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    Gostaria de saber porque os slots do pvp server SA rocky ford pra ser mais exato abaixaram para 15 slots e 3 pessoas do clã, uns 2 patchs atrás o rocky ford estava com 20 slots e 5 pessoas do clã e estava enchendo todos os dias quase o dia inteiro, você poderia explicar, chupa? Vocês pretendem voltar com 20 slots e 5 do pessoas do clã?
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    i dont care who you are, as long as you dont have a squeaky voice lol. i just need some people to go around big maps with and pvp for either fun or take their loot.
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    No matter how many times we're gonna ask them to revert the survival mode to what warz used to be, they won't do it. They have already said they're not wiping survival, Sven said he liked the idea of a standalone version of survival with rare loot and such but that was it. They acknowledge our posts but ignore them at the same time. Basically, nothing will change. Your best bet is either to play what they have to offer or wait for thai devs to revive infestation world at some point. Other option would be waiting for Sergey to revive warz, but that will never happen. In other words, we're screwed eitherway. People seem to stick to "deathmatch" kind of gameplay, because that's all there is available to them.
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    Come join us, Stineamites, as Stine goes live... now...in NEW Z!
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    ATTENTION EVERYONE Saturdays Stream Starting Soon !!! https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.24 HYPE!! Drops @infestationnewz @StreamElements @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchTVOnline @fredaikis @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetsU @xidaxpcs
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