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    Coming soon PvP Montages in Open World
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    It's Friday Everybody Yaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!! ATTENTION EVERYONE Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.23 HYPE!! Drops @infestationnewz @StreamElements @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchTVOnline @fredaikis @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetsU @xidaxpcs
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    Steve just confirmed to me they are indeed spawning. I am not going to say more. You'll just have to find them. Good luck! Best Regards, Sven
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    agree with iKaraman Loot should be lowered, cause its broke all trade mechanick and should be rare like on Colorado V2 and Oregon. Please decrease it, thank you) We dont need second Open World on Survival. P.S. Streamer Survival
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