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    I guess you missed the whole thing where players were asked about even a temporary removal of cars while they fixed them. Maybe you should go read their comments...
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    I don't think he realizes how many players already said theyd quit the game over vehicles being removed. Plus anything that can be done to make noobs easy prey... way harder to snipe as they zoom by no matter what mode we're talking.
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    Do you really want to get into this topic? You are biting off more than you can chew.
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    Wow... Hostile much? First of all 'buttercup' the ranking of CIVILIAN in the forums does NOT reflect which game mode you play. On here it simply means that you are brand new to the forums. (although I have serious doubts that you truly are new by the way you talk). Looks to me and others that you are simply using a new forum account so you can act like you are new to the game. And, if you want to make reference to someone, use their name. Yes, my name says CampersRUs. That in no way signifies where I play or how I play. For the reasons stated by both @DNI_Adrian and @Katryna247, I refuse to play PVP. I have tried it. I don't like it. And most of all, I detest someone coming in here and demanding that people play against their normal style of gameplay. PERIOD. Everyone here makes their own choices. Nobody is forcing you to even play this game. You are doing it of your own free will. Well, sugarplum, WE choose to play only PVE and will NOT bow down to your bullying to make us do anything different. Some have tried, however, they all ended up in an EPIC FAIL. Sounds like you need to practice what you preach. You are interacting with other HUMAN PLAYERS. DEAL WITH IT.
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    You simply can NOT force players into playing a game mode that they DO NOT want to, like PVP. If you think that players will adapt and play PVP you are wrong. Players like myself ONLY play PVE and we will not cave to such whimsical demands! What will happen is we WILL quit the game entirely taking all our money (no more private server rentals, no more paid accounts like premium, deluxe, etc.) with us; and lets not forget we talk with our friends, fellow gamers, and word of mouth goes along way. It will not simply be a few PVE players quitting, it will be in masses! The same is in reverse as well. I do not think that die hard PVP players would like it very much if they were forced to play PVE. Removing vehicles, but letting long term players keep it as a perk is in no way fair. Making them available in the market for such high prices solves nothing. A player can be a long term player (VET) yet not have that much money ($25M) as you suggest. Trying to make players either have that much money or requiring them tho purchase GC is by no means a fair demand. Some players play FREE and not only have NO intention of ever buying GC for anything, but some players do not have the real money to spend simply to get GC to buy a fake item (like a car) in a video game. Players with built up banks is NO guarantee that they will spend. The PVE player has a built up account by looting and selling loot to the PVP players, as well as NOT spending money they have acquired. The PVP players acquire their money from looting and selling, as well as killing other players. Their bank is built the same way. NOT spending. New Z players were even polled (Feedback Vehicle System on November 18th, 2018 by ElChupacabra) and we voted NOT to remove vehicles!
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    Wow, you really hate the pve players don't you?!?! While some of have "Tried" pvp bc we are sick of hearing how great it is and some of you PUSHING players that direction who don't want to play pvp, others get sick of even hearing about it. I came over, I have been trying to "like" it but with some of the most HATEFUL comments being hurled at new players I see why they don't stick around. I have been cussed out, called racial slurs for a country im not even remotely tied to, and finally had to start tossing the language back and talk in chat( which is distracting to type on and try to play at all ) to keep some nutcase from saying I was a bot, and laughing about my playing bc I don't rely on the macros cheats to prevent me from being shot!! SO... while you soooooooo want to recruit other players who play PVE only, maybe you should talk to your friends about how they treat people. This is not my first post on the subject. Curb the crappy behavior many players dump on their "EZZZzzzz" prey. You run people off then come on here and cry about it. STOP. There is no one to blame but PVPers themselves for why PVEers don't want to come play with you!!! I know some who would rather quit than PVP with you!!
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    This is exactly why bases should not be able to be attached to existing buildings. Any and ALL bases should be only allowed OUTSIDE the perimeter of an existing city, town, roadblock, encampment. If it is allowed you will lose the purpose of even having a permanent location like cities. This can ultimately end up having the opposite effect of player population in that it would eventually drive players away. The player base is already dwindling. If this aspect is not kept in check, you will lose more players. Size and Location are the two most important parts of base building. Don't allow massive towers. Don't allow building inside existing areas populated by zombies. Have a Nice Day!!!
