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    Merhaba Türk oyuncular Kısa bi zaman sonrasında Türkçe forum kısmı eklendi. Bu heyecan verici artık bütün problem ve ihtiyaçları Bu kısımda özgürce paylaşabileceksiniz. Bu gerçekten İnanılmaz bir duygu ! Umarım Sizinde işinize yarar ve Problemlerinizi kısa süre içerisinde gidermenize yardımcı olur. Teşekkür eder iyi oyunlar dilerim. Saygılarımla TR TOPLULUK MÜDÜRÜ (UPLOADBOOM) & TR ORTAĞI VE DESTEK ÜYESİ -70X1CFPS Sizce Türkçe Forum kısmının gelmesi nasıl oldu ? Ne gibi Sorunlarda işimize yarayabilir ? Alt kışıma yanıtlarsanız Türklerin de ihtiyaçları olduğunu anlayacaklardır !
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    Dear Players, We want to thank everyone for participating in the Halloween 2018 events! We hope you all had fun during these 2 weeks and we can't wait to start working for the next big events for Christmas 2018! Stay tuned for more about that soon! For now, to keep everything organized we'd like to call the Halloween 2018 officially over. With that said: Halloween loot is no longer spawning. The secret places are still there, but without loot. These places will be removed in next upcoming patch. The Halloween 2018 skinbox is no longer available. Every player that has boxes will be able to keep them. This box is now legacy meaning, it will never be available again. Enjoy! Zombies have been reverted back to normal and are no longer equipped with Halloween themed items. The grave stone barricade and the other Halloween themed items have been removed from the marketplace and are no longer spawning. Halloween themed character clothes are removed from the marketplace and are no longer available. Halloween themed contracts have been removed from the contract boxes. Note that players will still be able to keep this contract forever and they can sign it when ever they want in the future and still get the rewards from them. Double XP has been turned off. Double GC has been turned off. Background of the game menu and the launcher are changed back to a non-Halloween themed background. Halloween menu music will also be switched in upcoming game update. The winner of the Facebook giveaway will be chosen later today! Keep an eye out in the comment section of that post where we will announce who won! (Click here to go to the post) The rank #1, #2, #3 of the Halloween 2018 Seasonal Leaderboards will be rewarded with a special "Halloween 2018 Trophy". This is a unique collectors item that ONLY the #1, #2, #3's of this leaderboard receive. Enjoy! We will be answering further questions in the comments of this post! Best regards, // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Nous souhaitons remercier tout le monde d'avoir participé aux événements Halloween 2018! Nous espérons que vous vous êtes tous amusés pendant ces 2 semaines et que nous avons hâte de commencer à travailler pour les prochains grands événements de Noël 2018! Restez à l'écoute pour en savoir plus à ce sujet bientôt! Pour le moment, pour que tout reste organisé, nous aimerions officiellement appeler Halloween 2018. Ceci étant dit: Le butin d'Halloween ne spawn plus. Les endroits secrets sont toujours là, mais sans loot. Ces endroits seront supprimés dans le prochain patch. La skinbox Halloween 2018 n'est plus disponible. Chaque joueur ayant des cases pourra les garder. Cette boîte est maintenant héritée, ce qui signifie qu’elle ne sera plus jamais disponible. Profitez-en ! Les zombies ont été ramenés à la normale et ne sont plus équipés d'objets à thème Halloween. La barricade en pierre tombale et les autres articles sur le thème d'Halloween ont été retirés du marché et n’apparaissent plus. Les vêtements des personnages sur le thème d'Halloween sont retirés du marché et ne sont plus disponibles. Les contrats à thème Halloween ont été retirés des boîtes à contrats. Notez que les joueurs seront toujours en mesure de conserver ce contrat et qu'ils pourront le signer quand ils le voudront, tout en obtenant les récompenses qu'ils méritent. Le Double XP a été désactivé. Le Double GC a été désactivé. L'arrière-plan du menu du jeu et du launcher sont remplacés par un arrière-plan différent de celui d'Halloween. La musique du menu Halloween sera également désactivée lors de la prochaine mise à jour du jeu. Le gagnant du concours Facebook sera choisi plus tard aujourd'hui! Gardez un œil sur la section commentaires de cet article où nous annoncerons qui a gagné! (Cliquez ici pour aller à la poste) Le classement n ° 1 du classement saisonnier Halloween 2018 sera récompensé par un "trophée Halloween 2018" spécial. Il s’agit d’un objet de collection unique que SEUL le n ° 1 de ce classement reçoit. Nous répondrons à d'autres questions dans les commentaires de ce post! Cordialement,
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    Great and Fun event ❤️ See you next year 🙏
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    It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Devs!!!
