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    I didn't mean to offend you guys. All I wanted to say is that the game is just losing population and with 4 different game-modes the community is just splitted TOO much. So I thought combining Open World with Survival and getting a fair loot system for both sides would be a change to the game's current state. But if you guys don't like the idea & don't even try to get this game in a little bit better state, your choice. Cheers
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    There is really no difference compared to OW. I would even say BR gets even less attention and highly doubt they even touched it the last year. OW is all thats left for NewZ. You can never remove it without delivering the final death blow to the game. Competitive was and still is a waste of dev-time. Since Competitive was launched, I never managed to find a game... thats how dead it is from the get go. Not to mention that Competitive is about as fun as doing the loundry lol
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    Hay , first of all i love the idea of this project and i will try to support it as much as i can. So , when i palyed nether back in the days i missed some kind of Variety in your Gear. The only thing you needed was a backpack, a gun and some Ammo and your good to go to do whatever you want. I would love to see those old "skin parts" you could equip on your arms etc changed to some kind of armor. You shut be able to craft and loot those Armor Parts, and when you equip them they shut protect that specific body part by a certain % from bullets. This also makes you not immediatly reach "end game" when you have more stuff to loot or do to maximize your stats.
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    I did not 'skip all over your post, nor did I not understand it.' I will however humor you by answering your ridiculous questions. 1.) What I do in PVE servers is just exactly that...I loot items both for personal use and trade/sell purposes, WITHOUT having to watch everywhere I go hoping that I do not get killed by someone wishing to take my loot. What makes the difference WHAT I do in PVE when I am the one playing, and that does not effect you? 2.) I can not believe that you are actually asking this question. Guns are for killing zombies, selling or trading, and if you play PVP they are for killing other players. Pretty damn simple! 3.) Private servers exist in PVE so players don't have to put up with all the PVP bull$hite. The same reason they exist in PVP, so that groups of friends can play PVP together without all the drama involved in Open World PVP. 4.) Game features such as what exactly? NOTHING on/in this game has EVER made me want to engage other players, except for in the trade lounge! I certainly do not want to go shoot someone just to get a reputation or to take their loot. I can acquire my own loot and I don't care what reputation a player has; positive or negative. 5.) PVE player vs environment. PVP player vs player. PVE with 'enviroment' being the key factor, NOT other players. For what it's worth I was not attacking you. Sorry if it seemed that way. Your the one doing the complaining about how OW and PVP should be, and offering all sorts of ways to get those who play PVE to convert and play PVP. Funny how you say New Z is a survival game not a PVE game, yet the PVE servers exist! Why? Because the game is offering something for the PVE players weather you like it or not, that's why. Just because you think that there "is nothing for the PVE player to do" in PVE does not mean that all PVE players agree with your opinion. I find plenty to do. Well if your that focused on playing PVP then why do you admittedly come to the PVE servers to loot? I'm quite certain you can loot just the same on your beloved PVP servers. Oh wait, looting on a PVP server means that you might get killed and loose all your loot, so you choose to come to the PVE servers and do it in safety. Who says you just sit in a PVE server? I'm constantly on the move, town to town etc. I am using the items I loot to make GD, and using the GD to buy more items for trade or sale, or to buy things I wish to collect etc. I really don't understand your concern for what I do or don't do in PVE? Now who's saying that someone should not be on this game? I NEVER said that New Z should be a PVE game, not once. Clearly the devs see reason to have PVE servers weather you like it or not. I not the originator of this thread, nor am I the one doing any attacking of the game devs. Your just an unhappy PVP player, trying to convert all the PVE players you can by any means possible. I on the other hand simply play PVE, and defend it when players like yourself and Geneticzz try to make everyone fir the same mold, that of a PVP player. To me it just sounds like your a PVP player who is unhappy that there is any form of PVE what so ever. You say you don't KOS but this? When I have played on non private servers, I did not answer group requests, nor do I chat. I am playing the game, I am not there to socialize. Based on your statement, had I been playing PVP you would have shot me. So I would have been KOS regardless. Please don't say that in this case I should have accepted a group invite, or talked via chat. When I play the game I am not socializing. I am looting and killing zombies, not trying to make friends or enemies. Encourage PVP all you want, but please stop trying to get the game devs to do away with PVE. You don't see the PVE players trying to get the devs to make changes to PVP servers. Why can't the PVP players just leave the PVE players alone? Go play your PVP. Die, have fun, whatever. Worrying about why the number of people stop playing PVP or have no interest in it is a legitimate concern for the PVP player. But.....the servers are there, let the players play where and how they like, either PVP or PVE. Most PVE players don't care about PVP, so why are PVP players so concerned with what PVE players do, don't do, etc? We are obviously enjoying PVE.
