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    Hey everyone. Today we had a meeting and I came up with the feedback from you guys, about to half the revive timer in Survival. We had an event like few weeks ago when it got half ed and it seems like that player liked it and also the server were more pop'ed. Here are the times right now and what our idea is (live / idea): Normal: 10 minutes / 5 minutes Premium: 5 minutes / 2.5 minutes 8 minutes / 3 minutes But that also would bring some changes to the PVP part. For example player would be faster back in to the server and it will end like a death fight overall. So here it comes, please tell your friends to vote and help us to improve Survival.
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    The people are confused because you made a test eu6 server, just remove the limit on eu5, because of eu6 online survival has become a little worse, and people don’t know if they can put lockers on eu6, suddenly they delete it after the test?
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    And hk 2 now got 10 ppls limit without TEST
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    About Toxic Zones: A good idea is to create a new "armor", a hazmat vest to enter this areas with the gas mask.
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