go to: https://www.playnewz.com/giveaway.php We also like to remind players if they experience any issues regarding the game to please contact us by creating a support ticket at https://playnewz.com/support If you have any feedback, regarding this weekend event or just about the game in general, let us know in the comments or at https://playnewz.com/feedback We wish you all a great weekend! // The New Z - Staff Team
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    If they make Survival Standalone, they better make loot rarer as it was back in warz, cause survival as it is, it's like playing open world deathmatch ar server without dx's and shields. Everybody has hundreds of high end ar's and gear. It isn't fun.
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    I know this might sound crazy, but I honestly believe that survival is an entirely separate game than open world and should be treated as one. Imagine being a new player, getting this game on steam and joining open world only to get scoped in the face in the first 10 seconds. This results in those new players immediately quitting and leaving a bad review on the game as a whole without even experiencing survival. As a veteran of the original game... I just want the original game with the bugs fixed, the cheaters gone, the snipers rare, and an active community. NewZ Survival has primarily fixed a lot of the bugs, made the snipers rare, and doesn't have nearly as much of a problem with cheaters as the original game did. The only thing survival is missing, in my opinion, is a player base. With that said, in this game's current state, and with the association of Open World, I don't think survival can ever really grow. Since I first played survival on initial launch, the player base has only shrunk. My suggestion would be to relaunch the survival portion of this game (as a separate game entirely) and make your primary selling point be "the original game without the bullshit". Infestation: FixedZ If I'm entirely wrong / my suggestion would never work, feel free to flame away and let me know.
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    Friends, Friday Night or Saturday Morning I got you covered my sunshine can rain down a good time no matter your situation! Come hang out with me for a good time and get you some of them super awesome community skin boxes. Let's go family, friends, and new community members! Thanks, Stinefelt
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    u guys already have 3 cup's why NA cant have one? u want my mom too?
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    Friends, Thank you all for stopping in the stream to say hello and to hang out with me! We had a great time together enjoying some cool music, killing zombies, making some GD, and evening a little picture guess work together. Truly blessed at the fun time we all got to have together so the thanks again is to all of you! Thanks, Stinefelt
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    and in the Eu Cup everyone can join makes sence 🤔
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    Thank you to all who stopped in to say hello and spend time in the stream with me. It was a wonderful time to hang out with you look forward to the next stream. Thanks, Stinefelt
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    Dear Players, After the last tournaments that we organized and the really good feedbacks we have received regarding our last SuperCups, we decided to launch our first American Tournament! The reason for this big American tournament is because of the huge demand from our community during the last cups we organized. The last cups we made were mainly based in Europe or Asia, and never in America. To make it fair, we wanted to create this first American Tournament to give American players a chance to play with a good ping. Keep in mind, this tournament is for American Players only. This includes North America, Central and South America. So bring your friends & clans, build your team and become the best team of the tournament! Would you like to join? Here are the requirements: Your team needs to be at least 5 people. There will be 5 people playing so a minimum of 5 people is required. You can have as many extra players (reserves) as you want but only 5 can play. You will be able to add reserve players 24 hours before your match. Your team has to be from North America, Central or South America. We allow teams to use 1 player from other continents. You have to agree on all the following rules under pain of punishment. You have to register on this thread in the comments. Fill & Follow this quote and then post it in comment to register your team: MAP: Tournament Map (The games will be done on Event Servers in the PVP Servers List in NA.) SYSTEM: Best of 3 during the Group Stage and Best of 5 after Group Stage / 5 vs 5 / Day time TOURNAMENT SYSTEM: To be annouced! DATE OF FIRST MATCHES: To be announced! - Only teams from America (North, Central, South America) are allowed to join this tournament. But you must be aware of some rules about it: 1. Every match will take place on North American Servers. 