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    ATTENTION EVERYONE Sun Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.23 HYPE!! Drops and more @infestationnewz @StreamElements @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchTVOnline @fredaikis @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetsU @xidaxpcs
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    Flex Gang Community has recently decided to begin growing the community. We are opening up to a wider verity of players including, PvPers, Looters, Streamers, and more. We do currently have a team getting ready to compete in the up and coming cups who as well stream if you are interested in talking to one of them about the team. You can find their channels below. -----https://www.twitch.tv/downlikelazlo --------https://www.twitch.tv/oglokii -----------https://www.twitch.tv/korred635 Flex Gang Requirements : • Must have experience in game. • Age : Doesn't Matter. Have to be mature. • Able to communicate and Working Mic. • Language : English • Must have a GI • Follow Rules • Be Active and Help with events • Premium is not required • No multi clanning We can offer : • Event Server and Private Server • Discord and active members • Graphics for streams and Promotion Application : First name: Age: Location: In-game name(s): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What we should call you in-game and on Discord: How many guns do you have? How many hours a day do you play NewZ? How many hours have you played on NewZ? Across all of your characters, how many kills do you have? Do you know anyone in FlexGang? Do you record and edit videos of your gameplay? Do you stream if so what is your twitch/youtube?
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    So I decided to post here all my ideas of saving this game and getting more players. Advertisement *make completly new trailer with ALL the most important features and and changes made relative to the classic version (ISS). *hire a big streamer who plays games like CS:GO/Lol and pay him to show thsi game at least for a couple minutes on his stream - players guaranted. *this one might sound stupid: Gave players who bought Infestation Classic back in days some kind of a refund - gc,items or badges whatever. This happened in Infestation World (game is offline for 2 years now) where Devs transferred GC from Infestation Classic to World. That was nice for ppl who bought a lot of these before the game died. *Idk if it makes sense but - Relaunch the game again on Steam in a different edition like Infestation Anviersary Edition (of course keep NewZ there as well). And by this I mean making a completly new, redesigned client which would contain some unique, no P2W items only for ppl who bought this edition of the game. Now days almost every game has different editions with new content. Thats why I believe this is worth trying. *Assembly Infestation with steam market, add some new unique kind of items/skins or even redesign current skin system and make it so it would be only tradeable with the steam market - people love this which was prooven by CS:GO succes. Events December is comming and I believe that this is one of the best opportunities to get some players. Daily Login: Lets say that Christmass will least for 2 weeks. Every day you log in, you will get better items. Events For Every Gamemode: *stop with gd skinboxes - everybody hate these and already learned every single one of them *more Survival events where streamers are hosting these - never seen anyone partnered making Survival Event, never. Competitive Mode -Cmon! This game is mostly known from its PvP aspects and mehcanics. Competitive mode is probably most awaited game mode which could bring dozens of players who like things like 5vs5's, tournaments, getting new ranks etc. Give us any hints!
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    Friends, I wanted to give everyone a great start to the week or a great end to there Mondays! So Come hang out on the stream of all streams for a good time and to collect ya some awesome community boxes! Have a great time, and be sure to chat up a storm and laugh! Thanks, Stinefelt
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    Don`t you think that Super Z`s should have shorter attack range? Now it can hit you throught the walls or even if you are high up.
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    No, they will not. The economy in the game is broken. No item is worth, anything is easy and there is no motivation to kill players. They tried to turn the game into a poor PVP and they did it. But now, where are the players? All the predecessors of War Z failed the same thing. Listening to "cry nuub boys" who do not want a difficult game. A loot of snipers, rare itens and medicine. All players have huge IG. No ones play anymnore for loot. I play BR mode because normal and PVP are the same think. All players using snipers, 999+ riot/DX and 20 bullets to kill a guy. All snipers are the same. No makes diference. All Kill in head, no ones in body. All rifles are the same, and smg guns are trash. Pistol have in the fame for nothing. The game no have future on this way.
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    Just wanted to say thank you! I appreciate the time it takes just to post here and say good job, or to put a nice little emoji of encouragement. For everyone who took time to stop by the stream I also thank you it's my goal to make sure that you just have a great time and that you at most had a great time. If you experienced FUN then I did what my goal was! Thanks, Stinefelt
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    Good job!! Keep it up!
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    Good events for the community as always! keep it up!!
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    Thank you for taking the time to write this very clear post. Thanks for the feedback first of all. It's much appreciated! As of right now, with the changes we have done, what do you think of the current available servers in the NA region? More feedback regarding the current servers list is welcome guys! Best Regards, Sven
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    Colorado V1 will be the same as it was back in the days, just with different loot as this is going to be for Survival.
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    Right now it is quite difficult for players that are solo / duo to fight a huge clan in the open world because of the spawn system. if you die fighting a clan they would know where you will be spawning at, because the spawn area is fixed. spawn camping is an incredibly fustrating part of the game as well. Is it possible for the game engine to allow the players to choose from 3 different spots to spawn in? (the spawns should be near to where the player died ofc) it would be nice if we can use the map system as shown above to switch our spawns, either to attack from another angle or to get away from spawn camping. And if the player wants to get back to his previous loot, he can just not touch anything at all and it would behave like the old system. Also, the player would know where he would be spawning from the map. Overall i feel it would make the pvp more dynamic in the open world.
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    Don't know what you guys are talking about. Just started playing the game, literally haven't played a game like this before, and survival is fun as hell. Btw not gonna lie I thought PvE meant player vs everything (which included other players?)
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    Thanks boys. Do we know when this will possibly happen?
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