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    Thank you for your suggestions, I will do some chances to the map and will try to implement your ideas as good as I can. Greetings,
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    Dear Players, Welcome to the first Thailand Cup organized by the Thai Community. This cup is an unofficial cup sponsored by the Infestation: The New Z team. This cup is made for the Thai players ONLY. REQUIREMENTS Your team needs to be at least 5 people. There will be 5 people playing so a minimum of 5 people is required. You can have as many extra players (reserves) as you want but only 5 can play. You will be able to add reserve players 24 hours before your match. Your team has to be from Thailand ONLY. You have to agree on all the following rules under pain of punishment. RULES MAP: Tournament Map (The games will be done on Event Servers in the PVP Servers List in HK region.) SYSTEM: Best of 3 / 5 vs 5 / Day time TOURNAMENT SYSTEM: Groups and Direct Elimination DATE OF FIRST MATCHES: 30th November 2018 EQUIPMENT: Stanags 30 ONLY. Custom Guerilla + Kstyle ONLY. Bandages DX ONLY. 5 AR players (AR: SIG / TAR / AUG / SCAR) OR 4 AR + 1 Sniper ( Blaser or SVD ) Only the Sniper can use a B93 R. x5 Riot Shield MAX. If you pick more than 5, you and your will team will be eliminated from the tournament. (Woodshields are not allowed.) Attachments allowed. (Except Rifle Flashlight and Pistol Flashlight) GENERAL: 5 minutes limit per match. The winner is the team with the most players alive OR the team that kills the entire enemy team. Any type of grenade are not allowed this time. If you die, you are not allowed to join back the server till the round is over. You cannot boost yourself with shields over a fence or on top of any object. If another player crashes, then we will pause the match with an Air Horn. No one can move, and the player that crashed has exactly 5 mins to join back. The match continues after the player is back (Air Horn). If the player crashes and comes back with more items than they had before, his team automatically loses the match (not just the round) The match starts when both teams are Ready. The match officially starts after the Air Horn. REGISTRATION You have to register on this thread in the comments. Fill & Follow this quote and then post it in comment to register your team: PRIZE Every single player in the winner's team will receive the following prizes: 20,000,000 $ (GD) + x3 Revolution + x2 Mystery + Clan Riot Shield (for the clan) + Clan Character Clothes (for the clan) + a special Clan Spray! (for the clan) 10,000,000 $ (GD) + x3 Revolution Skinbox + a special Clan Spray (for the clan)! 5,000,000 $ (GD) + x2 Mystery Skinbox + x1 Revolution Skinbox! Note: Prizes can be changed depending on the amount of teams joining As said previously, the tournament is organized by the Thai community. Fell free to contact me or SNAP#4787 if you have any question! Have fun!
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    Friends & Community, We are live and ready to take on some zombies in the Nato, and perhaps find some last minute Stine-O-Ween Boxes heheheh. Come join me for the fun and thank you all for your wonderful continued support. Let's Rock: https://twitch.tv/stinefelt Thanks, Stinefelt
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    You can check out EAG, we are mostly PVE for fun and some pvp! There is also the LG clan if you want more focused PVP, both you can find on Twitch with a little time spent. I think you would find yourself enjoying the game quite a bit in either clan. You can look for Stinefelt or HynxZombie best of luck to you and hope you find something you are looking for.
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    We found a sollution.Making 5 man limits.Which equals to 5 man groups. Its simple as that.
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    +1 - good idea, same Thing with riot shields
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    Had a blast playing the event ❤️ Already looking forward to the next one ^-^
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    Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked it!
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    This is like explaining politics to a child, no offense.
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    Big zombies are a stupid idea i think they must remove them. They kill you instant.
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    They are also Things that do not spawn like M9 Nvg Helmet
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    There are some problems on the Colorado V1.I would like to write you some of them. - For example. In Crystal Lake Resort spawn a lots of AK-M's.In Loco Mountain Campsite spawn AR's (about 4-5 in one place) and nothing else. - Very few crafting items on the map,but lots of guns.I want to say that on the map there is a bad variety of loot.Almost everywhere rifles, gas masks,rifle atachments.I like that there is less food and medicine,but if all this is less, then make rifles as rare. - Why you guys didn't add scary sounds to the Colorado V1? - Make the nights darker, otherwise too light. - Add more zombies to big cities,military points,other smaller towns and farms. - fix cars.Because often crashes when you get into the car.
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    Character name: -_-QUAT-_-Time: 01:28 (Brazil Summer Time)Date: 05.11.2018What kind of cheat: Play in group at solo BRScreenshot proof (if made): nopsVideo proof (if made): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9EqXJGVqUgImportant: Report him in-game : no (Battle royalle no have TAB) Second strike: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/6254-br-in-group/
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    Sadly. I hope one day the game can go back to the origins of the old War Z Colorado V1. I know there is Survival mode, but in so many ways, there are very few players in each mode or server, and that ends up leaving the game very divided! My dream come back to its origins with a survival-only mode with many players and many servers. it would be so good. ❤️
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    No matter how many times we're gonna ask them to revert the survival mode to what warz used to be, they won't do it. They have already said they're not wiping survival, Sven said he liked the idea of a standalone version of survival with rare loot and such but that was it. They acknowledge our posts but ignore them at the same time. Basically, nothing will change. Your best bet is either to play what they have to offer or wait for thai devs to revive infestation world at some point. Other option would be waiting for Sergey to revive warz, but that will never happen. In other words, we're screwed eitherway. People seem to stick to "deathmatch" kind of gameplay, because that's all there is available to them.
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    ooo something strange lurking in new z nato https://clips.twitch.tv/KawaiiBashfulDogPicoMause hahaha Thank you for everyone who stopped in and hung out with us while collecting those halloween boxes,contracts and double XP's woohoo!! get em all while you can! more new z adventures await us! Thank you for all the wonderful support and love from the EAG Community n.n
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    Not these days my friend, not these days. Trust me.
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    I think they wont wipe anything cause they did this back then with the snipes and they lost a pretty amount of players.