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    The only thing your missing V A C A N C Y is the fact that this weekend event should have been called the 'weak'-end event. Nothing offered for anyone who does not play PVP or who is not a money player.
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    Its exactly the same to farm on Survival its even more rewarding..
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    As someone who used to be a daily player, I agree whole heartedly with what @DNI_Adrian just said. When I said I used to play daily, I mean I played on average 8-10 hours a day. I'm retired and have a lot of time to play. This started out as a fantastic replacement for another game I played a while back called Aftermath. The set up is the same, the zombie models are the same, and the buildings are the same. With some changes, and a few updates, I saw this as an improved version of that game. The one thing that this game lacked that the other one had is a way to sell back your excess loot. There were vending machines where you could unload excess inventory for a nominal return of your game dollars. There was also the aspect of base building (understand that this addition would be more of a benefit for PVP players). I have, in the past, suggested both of these improvements, but like a ton of other great suggestions, it was just swept under the rug, so to speak. As for Events, they have gotten worse and worse with very little to no benefit for the PVE portion of the community. Take for instance the Easter Event. FIASCO in great big capital letters. Why the hell would they make an event that required 6 different contracts, when there are only 3 contract slots available? (I said 6 contracts because I am including the chocolate bunny contract, although that contract required that you eat 50 bunnies to gain the prize). I ended up with over 50 of each color left over. (Now, I agree that it shouldn't have been simple to gain the reward of the Bunny Costume, gathering 50 eggs was a detriment to the completion of the contracts to gain 10 trophies to turn in for the outfit. Especially since you couldn't use the excess eggs in your inventory). Another thing about Events, Why would you say that players will get double GD when just about half the zombies you kill, drop ZERO GD? For that aspect to be true, you would have to have ALL zombies, including Super and Alien zombies drop GD. (Supers and Aliens, since they were introduced drop ZERO GD) Speaking of Super and Alien zombies, Why are they still dropping loot that is some of the most commonly available just laying on the ground? I'm talking about Helmets and Armor. And, I would mention that Aliens, which require between 3 and 4 times the amount of ammo, drop a rate of 3 or more helmets per kill. A bit absurd due to the fact it takes so long to kill one. And now that it seems that only those with $$$$$$ can gain the newest items the game has taken yet another hit to the player community. I do not, nor will I ever, understand why the devs would want to alienate a big part of the community by making some items unattainable for those of us that simply cannot afford to keep shelling out real money to 'decorate' our characters. The game is on life support. One of these days someone is going to pull the plug. For someone like myself who once spent countless hours, and hundreds of dollars to play and support this game to now only playing on occasion and spending NOTHING is a clear sign that this game is dying. I did, however, purchase a personal server for the 'BIG EASTER EVENT' but it was the minimum that was necessary to get the server for just 7 days. Imagine my shock and surprise when I tried to log in to my server on that Sunday only to see the message 'Sorry, there are no available servers in this region'. And when I pointed this out, I heard nothing. Not even an apology. Imagine how many other players encounter the same thing but say nothing. It's a horrible way to support the gaming community. The more time passes, the less time I spend on this game.
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    As for keeping player population, dragging players kicking and screaming from open world to survival isn't the answer. The answer lies in more complicated issued like use of macros, fixing support so you get REAL assistance in a REASONABLE period of time ( days later is NOT ACCEPTABLE). Its in Having REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. Its in having things that are new come out that are cool that everyone has a chance at... not just whomever has $$$$$ to buy expensive skinboxes or 450 GC outfits for their characters. Yes I get they have that chance at holidays, but really... other than trade lounge where can you wear the bunny suit?? Its not like you can game with it... I met a new player last night whose friend TOLD HIM he NEEDED to SPEND his REAL MONEY on the GAME just to play. I wonder how many people left after skin boxes became a purchase prize?? That only money players could have the really cool expensive gear? Go back in time and LOOK when players began to leave...yeah. Now you have things needing fixing, crashes, cars needing fixed players issues waiting for support but put on back burner bc of Super Cup. Fixing this game isn't going to happen your way GENETICZZ . It just IS NOT.