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    First I have to say that I did not expect any reaction, so I did not spend time explaining item by item. Apparently topics generate more comments and develop better than extensive texts defending several points. After the interest I can explain to each one and with that answer more than one person. At first I would like a black market for browser, but this would consume manyresources of the game. So a way to sell the items without having to stay in the trade and even sell items that have low value would help beginner players. Some items not have value because they has in store. If you have GD you can buy any item and go to pvp, lost it and not have problem. I play pvp every day and the players not use multiple armors. Just guerrilha and Heavy. And the curios is, they use guerrilha because is hard to get a loot of heavy in trade lounge. My opinion is, "top" itens no have to be in store. Like medkit. The price in trade no have limit because no have reference in store. And some players use in PVP because they buy in trade lounge at hight price or farm that. 90% players use DX because is in store, the price is low than 2k in trade lounge (1.4 ~~1.8k because the price in store put it low) but get DX is no to easy. Only in radiation you have more chance to get 2 digits of this item. And this is another point. Radiation is not atractive, only some players get in. BUT if the DX is now out off store? Think about that, why the players not use all the times adventure backpack in pvp? It make the pvp more competitive. I agree with the obvious advantages of the muffler and its importance in the game, especially for solo shooters. Do not get me wrong, I want it more rare and not eliminated from the game. But this item makes all snipers silenced, and only the most "veteran" players of the game have access to them for their GD price. New players could profit from an item that was recently placed in the game. Why the sniper barrel is out off store and silencer is in the store? I disagree. If you use the rifle you have to shoot 3 or 4 times in head to get a kill. If the game no have macro players at med and riot, we do not have a problem. But we have. In BR we do not have that. But in open world one rifle shot make the player build a wall and shot you in left peak (yes, it has in game now). New players have a chance? Rifle at short distance 50m less should be a advantage. But the game is focus in sniper. Rifles no get damage in body to kill. If you shot a guy with DX you can't kill him if you can get 2 headshot and 10 body shots. They med at macro and have 100% again. Rifles right now are use like a shotguns. That make useless sell this items in trade. Also if you have GD (like me) you can buy a loot of stanag 60, asval 60 and a many of special sniper ammo. The ideia is move the players from the game store to trade lounge. It make all itens in "PVP drop" more value. I see playing and in stream players ignore loot because they no need than. Have in store. But elite ammo, heavy, adventure, medkit, snipers, sniper silencer, sniper barrel, all players pick up the dead player items. They pick up expencive itens or rare itens. yea, you understand me. Short cooldown is same at no cooldown. Also, "time to use" is better than it. Like time to get items but more short. Market place in lounge to sell itens. Can you send me a print off this? We do not have in the game a sniper with a damage of 165. It would be unfair to put now or just change the status of the current awp. But considering the rare drop of this item and that it is little used yet (it does not have in the store) increase the effect is the best move to do, if you want a use to this item in game, because right now no have diference clip this item. AWP dont kill, you have a player at 0,65%. The item is useless. The firerate is unfair in PVP. The player shot you more fast tha you can heal. And is a 9mm shot and get the same damage in body than a SVD. Is +-1000 Muzzle Energy (in best thest) VS 1500 Muzzle Energy. But I have doubts if the players are not using a way to cancel loading using macro. I said put some why I never noticed any, because apparently it hardly even exists. Thanks for the attention and I explain beforehand that I do not speak or write in English. 90% of it all came from google translator, so if there are any understanding problems, just ask me again, I try to relay the information
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    Guys make sure to let us know in the comments / forums what your further ideas are for the game so we can use that feedback! Have a nice day!
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    I have been suggesting this for well over a year now. I doesn't necessarily need to be an NPC. It could even be a vending machine. I understand why you are saying this. These items are some of the most prevalent loot items spawning in the game. However, I still don't think eliminating them from the store would be beneficial. Everyone that has ever handled and fired a sniper rifle knows that silencers are an integral part of what a sniper rifle is all about. As a sniper, you can, and should, be able to move about as quietly as possible to take out your target. As far as I'm concerned, this is a toss-up. One well placed head shot makes any body armor pointless. Since I have started playing, I have seen a marked decline in ammo that is available in the store. So, to me, this makes no sense. I agree with this 100%. I have been in the game where an annoying player tried to barricade with rapid placement of riot shields in an attempt to render me helpless to defend myself against a Super zombie so they could steal all my loot. Needless to say, the attempt was an EPIC FAIL. Not only did I get out of this little 'trap', the one that tried to put me in it ended up dying. I took his loot as payback for being an insignificant bug. In fact, there should also be a perimeter around each shield that bars placement of multiple shields for the express purpose of creating a wall. I really don't have a opinion for or against the other items on your list. Have a Nice Day!!!
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    https://www.mediafire.com/view/zxq5ddx4tdc55sa/Capturar.PNG/file So if it is now considered cheating then the team should give a public response or I ask again in support. Note: The video I lost, but I can make a example to show.
