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    Hi. I somehow draw a lot of hate from RWL7. Mybe it`s because I keep on killing their members even though they never come with less than five players. Long story short, this happened and I wanted to a) share with you and b) make fun of RWL7 in a creative way.
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    Dear Community Are you ready? We are very excited to announce this Weekend Event. Start: February 22, 2019 12:00 PM (CET) End: February 25, 2019 12:00 PM (CET) Now, let's jump into further details: WestOaks PVP Map A legacy PVP map called West Oaks will comeback along with one of our newest server feature called "Double Reputation". The Reputation which you get by killing other players will be doubled. Hangar PVP map will be disabled. "PVE" Skins After a long time, we decided to give something back again. We are going to add 20 old skins to the loot tables. We are not sharing information about which skins are dropping, you have to find that out by yourself. Good luck! Skin Recipes are going to be findable while spawning on the ground like normal loot. Open World and Survival + Private Servers. Turtle Fighters We are going to release a new type of helmet called Turtle Hat. This hat will spawn on the random airdrops which are spawning everywhere in the world and also from killing the Super Zombies. Let's create a turtle army! This hat is an item and NOT a skin. Open World and Survival + Private Servers. Survival Massacre You play Survival and like to fight other players? Then this one is perfect for you. We are going to reward the 3 best player which have the most kills on their character from Survival. So go ahead and let's fight! Prizes are going to be 1 month Extreme, Deluxe and Premium Subscription. Only available in Survival. Breaking the rules will cause your account to get punished, so always follow the rules which you can check here http://playnewz.com/rules Weekend Event Sale Special weekend event sale is also active during this time. Check the picture below for more information. We would also like to remind players if they experience any issues regarding the game to please contact us. Official Support: https://playnewz.com/support Twitch Drops: https://playnewz.com/drops Partnership Program: https://playnewz.com/partners Last Patch Notes/News: https://playnewz.com/news Feedback: https://playnewz.com/feedback The entire staff team wishes everyone a great weekend! // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Hell man, I truly thank you for everything you mentioned. I couldn't agree more. I've never seen a dev team put so much effort into a game that keeps on being reborn. I came back and haven't played since 2015 and I feel the game is alive, but it is dying due to every reason you mentioned. I think every dev should have a meeting and make a very wise decision on how to have this done, if it will be done, and when. Godlike Infestation players know your skill comes from overall survival+shooting, not hoping around with a sniper placing your cursor on someone's head, peek and get the kill - just like the current players.
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