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    Alright....sooooo you decided to change survival superzombie drops without saying anything or talking to the most of the players. Survival is already expensive as it is,you are just promoting GD trading and scamming and possibly blackmarket by making superzombies drop only m16 m4 it will impact the economy, the prices will go up, and don't tell me you didn't change anything I killed 50 superzombies with a contract got 3 imitars rest m16/m4s pkm/m249 ammo boxes and a few other weapons....Why do you think that this change is needed ? Us players are not here to survive or grind for hours to find a scar or a sig(having rare sigs/famases/imitars is okay and it wasn't a problem until now...) we are just tired of open world it has no meaning,no fun,nothing,snipers have no value so we switch to survival that actually has that ISS feeling or atleast rare snipers/some of ars. You don't have to make every weapon too rare there's no point to make superzombie drops bad it only ruins the experience. Imagine a new player joins survival, he could find a kruger,p90s eventually get enough ammo and kill a superzombie,oh wow look its x2 m4s great I will pvp he thinks, he joins the server and everyone has redstalkers,sigs,imitars,l85s,famases why do you think this is okay ? Instead of making "sneaky" changes atleast do a poll to see what the survival community wants. Hoping to hear your reason behind this,thanks for reading.
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    Dear Survival Community, So a lot of people have been asking for this now, and I don't see a reason why not to just make a poll and get further info. Please invite as much people as you know to vote. Please understand that if majority of this poll agrees this does not instantly mean we will push this change to the game. Further comments are also greatly appreciated as we mainly use this poll to get a better insight about the clan situation in Survival. This will help us make the best decision. Thanks for voting and sharing your opinion! Best Regards, // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Giving the opportunity to have a clan system in survival finally brings out of the shadow's the hidden clans that exist on excel sheets or pen and paper. No longer do you need to do guess work on who is rolling around with whomever and working with one another. This is where most of the individuals might have the largest concern because of limitations on how they do the normal operation in the survival environment. However in that light, having clear line of sight around clans is very good in different aspects for all players in survival. The solo player now has a greater understanding around the challenges around them from the appropriate tags, and now has a better limit to the amount of clan members that are stalking among them. As a solo player in survival while not streaming infestation; it sure would be a great benefit to know more information around who is trying to either kill me so that I could either work out relations with trade or conversation with that particular clan. Sometimes it's not always about bloodshed in survival! My ask from everyone in the community here is to understand that this is merely a vote to see if everyone would like to have a clan system in survival and not what features you would like to have implemented in a clan system. Spending to much time on the negative or positive sides of the main objective will result in the reason we don't have the forward motion we currently want in the various directions most of you would like to see when the development team is asking for feedback. As above I already painted a vision on how I could view this system, however it's not important because the only thing that is important here is a simple vote yes or no.
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    disagree the clanlimit option! Give us back the old ISS feeling !
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