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    Open World is for people who like/enjoy to PVP a lot. The removal of OW would be an idiotic move. With the fast growing genre of Battle Royal/Arena games out there taking the gaming world by storm, it would be dumb to limit PVPers to Survival.
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    After 8 days of intense matches and instant classic matches, we are ready to move on to the next stage of the Supercup! From the 30 teams participating, 16 have moved on to the KNOCKOUT STAGE, where each match will decide the team's fate; You win, or you're out! The teams that have qualified were split into two POTS. POT 1 has the group leader from each of the 6 groups, PLUS the two BEST Runner-Ups in those groups. The other Runner-Ups and best 3rds are all on POT 2. The confrontations will be a team from POT 1 versus a team from POT 2. The pots are as follow: Colors: EUROPE, AMERICAS, ASIA On this stage, we will know BEFORE the next opponents you will be facing as it will take a traditional knockout bracket format from now on. That also means that by LOSING a match, the team will be ELIMINATED from the Supercup. We will also be announcing the prizes for the Champions on the stream. Server location, which is a huge question in your guys' mind will also be explained on the stream tomorrow and we will hear your feedback on it. Don't miss it! Where to watch: http://twitch.tv/HeresChupa Stream time: 5PM (Central European Standard Time) 11PM (Hong Kong Time) 12PM/Noon (Brazilian Standard Time)
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    How is this an event if it's only benefitting spenders? I thought weekend events are supposed to be for spenders and non spenders alike. I appreciate the Premium double daily reward but there is nothing in this event that's gonna make people wanna fill up rooms and play like the last weekend event. Or am I missing something?
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    Why no add things what gain only for something no GC. Players buy for GC 1 2 3 day and bored. Sophisticated tasks, reward (will not be in shop).
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    I see it's time for some parting words. @Fred @Sven @Fannti @Steve Ecke @HEARTBREAKER @kazmightONFIRE First of all, I want to address the new 'specialist missions' that are supposed to benefit both PVP and PVE players. This is GARBAGE. I have tried numerous times to complete one, you have to kill other players. How does this benefit a PVE player? PVE means PLAY VERSES ENVIRONMENT. All you kill is ZOMBIES. As a hardcore PVE player, I refuse to go on a PVP server because of things like this... It's really sad. This game has a lot of potential. Too bad the admins don't see it that way. Once again, catering to the PVP MOB. Other things that are wrong with this game and have been that way for an extremely long time. 1) Uncontrollable vehicles. You cannot operate any of the vehicles without them going haywire. ie: flipping, rolling over on a turn, hitting a bump and going flying off in a spiral and landing who knows where. 2) The hit radius on ALL ZOMBIES. How can you justify being hit by a zombie that is out of your reach, yet it can hit you. This problem is compounded when it comes to Super and Alien zombies. 3) I read on the facebook page that Super and Alien zombies are supposed to drop PREMIUM loot. Is that what you are calling helmets and armor that is so common in game that you can't go 100 yards in a town without seeing any? 4) The introduction of 'OFFICIAL PARTNERS'. This has been detrimental to the forums due to the fact that because they paid for that title, they feel they can talk down to and demean other posters. And, at times, using vulgar, racist, sexist and degrading language in the process. Do any of these people actually have the ability to fix anything with the game? Doubtful. In fact, as far as I can see, the only one that has the ability to fix anything is FRED. (I reference a post a while back by Sven in reply to my trying to point out the problem with vehicles stating that only Fred has the ability to fix those issues.) This is a sad statement on the admins and programmers. 5) Server disconnects and FPS issues. Anybody, whether they have an older computer, like I do, or a brand new one. EVERYONE THAT HAS BEEN ABLE TO PLAY AND NOW CANNOT IS NOT THEIR FAULT!! 6) Touching on something I said in point 4. This does not only occur in the forums, but also in the game itself. Earlier today I reported 2 posters that used very objectionable language when addressing another poster. I have seen, in many different languages, people using degrading language toward other players thinking they are hidden because of their language. I even tried to explain how to translate what is said, but was basically told it's not possible. Where are the mods? This is not a game that is only played by those over the age of 18. Regardless of the age base, it sets a bad president to have anyone use the language that I have seen, and reported, but only a couple of those reported were actually addressed. The others just keep on doing it. 7) Announcing items in an update and then those items never materialize. I will point out the latest one. The Spray Case. It was announced, there was an update afterwards, but no such case exists. All Sven said was basically 'OOPS, It's not been added yet' That's fine, but mention that fact in the posting telling the community about it. It was also announced that new melee weapons are available. Where are they? Oh... they don't exist yet. I made a suggestion for a new melee weapon. I even posted a picture and a little history about the weapon. NOTHING. 8) Application failure. For quite some time now, if you play through Steam as I do, and spend any time in the forums, you see a pop-up window that talks about 'The application has failed... please send this file to support' I can't tell you how many of those files I have personally sent to support but nothing happens. 9) Another problem I pointed out was the sudden appearance of boulder stacks just randomly dropped all over the map for no apparent reason other than Silenterror aka Steve Ecke got bored one day and decided it would be fun to add them to the terrain. Aren't all the trees enough? I suggested culling back on those boulder stacks but was told that it would ruin the PVP aspect of the game. Why, they can't hide in the trees? 10) Restricting the ping of ALL servers to keep the lag issue at bay. All the complaints about other regions coming in, lagging around so they cannot be killed in PVP don't matter. Another failure. 11) Why do the admins need to be on the popularity list? Are they all that vain that they need to see their names listed as 'The most popular poster'? Also, why is it that you have the ability to send private messages to anyone but the majority of the admins have theirs blocked? Wouldn't it be better to have someone with an issue present it in a private manner than out in the open for all to see? 12) And this is a good one. Rewarding players for referring others to the game. You already have players that have multiple accounts. What's stopping them from opening more, using their own code and getting the payback themselves? Yes, it means that they will have to buy the coins, however, their main account will garner the benefit. Plus, they can use the gold coins from the new players to purchase items, and then transfer them to their main account by trading? I guess nobody thought of this. (I know it's been mentioned in these forums but it basically got no response) All of these issues, and so many more that have been introduced by those of us that would really like to see this game succeed go either ignored, or some lame excuse as to why they cannot be remedied is all we hear. To be brutally honest, it seems that the admins only seem to want to cater to the PVP community, which, by the way, is dwindling badly, and those new 'Official Partners'. These facts are a big part of what is destroying this game. Artemis Knives, even though he didn't follow through with Aftermath, did a much better job of maintaining the game till he got tired of it. That is the direction this game is going. I know I said I would stick around till after I spent all the gold coins I purchased but, what's the use anymore. None of the admins care about their player base. I have been mocked because of the color and size of the text I use to post my comments. I have been called 'kid' and 'young man'. Anyway, I'm done with this game. I will check the forums to see what, if any, response I get from the admins. (I already have an idea that none of them will respond, it's happened so many times before.) Good luck to those that decide to stick around and play, you're basically throwing sand into the wind. It was fun while it lasted. Too bad there was no follow through on keeping the game current. I play games that are years old and still operate better than this one. Try the Dead Island franchise. it's fun, there's a purpose to the game, Also the Fallout franchise. Another one is the Mafia franchise. All fun games to play and mostly THEY ALL WORK JUST FINE. I have used this analogy before. 'Having a junk car that barely works, buying new tires and giving it a nice shiny new paint job to make it look pretty, and then not ever fixing the problems, you end up with a PRETTY LOOKING JUNK HEAP.
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