2. You have to make sure that your internet is stable. The biggest problem in this case is not the ping but the "Packet lost". When a player has Packet lost, his internet is very unstable and it makes him lagging ingame. If we see that one of your players is lagging during the match then you will have two possibilities: * You will be able to replace him with one of your reserve players. If you decide to replace him, you have exactly 3 minutes to do that. After the 3 minutes, (with or without your reserve player) the match will start again. * You will be able to finish the match in 4vs5. But in anyways, if your player is still lagging he will not be able to finish the match and you will have to deal with the circonstences. 3. Teams are allowed to bring as much players from outside of America as they want in their replacements. But in your main squad while playing a match, only 1 players from other continent is allowed to play. - Every complaint about a match will be assigned to kazmightONFIRE and Chupacabra. You will have to bring different evidence to prove anything. - A player cannot play for more than one team, even if in different accounts. If this happens, the teams involved will be instantly disqualified. - Every team MUST use our TeamSpeak 3 Server to communicate. We will create rooms for your team with a password. Those informations will be provided to the leader of the team. - In order to organize the tournament as best as possible, every team have to make sure they can also play during the week (around night time). Teams that help us to organize matches during the week days will be rewarded. Here's the tournament format of this American Tournament: We aim to make Group phases and then a direct elimination. Each team will play against in each other in that group ONCE. Each round you win brings you one point. A match contains 3 or 5 rounds (bo3 or bo5). In best of 5, the first team that has 3 rounds won, wins the match. If every team have the same number of players alive after the 5mins, the round is over and it's a draw. (means that a match can end on a score of 2-2). If a 1-1 happens during the "direct elimination", an extra round of 5 minutes will be played between the 2 teams. If after those 5 mins it's still a draw, then the team with the biggest amount of kill during the whole match will be qualified. After this decision if there is still a tie, the team with the biggest amount of rounds during the entire tournament will be qualified. 1vs1 against 3 players of each team can be decided in case there is still a tie. The amount of players left in each match will be used as a tie-breaker if necessary. The two best teams in each group will automatically qualify. If there is a tie among third places, they will play an extra match on against each other to decide who advances. This match will be on BO3 format. LAG / PING: Since this tournament will be mainly hosted in NA servers, lagging will not be tolerated. If you have a stable connection, you will be able to play, but if your connection is unstable, you will be kicked from the match. We will have referees watching over the match. If you are lagging on their screens, you are OUT of the round. If nobody has died yet, your team will be allowed to bring a reserve in, IF he is able to join the server within 3 minutes (and only once in a match). We will not wait for you to 'fix your connection'. If you are lagging, you are out of that round. You may comeback on the next round, if there is one. IMPORTANT: By accepting to join this tournament you need to be completely aware that you will have the ping you have in our NA servers and that YOU lagging (for our referees/other players) will cause a kick on that player. EQUIPMENT: Stanags 30 ONLY. Custom Guerilla + Kstyle ONLY. Bandages DX ONLY. 5 AR players (AR: SIG / TAR / AUG / SCAR) x5 Riot Shield MAX. If you pick more than 5, you and your will team will be eliminated from the tournament. (Woodshields are not allowed.) Attachments allowed. (Except Rifle Flashlight and Pistol Flashlight) GENERAL: 5 minutes limit per match. The winner is the team with the most players alive OR the team that kills the entire enemy team. No Roof access. (tents, trucks, buses or any other small building.) The small cars, ambulances, vans, crates and concrete pills are ALLOWED. Any type of grenade are not allowed this time. If you die, you are not allowed to join back the server till the round is over. You cannot boost yourself with shields over a fence or on top of any object. If another player crashes, then we will pause the match with an Air Horn. No one can move, and the player that crashed has exactly 5 mins to join back. The match continues after the player is back (Air Horn). If the player crashes and comes back with more items than they had before, his team automatically loses the match (not just the round) The match starts when both teams are Ready. The match officially starts after the Air Horn. NOTE: Rules are subject to be changed with no warning prior to the start of the tournament. Each team will receive a prize. The Clan Leader will receice those and will have to split it with his team mates. Here are the following. Group Stage rewards: Every 1st of each group will get 2,000,000 GD. Every 2nd of each group will get 1,000,000 GD. Every 3rd of each group will get 500,000 GD. Final Stage rewards: The Winner of the tournament will get 20,000,000 GD + Clan skins + Special Riot Shield! The Clan Leader will also receive a unique Trophy called "PanAmerican Cup Winner". This is an unique and epic item that is only obtainable by winning this cup! The 2nd of the tournament will get x5 Fun