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    As a side note... It's funny how there is a system in place that limits how many times we can react to posts in the forum but not a better one for blocking offensive language and character names.
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    First of all, I have a hypothetical question. If a friend jumps off a 300' cliff, would you just blindly follow? Just because offensive/vulgar/degrading language is in other games does NOT mean that it needs to be or should be in this one. As I stated in my previous comment, I know the logistical nightmare it would be to try to have someone monitor every open server. However, what I did say was can someone, on a ROTATING basis, act as a monitor in the open unlocked servers. I think I even read somewhere (my memory escapes me where I saw it) that a moderator's name would appear in green. It would only take around 3-4 people to survey the different servers just to do a quick check on character names. BTW, Character names are something that can quickly be monitored if a filter were in place to block certain words and/or phrases. I know that both @DNI_Adrian and @Katryna247 have talked about this a lot. @Sven has the right idea. Make improvements to the filter that is already in place. it's disheartening to go in to servers and see the same offensive names over and over. Especially since some names have been reported multiple times. This CAN improve, as @Sven said, add a couple more report categories to encompass the language and character names. These new categories could be monitored more closely. This would greatly reduce the stress that can occur when someone keeps seeing the same behavior repeated by the same names. Here's a thought. Instead of having the system set up to use *** to block flagged words, why not reject the comment in text chat so it doesn't even appear on screen. That system is easily circumvented by using special characters. For someone that has knowledge of the ASCII codes it's even easier. For example ~Ò¿Ó~ I'm watching you. Also using s p a c e s or p.e.r.i.o.d.s between letters is another way to circumvent the current system. As far as bannable offenses, I think the '3 strikes and you're out' rule is a good idea. If a 3 day ban is being laughed off then make it a week for the first offense, a month for the second offense, and perm ban for the third. Yes, I know, there are a lot of people out there that use a VPN. Before they came in to being, it was easy to just do an IP ban. But, since a VPN rotates the IP of a user, this won't work. However, someone that is determined to use such names will be persistent and keep trying. In fact, they will become more blatant in their use of such names since they are upset that you had the audacity to ban them in the first place. I suspect that there are those out there that already have more than one account. (just my personal opinion here). I think that all of us have hit on a workable solution to one of the problems in this game. (No, I'm not going to mention trees or boulders) Have a Nice Day!!!
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    The bans is also something that NEEDS to be improved. They are bad in a way, cause it makes us lose players if we are strict. However on the other hand we have to. Then you have the kids that say "only 3 day ban no problem" and continue anyways. The only power IS banning here at this moment. Unfortunately. I have pointed out to the rest many times we have to address and improve this in ways for example by adding more ban systems for chat, per game-mode, voice bans, etc. etc. Also, I do still think rules / punishments have to be reworked and improved. We could introduce other ways as punishment such as wiping XP, GD, inventories etc. etc. These are all things that would fix the "only 3 day ban no problem" kids.
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    I'm a big fan of automating systems instead of people doing raw manual work day in day out as long as it is 100% water proof in ways of that it's 100% certainty. In this case, there is some filters we could and should adjust to the chat and the spaces for example should be relatively easy to detect. On the other hand we could also look at other alternatives including to add a report category for names. This way we can at least filter out the character names and those reports could be checked based on for example how many times a name has been reported. For the actual chat there is further alternatives too and a bit of out-of-the-box thinking we could even add a chat ban function to prevent these users from chatting instead of banning them from the game. These are all very simple and doable solutions and just some I can think of right now. Probably can come up with a ton of more suggestions. Just my opinion and ideas. I'm not a coder and can't add it to the game / systems myself unfortunately.
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    In my opinion all bans should be to "disable" the acc. In free online game, temporary ban can't maked diference. I agree your list, but in diferent order; 1. Wipe XP and Rep with - Chat block at 1 week 2. Wipe GI and all chars 3. Make a oficial list to show the "trash" playes to all comunity 4. Stop the computer processor-fan.
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    Those would be more significant in a players eyes. There is a reason I swatted back at @3lias, bc the answer saying Chup is taking it serious but they don't have manpower to deal with/ look at all the complaints. I realize other games have nasty trash talk, but do the Devs here really "want" to be one of them? There are so many things can be done yet he did not offer any kind of fix. I like the ideas, maybe add taking rep, but do in stages. Example: 1st offence 1 week chat ban ( doesn't seem bad til thy realize they cant trade) 2nd wipe XP and Rep 3rd Wipe GI 4 Ban This could be done for like 3- 6 months time frames. What ever the set time frame the penalties are they re set X calender time. Similar to how employers use occurrences.
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    We don't have the logistical resources to have a moderator in every server unfortunately. It's hard to draw a line between bannable and non-bannable offenses. I know it's not okay but for the same reason you see this type of language/insults in almost every online game out there. Chupa is taking care of the majority of reports and I am confident he takes every report seriously. I am aware that there have been cases of Staff being rude and I have taken it seriously every time. That's never OK. As always thanks for your input.
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    Nice job Sven!!! Amazing work!!! Please if its possible can you make a little ajustment on ghillies colors or some rework on them too???? Thanks we all appriciate your work
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    This could make life interesting...
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    @3lias, I personally am glad that you are taking care of the reports you get. I will endeavor to keep my temper in check in the future. What I would really like to know is, are the in-game reports even looked at? It doesn't seem likely since we see the same character names, and are subjected to a lot of the same insults. Some worse than other, but they are insults none the less. I can take being called a 'noob' or a 'rookie' (although both those names make me chuckle). Now, I know what I'm about to ask is extremely difficult and could cause a logistical problem. Can someone, on a rotating basis, act as a moderator in the game servers? I'm not talking about the hundreds of personal servers that are locked and only available to those that are selected to be a part of those particular servers. What I am suggesting however, is for the open servers that anybody and/or everybody can join. Those are the places that we are talking about. What people do with their own personal servers is their business. But the public servers need to be monitored. Now, I know this is particularly difficult due to the fact of the different languages that are spoken since this is a global game. Would this be a possibility? BTW... I have gotten, as I'm sure others have gotten, some answers from the support staff that can be considered 'insulting' so to speak. I sincerely hope that they will be held to the same standards that we are expected to. Just remember, insults come in many different forms. You can insult someone's ethnicity, gender, intelligence, and ability to pay for certain services. Just making sure we are going to be standing on equal ground here. Have a Nice Day!!!
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