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    Old WarZ already had an existing Durability System in Place. I was a mess in terms of GI management and brought nothing but annoyance. We have to face that NewZ is not a Survival game that aims for realistic gameplay. It is a open world PvP "Loot & Shoot" and competitive games usually dont need a) randomness and b) annoying tasks (like durability and staying aware of it) The Zombie Survival Genre is dead and all thats left is nostalgia
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    Ok, so first of all, that was a great patch for survival and thanks for that. Although, there are some issues with it and im gonna try to post it below: 1. Radiation zones are too short. When you are at the bottom of the map and the radiation pops up somewhere on the north, you wont be able to get there in time even with a car. 2. Toxic super zombies sometimes dont spawn. Or i just couldnt manage to find them (it only happened in campos so far). 3. Items dropping from toxic super zombie are not rewarding at all. The best thing i got was heavy armor body part, but it only dropped once. Im usually getting 1 dx/m249/1 c-mag or some other low tier items. Would be nice if it was dropping something better, cause it takes like 6 drums to kill it. 4. Clans - making it 5 man limit is okay, but not when other people from the clan cant join the same server. What if they wanna pvp at different place or just loot somewhere? The only way out of it is to leave the clan and join back again all the time, which is annoying. Like last time when we were making an event (we were roaming around the map with snipers and heavy armors) and the rest of our clan couldnt join the same server. Thats a bad solution for the clan limits. Suggestions for the next patch: 1. Adding some new skills to the skill tree would be awesome, both for pvp and pve players Some new missions (for pvp players as well) with actually good prices (like stanags, meds, armor etc) 2. Redesigning or changing some popular cities on v1 (Clearview, Smallville, Campos City, Airport). Even just a little bit would make a difference and would add a fresh feeling to the game. Clearview is completely abandoned by players on v1, the pvp is going on in smallville but this city is too small to handle so many players, especially when spawns are so close to the city. 3. Adding few new cities or hidden spots around the map with good loot 4. Adding stuff from open world (new snipers, as-val, ak-15, hunter backpack (with changed stats ofc)) or some new weapons or gear that people would enjoy looting. (Findable) airdrop callers (with survival gear crates for example or anything else related to survival) 5. Make weekly mini events, I have an idea for this one; I call it "conflict zone"-(of the week), each week a different place/town/village on the map looks different than it use to, add more obstacles, tipped vehicles, smoke, fire, in short- make it look like a recent battlefield. 6. Add better loot and a super zombie if not already there, for that week. Make it interesting to visit AND pvp at, - A different place every week. (Or why not make it, so that open world items can only be dropped from super zombies at current conflict zones) ?! - That will attract every more people. 7. Rework the rep system (Survival isn't like Open World, decrease the ammount of rep you need for each rank. I think its like the easiest thing to do, just changing some numbers. Most of those suggestions are quite easy to do but really profitable as well. Hopefully we get few of these in the next patch.
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    Olá galera eu jogo muito batalha royale e meu ping não EU fica muito ruim blank tirar o saque UE eo SA é deixado só NA ficaria justo para todos oque acham galera? Translation: Hello, guys, I play a lot of royale battle and my ping does not get too bad, blank to get the EU and SA is left alone. Would NA be fair to everyone who thinks they are gay?
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    Good point as well. Super zombies are not touched there. As far I have seen in this community is people saying they DON'T want the enemy to come back fast. Example: You manage to pull of a big play, kill a team of 4. By the time you are looting, that entire team is already back in the server. With 5 minutes you won't have enough time to loot all of them, with 10 minutes you will. Considering we have already added clans back so a big "plus" for the bigger groups already, we should be careful adding more advantages for those bigger groups instantly. If we were to add this 50% revive timer there is basically 2 big things for bigger groups changed in the advantage for them, leaving solo players / smaller groups out even more. This is just my opinion.
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    3 min is better. If you die you gonna spot for 60 secs over the death cam most of the time. Then you load back and there is 1 min left. So giving the extra 30 seconds will mean a lot. I agree for normal players 10 min is just to long. It should be 5 min.
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