Edition Skinbox + 10,000,000 GD + Special Riot Shield! The 3rd of the tournament will get x5 Alien Skinbox + 5,000,000 GD! NOTE: Prizes could change depending the amount of teams joining the tournament. We want to make this tournament as fun as possible. So any insult / glitch abuse / cheating / or any other rule-breaking actions during the matches will be punished and could even be resulted in a ban. In case 1 of the 5 players breaks the rules the whole team will be eliminated. We will try to stream as much matches as possible, of course we will not be able to cover the entire tournament as there will be many matches. So, every single match during the Direct Elimination will be live streamed and some of the Group phase matches will also be streamed right here: Every streamed match will be available in the Past Broadcasts of this Twitch Channel and will also be uploaded on this Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ElChupacabra Keep an eye on this post (have it bookmarked for example) as we will post all the news and updates regarding the tournament here. To make everything as clear as possible we have a time-line here so you can see where we currently are regarding the tournament: Post announcement of the official tournament. Open registrations. Close registrations. Select all the teams. After the teams are selected they will be contacted. Release of the tournament groups with the teams selected. First games will be organized and played. Tournament groups will keep being updated. Release of the final tournament tree. Semi-finals. These will be live-streamed. Tournament tree update. Final. This will also be live-streamed. Winner announcement & reward. Closing of the tournament. Every match will have 7 days available to be scheduled. It will be scheduled by the referee of the match and the two clan leaders (speaking on behalf of the whole team).  // Infestation: New Z - Staff Team
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    It's been 20 weeks now that i have started the weekly events with Glad. To celebrate that and as a thank you for all you guys participating, I'm going to add a leaderboards to our sunday events. How does that work? The leaderboard will be for Deathmatches and Tournaments only for now The points will stick to the character playing. If you switch char, you will have to start with 0 points again There will be points given to the winners: Tournament: 1st: 3p 2nd: 2p 3rd: 1p Deathmatch: Each winner will get 2p I'm going to add some document that i will be keeping updated. I'm also going to try working on some kind of rewards. Maybe monthly we will see. Today will be the first event where i will be counting points for the winners. We are starting soon so stay tuned! Edit: Leaderboards: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oaHe-7bRdP_a7-zRG4GbbKicUw_iSK0lP82KdZNejeg/edit?usp=sharing
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    Friends, Let us take some time to explore the depths of Survival a bit further as we try to get out of the Monday funk! Well some are already on to the Tuesday we are on the Monday! Come hang out on the stream of all streams for a good time and to collect ya some awesome community boxes! Thank you all! Zombie Expert, Stinefelt
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    Friends, We are given a new day to enjoy so come and have some fun with me in the stream of all streams while it's online! Thank you for always joining and I post here so you know that I am here if you haven't clicked that follow button yet! Thanks, Stinefelt
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    Friends, I will be going online shortly to stream the Newz and playing survival for a while! A great time for everyone to collect some community boxes and to have some fun. Thank you all here in the community for your support and for helping to keep this wonderful game growing and online. Thanks, Stinefelt
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    ATTENTION EVERYONE Fridays Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.23 HYPE!! Drops @infestationnewz @StreamElements @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchTVOnline @fredaikis @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetsU @xidaxpcs
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    Put in a support ticket because we do not deal with ban appeals in the forum https://playnewz.com/support.php
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    in a few months I will upload more variety of videos, in survival and open world , and cinematics
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    Good music & good entertainment 👌😎
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    Being more specific, the new 'contracts' promote boosting. All groups have to do is join a private server and kill each other.
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    Yes I actually have plans for a survival server for EAG and members of the community here to enjoy. It will have some rules that will need to be followed, however there will be some tremendous amounts of fun to be had. --------------------------------- Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to join in on the stream to say hello and to hang out with me. I am very thankful for each person in this community taking the time to spend it with me and in the game. Thanks, Stinefelt