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    ATTENTION EVERYONE Sunday's Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.27 HYPE!! Drops Enabled @infestationnewz @StreamElements @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchTVOnline @fredaikis @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetsU @xidaxpcs @msitweets @msiUSA @ThatTechShop
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    Need patience I don't know if its clearly understandable... lol All the Clans DO PLAY together. Dont matter what you do now, if nothing changes from now, if the groups are only for 3, people are connecting together AND playing together. +5 +10 RIGHT NOW. Period. If you are confronted with a group of 5-7-10 players in some place they will kill you and the chance of team killing is very low. The fact of having tags or not is almost nothing in this case. Its just annoying when the clans are CLASHING. When you have 10 of one side against 10 of another side for example. Team kills are annoying. And NO we dont want to play OW we dont want a game thats just sniping. We love Survival, we love play with all kind of weapons, we love doesnt have universal inventary access and all Survival stuff remember the original ISS. So. you can still deceiving yourself with "limits" but the truth is that limits will always be ignored by the Clans that will find a way to run off them.
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