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    We gave a chance in newz after a long period (my clan-team, we are 8-15 people). Its really sad when there is not an AR server. This game, because of the 3rd person camera and the 1headshot kills, is one of the most boring ones. Everyone is just sitting back and waiting and spamming their bullets without any rush or good play like the good old days. 2 Suggestions from veterans: Change the 1headshot kill (Lets say, let 2-3 snipers with good damage able to do that, like awp and magnum). Add a rifle colorado one. (or lets all sit in a tree with an ots or vss and zzzzzzzz sleep) Also let the old good features, now you can rush every building in every area. You erased the strongholds totally. How can small groups protect theirselves from bigger ones. Even the most favourite one, the post-office, its open from all sides, your changes did harm to the game.
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    E xcept other players can kill you and take your loot. SOOO... long story short this is really PVP with rarer loot. Those of us who already don't much care for PVP ( I am trying with 1 but finding nothing at all enjoyable about killing other players or other players killing me. ( I have other games I play for that like CSGO, Fortnight ect) I mainly play PVE bc I noticed how flat NASTY PVP players are to ANYONE entering their realm. You guys CRY and whine on here for players to come over then openly laugh as you shoot the "civilian noob" or " just killed another Bambi" You jokers realize that THAT BEHAVIOR is MORE of the reason PVE players avoid ANYWHERE you guys are, right?!?! Leave PVP open world alone, its the sane place away from some of the psychotic PVPers. ( Quieter less active servers) Again, I am speaking from my own experience and about my friend who flat quit the game bc of PVPers being NASTY to him. Get mad if you like, but if you don't believe me follow chat sometime.... The quieter open world PVP servers give new PVP players a chance at least. Oh, and as I said before... NOT everyone likes survival... Stop trying to cram it down our throats. Players like me will leave. Its not a way to bring players to your world, its a way to send them packing!!! ***Edit due to my comp using word predict and typing what it wanted lol. Sorry!
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    How is this an event if it's only benefitting spenders? I thought weekend events are supposed to be for spenders and non spenders alike. I appreciate the Premium double daily reward but there is nothing in this event that's gonna make people wanna fill up rooms and play like the last weekend event. Or am I missing something?
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    Why no add things what gain only for something no GC. Players buy for GC 1 2 3 day and bored. Sophisticated tasks, reward (will not be in shop).
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    For example i play only PvE in Open World (sometimes PvP) and mainly Survival. But delete Open World is bullshit. Delete Open World not help this game. Rather propagation, optimization (fix crashes, bugs! [the biggest problem]) and little bit withdraw from GC (also more things for GD). Make Survival Survival.
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    And just where do all you diehard "PVP" players get all your loot? You damn sure don't get it on a PVP server. You either buy it in a trade lounge or you all pile into a PVE server, farm everything in sight, and then take it to bolster your PVP fetish. If anything, they should split the two aspects and only let the loot gathered in PVP be used in PVP. Conversely, the loot gathered in PVE should only be available for use on a PVE server.
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    There is really no difference compared to OW. I would even say BR gets even less attention and highly doubt they even touched it the last year. OW is all thats left for NewZ. You can never remove it without delivering the final death blow to the game. Competitive was and still is a waste of dev-time. Since Competitive was launched, I never managed to find a game... thats how dead it is from the get go. Not to mention that Competitive is about as fun as doing the loundry lol
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    Of course. Forums are not the ONLY place we gather feedback, obviously. Either way it can't harm to have a proper and concrete place for feedback as in the past players didn't really had a place to post their feedback.
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    Dear Community Are you ready? We are very excited to announce this Weekend Event. Start: May 10, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) End: May 13, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) Now, let's jump into further details: Battle Royale Loot We are going to change the loot in Battle Royale again. This loot will be live until further notice. Double Daily Reward The daily reward of premium accounts will be double, which means you get a reward every 12 hours instead of 24 hours. 25% Extra GC You will get 25% MORE GC with purchasing the 50 Euro package on our website. Only available through https://playnewz.com/buygc Same price, just 25% extra GC Solari Skinbox Release Finally, the day has come. We are going to release our newest collection called Solari and it is going to be purchasable in the in-game marketplace. This skinbox will be removed again after the event and will be available any time again. Weekend Event Sale Special weekend event sale is also active during this time. Check the picture below for more information. We would also like to remind players if they experience any issues regarding the game to please contact us. Official Support: https://playnewz.com/support Twitch Drops: https://playnewz.com/drops Partnership Program: https://playnewz.com/partners Last Patch Notes/News: https://playnewz.com/news Feedback: https://playnewz.com/feedback The entire staff team wishes everyone a great weekend! // The New Z - Staff Team
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