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    you need feedback ? ppl tired of campos rocky clear colorado. Its so hard for work about Caliwood map in the survival ? P,S, so much resolution about competitive mode AND?? nobody plays that. online has drop. hear you community or last player has leave finaly this game
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    I know this is dedicated to Survival, but I will try and suggest a general re-design of clan territories here. To start up lets summarize the biggest problems of the flag system as it is currently working. The whole element is pretty dead outside of casual capturing when you happen to be bored. The big problem is that there is currently no reason to go for flags. Why is this? Well I have listed a few different things that all have an impact. - The reward stinks. In general, 10% shield can be really neat when you actually have pvp. But the radius is way too small and usually you can not force pvp after capturing a flag anyways. The clan territory ranking thing is also lame af - There are way too many flags. You dont need to compete for a flag if there is about 100 others to take for free. - Capturing is about as un-fun as it can get. 10 Minutes of intens standing still. - As soon as a flag capturing is contested, there is no chance to finish. You have to stand in that small circle, nowhere to hide and no way to withstand the attackers. You can not fight for flags. You either "steal" a flag uncontested or you dont stand a chance. So as I am not just known for my high level of complaining, but also as a genius in making incredibly intelligent suggestions while looking extremely handsome, here is my Lauchboy-Deluxe Rework Extravaganza to solve the problems mentioned above: To start off, lets cut down the number of flags significantly. I am thinking about 2 max for each map. I can also see a system in place where these flags rotate on a regular basis or spawn and despawn the way radiation does. The goal is to turn a clant territory into an objective. If a clan is holding a flag, you should be incentivized to go there and contest. So if there is only one flag per server, this is the place to go to. It will also make it impossible to get too many flags uncontested. Also we need to think about a general re-design of the flag radius and capturing process. For this I have prepared a short example in the ridgeway airport. The process of capturing Currently you have to stand in the red circle for the entire capturing process. This is not just ridiculously unfun as there is nothing to du, but also makes you very vulnerable. You can`t hide and as soon as there is somebody arround, you are basically food. Those 10 minutes of pure waste are as boring and wasted as it can get. On the other hand 10 minutes of capturing is really not enough time for anybody to react and come to compete. This is why I suggest increasing the circle to a size of approximately the green one while also increasing the capture time to 30 minutes. That is a long time, but at least you can move arround the area looting at least hiding. On one hand it will be more of an effort to capture a flag while being less boring and on the other hand it creates an opening for other players to actually come in and compete for the flag while not making it too easy as you can really hide and build your little stronghold. After you captured the flag This is also a vital point of the territory system. as soon as you captured a flag and got the shield bonus, why should anybody come in and fight you? There is nothing to gain. There is then also no reason for the defending clan to stay, the flag gets abandoned and the party is over. This is why the rewards have to be adapted and new rewards need to be added. The defending clan: - The shield bonus is fine. Never change a working line of code, Especially in newZ lul - You could also gain an advantage in terms of farming when you stay inside your little clan empire. I am thinking about more experience or higher gains in reputation if you defend the area from baddies. Those bonuses could also increase over time. If you manage to hold your territory for the whole evening, you deserve a bigger reward - an indication if enemies are approaching The competition: - You get an easy entrance to PvP, because the map shows you where a clan is waiting for you - Why not give people a bonus when killing defenders. Double Rep, double GD is possible. - If you (and) your clan manage to de-throne the defending team, why not get another bonus and/or a global server announcement. " ISP has just raided the clan territory of RWL7" - by staying in the area of an enemy clan, you can disable all the bonuses on Xp and GD through zombies so the defenders have to actively search for you and hunt you down. The way to hold and take over teritories: Right now you capture a flag and regardless of whats happening, it stay there for a certain time. This honestly just sucks. This is why I came up with a vital change that will encourage players to stay to defend and others to come and challenge. As soon as a certain flag is captured, a timer appears. I suggest making it 10 minutes. If the timer is at zero, the flag is automatically back to neutral. As long as there are more defenderss in the area than other players, the timer is frozen. Additionally every kill the defending clan makes will increase the timer by a minute and every death will decrease it. This is really important as you need to stay in the area of lets say ridgeway to keep your territory and it also kinda guarantees the other players that there is somebody in the area. it also adds value to the battle for a territory as successfull defending will only increase the time you can hold the area. On the other side you can actually cleanse a clan territory without having to keep all the defenders out. all you need to do is kill them more often than they kill you and the timer will go down to zero even if they keep spawning back in. This is my general concept, numbers of course can be adapted and discussed, but overall i think this could work pretty easily and finally turn territories into what they were intended to be from the getgo Here is also a list of additional ideas that did not make it into the original concept, but are also interesting. - A PvE element for the process of capturing. Maybe have zombies agro you from a far running to wards you while you capture a flag or maybe spawn a lot of zombies (maybe even a super) in the area so you have something to do. - A global notofication when somebody started capturing a flag. This will help draw more people in and make it harder to "sneak" a flag - Changes to the area so pvp in a territory becomes more balanced. Especially the airport hangars are a paradise for campers. maybe another entrance needs to be added somewhere in the back to make camping harder. Small map changes can enhance pvp even more. - maybe a feature for defending clans to automatically spawn to your own territory so it is easyer to call for reinforcements. - A ladder with "high scores" for time you held a territory or for kills within those areas instead of a simple "how many flags do you have" ranking Please discuss with me you nerds, Lauch. still here still D.R.E
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