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    No, my post is right on the money here. As for being Angry, I am not. Disappointed in the Devs ignoring a portion of the game population and pandering to the vocal PVP crowd. No they need to realize that PVP isn't the only source of income here and ignoring PVE players as they have is one cause of the mass exodus. I mentioned being a lady and my last exp with voice chat. Actually its on record that I reported a player for a sexually explicit comment he made... no...not trash talk, Talking trash doesn't get you banned. It wasn't about me being a girl at all, either, it was about the behavior of people ON CHAT. Why is it you want to turn this into something it wasn't??? It wouldn't matter if I was a dude complaining about their behavior on chat , the behavior was still deplorable and I would not want to have my son or daughter have to listen to it! WOW talk about twisting things up!! There is trash talk, then there is verbal abuse. when it crosses the line and the whole server reports you... it wasn't just trash talk. Guys on there were telling him to stop. As for trash talk on other games, I have no issues there. Why?? BC IF you SEXUALLY HARASS another player you are automatically banned. I don't have to report them, their program picks it up and poof...problem gone. Here, you report them and MAYBE they go...HUGE difference in how the games are ran. The people that run the others are not near as tolerant of targeted harassment, cheats ( macros) , ect. I don't act like a queen, actually quite the opposite so why would I want you to on here? Better yet, why would we be meeting on here?? Unless its trade lounge I really doubt it. I only recently ventured onto pvp boards again. I still don't like it, They cant say well you never tried it so how do you know.... blah blah blah.... of the 3 other options, the only other one I kinda like is BR. Its ok, the long wait between matches kinda sucks. Survival NOPE. I played it for 1 day. As a PVE player I really don't care what you do with anything I sell you. What irritates me is you two pushing for people to be forced onto PVP. Geneticzz has been on this rant for a while, so this is not my first rodeo swatting back at the attempt to cram square pegs through round holes. The only "frustration" I have is hearing over and over how the game would be better " the game would be better if youd just make the pve players play the way I want so I have more people to shoot at, regardless of their opinion"---SIr Zeus, Geneticzz and a short list of others I have tangled with in the past Post after post. Now one more thing... I NEVER SAID you were NOT WELCOME in PVE. Please pray tell QUOTE ME one WHERE THE HELL I SAID THIS!! When I said get away from PVPers, its bc I have a private server...IE NO ONE BUT WHO I AUTHORIZE...It IS NOT PVP Friendly, NOW QUOTE WHERE I SAID YOU WERE NOT WELCOME. I am going to recycle some of my past comments on the initial topic here: I have a MAJOR question here. IF you were to get what you were purposing on open world, what does that do to \ for us players who DO NOT do the PVP thing and have ZERO interest in it on this game. ( I do PVP on other games I play, but I have NO INTEREST in PVP on here. Its nice to have this this game with that option of doing both and being able to chose) Would our GI's be left untouched? I say "our" BC I know of several of us that post on here who are very vocal about what happens that effects or could effect our PVE play! Something like what youre describing here done to us would cause many of the PVE only players to abandon the game. Personally I think you are setting up for a re-run of the past when they did a server wipe and lots of people got pissed and left. ( I know a couple who did from another game I play). I dont like this push in a direction that will make the game "awesome" for you survival and some of the hardcore PVPers. Another HUGE issue I have is they cant seem to find available space\ area on the data base for them to fix the GI where we can simply "sort" our GIs, or "stash" from our backpacks in game without logging out. AND YET... here you propose something that would create another entire mode of play!! Anyway, remember, not everyone in to your style of play. There are SOOOOO many players who NEVER come onto the forum and speak their minds. MANY PVE players. Players who spend money on this game too. Do you really want to drive them away, bc a player like me would quit before being forced to change game play styles on here. You are assuming that the "majority" of players want this. I think the majority would disagree though. If you want more people to play survival style, this is not the way.
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    I dont think so, there is more players playing open world then other game mode i think
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