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    Where is PVP? The most asked question on open world maps. It would be great to know the general area where Kill Streaks are happening, like a temporary icon appearing next to the city name nearest to the action in Colorado or the district in Caliwood.
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    All feedback regarding gameplay related things goes here.
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    Friends & Community, Let us enjoy another great day together the party has already started so come and join in on the fun. Get ya some community boxes and random stineaways thank you and be blessed! http://www.twitch.tv/stinefelt Thanks, Stinefelt
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    Friends & Community, Today we will travel the world together having fun and hope to explore further ways to improve on our food storage supplies. Be sure to stop by to enjoy a good time with music, fun, stineaways, and you never know what else is in the mix. http://twitch.tv/stinefelt Thanks, Stinefelt
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    the problems is that there's no way for them to get feedback from all the players.. nobody comes to forums, same old people talking in discord, half don't even speak english.. Unless, they make players fill a survey as they start the game, I think that's the way to go and see what happens. Infestation World is right around the corner, you better start moving your ass and prove you can make a good game mode or else consider your game dead. There's almost as many players playing on steam as there were when this game was an emulator.
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    Sei gegrüßt ! Du bist alleine? Du bist Deutsch? Du spielst Survival? wir von den Saviors suchen wieder Leute für Survival, um den Mode wieder aufleben zu lassen. Für nähere Infos einfach PM, wir freuen uns auf dich! Greeetzz Freddy D
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    Great initiative for the community and survival players. Keep it up, we love seeing active players and helping 💜
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    imo a survival stand alone release would be an amazing thing but we cant forget the elephant in the room. which is all that they have already done with implementing the design and functions of this game and business aspects prohibiting that branch off of a new asset. so in a business perspective it wouldn't be possible b/c its a free to play game. now lets say they did branch off would you be willing to pay for that copy of the stand alone???? (how much $$ people willing to pay?) now think of all the people who had already invested into the survival. would they be willing? also is the economic risk worth it for the company? (time/profit) a small indi game comp. like this is probably better off just wiping the survival loot so everyone starts fresh and promoting that mode more as to get people on board. i think we can all agree that survival needs an overhaul and that it needs to remain unique from OW in is own ways. they should just wipe and reevaluate what the players REALLY want.
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    I completely agree. All of my friends and I really wanted to get back into playing this game. There is just no playerbase anymore. Handful of servers. They handled the cheaters well, and a lot of other things as well as bringing flare and a decent bit of content. However, I feel survival being released separately and rebranded would be very desirable.
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    Thank you for joining us on yet another fun filled day of adventures in the new z with friends, good music and wonderful chat. We'll see you all again next time! take care
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    Friends & Community, Wanted to let everyone know that I will be going live here to have some fun in the killing of Zombies and working on that GD bank roll! I like to welcome everyone to come join me on twitch to enjoy getting some community boxes, laughs, and good times. Thanks, Stinefelt
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    From what you described you are experiencing more of a FPS drop than anything. This could be caused by Fast Load, as it will slowly load the models around you. When luring a horde, that will multiple and may cause that. If that's the case, try disabling it to see if it's improved.
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    Thank you all for joining the stream and showing such wonderful support it is very much appreciated. Thanks, Stinefelt
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    Friends & Community, I wanted to help out with some tips and tricks that many might already know however I wanted to put a little Stinemagic to it! So please enjoy knowing that when you drive a vehicle you can press the spacebar to freely move your camera around in a freeview mode to look around. That's right! However you can watch the following video to get an overview or just to make sure you understand and be sure to have a change of clothes ready! Thanks, Stinefelt
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    If they make Survival Standalone, they better make loot rarer as it was back in warz, cause survival as it is, it's like playing open world deathmatch ar server without dx's and shields. Everybody has hundreds of high end ar's and gear. It isn't fun.
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    Thank you for boosting Forum rep for your brother or sister Stinefelt 5555555+
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